YuGiOh Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution Card Guide


Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution is a celebration of the YGO franchise. Within this game, you’ll find over 9000 cards that span from the earlier adventures of Yugi Muto all the way to the most recent series, VRAINS. If this is sounding overwhelming, we don’t blame you. As a Yu-Gi-Oh fan, you’ll want to play around with some of the most popular decks from the show. In our YuGiOh Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution card guide, we’ve broken down each booster pack from every character in the game and some of the best decks you can build by opening each of them. 


Best Cards to Unlock for each Character 


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters


Grandpa Muto

Grandpa Muto Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Grandpa’s got heart and his packs are mega-cheap. Sadly, a lot of them are sub-par, to put it lightly. Still, he’s got some neat stuff to look out for: 

  • All Exodia pieces 
  • Gravekeeper Cards
  • Terraforming 


Mai Valentine 

Mai Valentine Legacy Of The Duelist Link EvolutionSource

Mai is all about the Harpy Ladies but she’s got a few cool cards to support other decks, such as Amazons: 

  • Amazoness Cards
  • Guardian Cards
  • Harpie Cards
  • Insect support cards
  • Legendary Fisherman (1,2 & 3)


Bakura Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Bakura’s got a bit of everything. You’ll want to grab it for the Destiny Board and some zombie stuff: 

  • Dark Necrofear 
  • Dark Sanctuary 
  • Destiny Board and all 4 Spirit Messages 
  • The Agent Cards
  • The Winged Dragon of Ra (Normal, Sphere Mode and Immortal Phoenix) 
  • Toon Cards


Joey Wheeler

Joey Wheeler Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Joey’s all about the Red-Eyes Black Dragon deck. It’s a solid booster to start off with: 

  • All Impcantation cards 
  • Battleguard Cards
  • Djinn Cards
  • Jinzo cards
  • Red-Eyes Black Dragon + supporting cards


Seto Kaiba 

Seto Kaiba Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Just like in the series, Kaiba loves the Blue-Eyes White Dragon so you’ll want to open up his pack to grab it along with its supporting cards: 

  • A-Z Union Monsters
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon + supporting cards 
  • Cubic Cards
  • Herald Monsters
  • Thunder Dragon Cards


Yami Yugi

Yami Yugi Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


A great pack to gain access to some of the most legendary decks in the anime, such as Dark Magician and Black Luster Soldier:

  • Black Luster Soldier cards
  • Buster Blader cards
  • Chaos Cards
  • Dark Magician cards
  • Gaia Support Cards
  • Legendary Dragons/Knights
  • Silent Swordsman cards


Yu-Gi-Oh! GX 


Alexis Rhodes 

Alexis Rhodes Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Alexis has quite a few cards that can form a variety of decks, such as the ritual archetypes, Cyber Angels and Nekroz, as well as few other nice goodies: 

  • Archfiend Cards
  • Cyber Angel Cards
  • Gemini Cards
  • Nekroz cards
  • Solemn Strike & various other Solemn cards


Bastion Misawa 

Bastion Misawa Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


From Bastion, you can build decks such as Vampires and Dark World. You can also pick up some cool cards like Darkest Diabolos: 

  • B.E.S cards
  • Dark World Cards
  • Dinowrestler Cards
  • Elementsaber Cards
  • Vampire Cards


Chazz Princeton 

Chazz Princeton Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Chazz will give you access to decks such as Ojamas and will also give you Spirit Monster cards which can make some cool decks: 

  • Arcana Force Cards
  • Armed Dragon Cards
  • Chthonian Cards
  • D.D. Cards
  • Horus Cards
  • Ojama Cards
  • Prank-Kids Cards
  • Shinobird Cards


Jaden Yuki 

Jaden Yuki Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


You know what’s coming here. Jaden’s got all of the Hero-based cards to make a variety of decks, including his signature Elemental HERO deck: 

  • Destiny Hero Cards
  • Elemental Hero Cards
  • Evil Hero Cards
  • Masked Hero Cards
  • Neo-Spacian Cards
  • Super Polymerization


Jesse Anderson 

Jesse Anderson Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


There’s a nice variety of decks that you can pull from Jesse’s packs, including his trademark Crystal Beast cards and Shaddols: 

  • Barrie Statues
  • Crystal Beast Cards
  • Shaddoll Cards
  • Familiar Possessed /Spirit Charmer Cards
  • Koa”ki Meiru Cards
  • Lightray Cards
  • Rainbow Dragon
  • Venom Cards
  • Worm Cards

Syrus Truesdale 

Syrus Truesdale Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Syrus has a bunch of cards with tech-oriented themes, such as the amazing Cyber Dragons among others: 

  • Cloudian Cards
  • Cyber Dragon Cards 
  • Cyberdark Cards 
  • Cyber support Cards
  • Darklord Cards
  • Ritual Beast / Spiritual Beast Cards
  • Roid Cards
  • Volcanic Cards


Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds 


Akiza Izinski 

Akiza Izinksi Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Akiza has quite a few Plant support cards as well as Akiza’s signature monster, Black Rose Dragon.

