yugioh legacy of the duelist tournament

YuGiOh Legacy Of The Duelist Tournament (LOTD Ranked Series #1)


Welcome to our very first YuGiOh Legacy Of The Duelist Tournament for Xbox! Please see below all rules for the event.

Tournament Prize: £10 sent via Paypal, £10 Xbox Gift Card or £10 Steam Gift Card

Legacy Of The Duelist Tournament Rules:


1) You must have an Xbox and ‘Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution’ in order to participate in the tournament.

2) To register, let me know your Xbox Live Username by posting in the comments down below.

3) You can make your tournament deck any way you wish, aslong as it meets the current LOTD Banlist. Only one deck is allowed for the duration of the tournament so the final deck you submit to me, is the deck you must use for the whole event.

4) Once your deck is ready to submit, you must send me a screenshot of your main and side deck. You can send this directly to me on Xbox (my handle is SerpentCards). Players have until Saturday 17th April  to submit their final decks.

5) Tournament matches will be as a “best of 3”. Cards in your side deck can only be used when siding for games 2 and 3 of a match. So you can’t add side deck cards to you main deck before game 1 has begun (as these are side deck cards).

6) Once a game has finished, both players must send me a screenshot of the “game result screen” on Xbox, so either the “You Win” or “You Lose” as proof of the game result, along with the final score of the match (yugi 2 – 1 mai etc)

7) The tournament format will be Swiss format, where you will duel against a different opponent every round. There will be 5 rounds of Swiss, each round will last 48 hours. At the end of the 5 rounds, the top 4 or 8 participants will advance to the tournament finals where we will crown the first ever winner of the LOTD Xbox Ranked Series!

8) You are responsible for scheduling your matches with your opponent. PM your opponent on the Xbox by adding their Xbox Live Username, and using the blog here to schedule a time for your duel.

9) If someone disconnects in a duel, they will receive a game loss for that game. The player who didn’t disconnect must send me a screenshot of the match result screen to verify the D/C.

10) Finally, have fun! With the tournament being along time off yet, please feel free to use the time to test your decks with other participants in preparation for the event. Use the comments section down below to discuss Legacy Of The Duelist, the tournament and set up test matches. Any questions relating to the tournament, please feel free to contact me.

Banlist: Current LOTD List
Format: Swiss —> Single Elimination
Duel Mode: Match (best of 3)
Lifepoints: 8,000
Time Limit: 3 Minutes
Begins: 17 April 2021, 7PM GMT
Bracket: https://challonge.com/lotdrankeseries1
Prize: £10 sent via Paypal, Xbox Gift Card or Steam Gift card


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  1. N a 7 u l2 a lL

    • Jamster Saphiron

      Hey, I’ve added you to the participants list, and I’ve just sent you a friend request.

  2. Hello! I would be down.
    IAmTheRhino is my gamertag

  3. Tomass The Tank add me in

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