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Flundereeze Archetype
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The Bird Is The Word! (Flundereeze Archetype Overview)

Flundereeze Archetype: The Introduction Finally! You guys have no idea how long I have been waiting for a full, new Archetype to be revealed! With so many sets supposed to be coming out in the near future, you would think Konami would be showing us more stuff. Well, now my wish has been granted with…

Cyber Style’s Successor
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Cyber Style’s Successor – Cybernetic Union

Introduction To Cyber Style’s Successor Hello, reader. I am Minoru Otoshiro and this is my fifth article for Serpent Cards. Ever since their debut in the GX era, there are two ways to run the “Cyber” archetype: Cyber Dragon Cyberdark Needless to say, the “Cyberdark” archetype is rarely played and isn’t even viable, to begin with. Living…

duelists of the gale
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Synchro Summon! Time for Flower Power! (Duelists of the Gale First Reveal)

Duelists of the Gale - Sherry: Introduction Sherry LeBlanc was an interesting character introduced later in YuGiOh 5D's, a skilled Duelist who used some interesting cards to help summon and support her ace Monster, Chevalier de Fleur. Unfortunately, when the first (and only) wave of cards from her Deck hit the TCG, they failed to...
Despia Archetype
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The Final Curtain Call! (Despia Archetype Overview)

Despia Archetype: The Introduction It's interesting how some of the best Yu-Gi-Oh Archetypes that have been released recently have been the ones that seem to follow the storyline of Fallen of Albaz, and the other races that fill the world he lives in. This pattern may indeed continue with the new Archetype revealed for Dawn...
ghosts from the past
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Rarity Level: GHOST

Ghosts From the Past Introduction Hello, reader. I am Minoru Otoshiro and for Serpentcards, this is article Number 4…get it? 4? The number “4” in Japanese, is 四 (し) (read as “SHI”). It’s an unlucky number in Japan, because it’s homophonous with the word 死 (し) (which is also read as “SHI”), but it means “Death”. Which...
Magikey Archetype
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The Key of Potential! (Magikey Archetype Analysis)

Magikey Archetype: The Overview We finally have a new reveal from the next core Yu-Gi-Oh! set, Dawn of Majesty and I have to say, the Magikey Archetype is...interesting to say the least. Comprised of Normal, Ritual, and Fusion Monsters, Magikey focuses on the use of Normal Monsters to fuel the effects of your Ritual and...
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