  • Aroma Cards
  • Black Rose Dragon & Rose support cards
  • Gusto Cards
  • Lightsworn Cards
  • Psychic Cards
  • Reptillianne Cards


Crow Hogan 

Crow Hogan Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution

As you would expect, Crow has many cards which support the Blackwing archetype, his pack also includes Fabled and Nordic Cards

  • Blackwing Cards
  • Fabled Cards
  • Laval Cards
  • Mist Valley Cards
  • Naturia Cards
  • Nordic Cards


Jack Atlas 

Jack Atlas Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Jack has the Red Dragon Archfiend card and its supporting cards as well as a few other decks such as Resonators which combine well with the Red Dragon Archfiends.

  • Ally Of Justice Cards
  • Batteryman Cards
  • Flamvell Cards
  • Fortune Lady Cards
  • Infernity Cards
  • Red Dragon Archfiend Cards
  • Resonator Cards
  • Watt Cards
  • Yang Zing Cards



Luna Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution Leo Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution

Source                                                  Source

These twins are the booster pack to go for when you want the newly introduced Handtraps as well as some fun decks like Machinas and Morphtronics: 

  • Dragunity Cards
  • Genex Cards
  • Handtraps such as Ash Blossom and Ghost Ogre
  • Jurrac Cards
  • Machina Cards
  • Morphtronic Cards
  • Phantasm Spiral Cards
  • Symphonic Warrior Cards
  • Vylon Cards


Tetsu Trudge 

Tetsu Trudge Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


If you love samurai and dueling themes, you should definitely go for Tetsu’s pack: 

  • Alien Cards
  • F.A. Cards
  • Iron Chain Cards
  • Karakuri Cards
  • Six Samurai Cards
  • Spyral Cards
  • U.A. Cards


Yusei Fudo 

Yusei Fudo Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


You’ll want to pick up Yusei packs to build his legendary Junk deck and Stardust Dragon deck, among some other fun stuff: 

  • Assault Cards
  • Earthbound Immortal Cards
  • Junk Cards
  • Malefic Cards
  • Meklord Cards
  • Stardust Dragon support & Shooting Dragon synchro cards
  • T.G. Cards
  • Various cards which support “Synchro” monsters


Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal


Cathy Katherine

Cathy Katherine Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Cathy’s got the Ghostrick deck among some other fun cards for supporting other decks such as Fire Fists: 

  • Bujin Cards
  • Fire Fist/Formation Cards
  • Evolsaur/Evoltile Cards
  • Ghostrick Cards
  • Hazy Flame Cards
  • Madolche Cards
  • Subterror Cards


Kite Tenjo

Kite Tenjo Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Looking for the Galaxy-Eyes and Photon decks? You’ll find them in Kite’s packs along with a bunch of other cool cards that enable other decks: 

  • Cipher Cards
  • Evilswarm/Steelswarm Cards
  • Galaxy/Galaxy-Eyes/Photon Cards
  • Heraldic Cards
  • Hieratic Cards
  • Inzektor Cards
  • Various Number monsters
  • Star Seraph Cards



Quinton Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Quinton’s got the goods for decks such as Noble Knights, Heroic Champions, and Gimmick Puppets: 

  • Artifact Cards
  • Chronomaly Cards
  • Gimmick Puppet Cards
  • Heroic Cards
  • Mecha Phantom Beast Cards
  • Noble Knight / Noble Arms Cards
  • Various Number monsters
  • Wind-Up Cards



Shark Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


If you’re looking for an aquatic theme for your deck of choice, look no further than Shark’s booster: 

  • Abyss- Cards
  • Atlantean Cards
  • Battlin’ Boxer Cards
  • Fishborg Cards
  • Gishki Cards
  • Gorgonic Cards
  • Mermail Cards
  • Numerous Water based deck support
  • The Weather Painter Cards
  • Various Number Monsters

Yuma Tsukumo

Yuma Tsukumo Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Yuma’s pack is heavily focused on Utopia and the GoGoGo/GaGaGa/DoDoDo cards which support the Utopia archetype

  • DoDoDo/GaGaGa/GoGoGo Cards
  • Numerous Number Monsters
  • Rank-Up Support Cards
  • Spellbook/Prophecy Cards
  • Token Cards
  • Utopia/Utopic Cards
  • Various support cards for XYZ monsters
  • ZW Cards


Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V 


Declan Akaba

Declan Akaba Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


If Pendulum decks are your thing, Declan is your guy. He has access to numerous Pendulum decks in his pack such as D/D/D and Abyss Actors

  • Abyss Actor/Script Cards
  • Amorphage Cards
  • D/D, D/D/D Cards 
  • Dinomist Cards
  • Igknight Cards
  • Kozmo Cards
  • Majespecter Cards
  • Monarch Cards
  • Mythical Beast Cards
  • True Draco/King Cards
  • Qli Cards
  • Various cards with support Pendulum decks
  • Yosenju Cards
  • Zefra Cards


Gong Strong

Gong Strong Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Gong is all about the warrior-type cards with some fun brute force focused decks and supporting cards: 

  • Crystron Cards
  • Deskbot Cards
  • Flower Cardian Cards
  • Graydle Cards
  • Speedroid Cards
  • Prediction Princess Cards
  • PSY-Frame Cards
  • Scrap Cards
  • Shiranui Cards
  • Superheavy Samurai Cards
  • Triamid Cards
  • Windwitch Cards
  • X-Saber/XX-Saber Cards


Shay Obsidian

Shay Obsidian Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Come for the Raidraptor cards, stay for the other cool cards that you can get from Shay’s booster pack: 

  • Burning Abyss Cards
  • Constellar Cards
  • Digital Bug Cards
  • Geargia Cards
  • Lyrilusc Cards
  • Magical Musketeer Cards
  • Ninja/Ninjitsu Cards
  • Paleozoic Cards
  • Phantom Knight Cards
  • Raidraptor Cards
  • Rank-Up-Magic Cards
  • Tellarknight Cards
  • Sky Striker Cards
  • Super Quantum/Quantal Cards
  • Sylvan Cards
  • Traptrix Cards
  • Zoodiac Cards


Yuya Sakaki

Yuya Sakaki Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Yuya naturally has the pendulum cards to make some really powerful signature decks, such as Odd Eyes and Performapals: 

  • Metaphys Cards
  • Odd-Eyes Cards
  • Pendulum Magician Cards
  • Pendulum support cards
  • Performage Cards
  • Performapal Cards
  • Supreme King Cards


Zuzu Boyle

Zuzu Boyle Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Zuzu has many cards from various archetypes in her packs, here are some of the key archetypes she has for sale:

  • Ancient Gear Cards
  • Frightfurs/Fluffal/Edge Imp Cards
  • Gladiator Beast Cards
  • Infernoids Cards
  • Invoked Cards
  • Lunalight Cards
  • Melodious Cards
  • Metalfoes Cards
  • Predaplant Cards





Ai Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Ai has many popular cards and decks in his packs, including the Dragonmaids and the Danger! cards

  • Ancient Warriors
  • Apollousa, Bow Of The Goddess
  • Cyberse Cards
  • Danger! Cards
  • Dragonmaid Cards
  • Evil Eye Cards
  • Generaider Cards
  • Infinitrack Cards
  • Malefic Cards
  • Mathmech Cards
  • Time Thief Cards
  • Unchained Cards
  • Witchcrafter Cards


Blue Angel

Blue Angel Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


If you’re looking to make a Trickstar or Marincess deck, you should definitely prioritize Blue Angel’s packs:

  • Harpie cards
  • Lightning Storm
  • Marincess Cards
  • Megalith Cards
  • Simorgh Cards
  • Tenyi Cards
  • Trickstar Cards
  • Valkyrie Cards



Playmaker Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Playmakers pack features some of the most powerful cards in the game, such as Altergeists and Salamangreats

  • Altergeist Cards
  • Borrel Cards
  • Crusadia Cards
  • Cyberse cards
  • Cynet Cards
  • Gouki Cards
  • Knightmare Link Monsters
  • Krawler Cards
  • Link support cards
  • Linkuriboh
  • Mekk-Knight Cards
  • Orcust Cards
  • Salamangreat Cards
  • Tindangle Cards
  • Trickstar Cards
  • Vendread Cards
  • World Legacy Cards



Soulburner Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Soulburner has plenty of support for the fiery, powerful Salamangreats in his pack

  • Battlewasp Cards
  • Dinowrestler Cards
  • Elemental Hero Cards
  • Gladiator Beast Cards
  • Gouki Cards
  • Lunalight Cards
  • Various Number monsters
  • Performapal Cards
  • Predaplant Cards
  • Salamangreat Cards
  • Vision Hero Cards
  • Yosenju Cards



Varis Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution


Varis’s pack contains cards from various archetypes, including the powerful Rokket/Borrel archetypes, aswell as the popular Guardragon link monsters:

  • Aroma Cards
  • Fortune Fairy Cards
  • Fortune Lady Cards
  • Guardragon Link monsters
  • Karakuri Cards
  • Rokket/Borrel Cards
  • Shiranui Cards
  • T.G. Cards
  • World Legacy Cards



Thanks for reading our YuGiOh Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution Card Guide. We’ll keep an eye on the game for of any future updates and will update this guide accordingly. Feel free to let us know in the comments what you think of our guide and the game overall.


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