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Flundereeze Archetype
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The Bird Is The Word! (Flundereeze Archetype Overview)

Flundereeze Archetype: The Introduction Finally! You guys have no idea how long I have been waiting for a full, new Archetype to be revealed! With so many sets supposed to be coming out in the near future, you would think Konami would be showing us more stuff. Well, now my wish has been granted with…

Rose Dragon
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Lightning Overdrive – War of the Rose Dragons

Introduction To The Rose Dragons Hello, reader. I am Minoru Otoshiro and this is my sixth article for Serpent Cards. I’ll be talking to you about the new support for the “Rose Dragon” archetype, which was released in the “Lightning Overdrive” Booster Pack (and more!) The new “Stardust” support, which was released in the “Dawn of Majesty”…

Ogdoadic Shaddoll Deck Profile
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Slithering Darkness (Ogdoadic Shaddoll Deck Profile May 2021)

Ogdoadic Shaddoll Deck Profile: The Overview If you remember back when Ancient Guardians were first revealing the three Archetypes that it was debuting, I did a review of the Ogdoadic Archetype (Back then known by the much easier to pronounce name of Abhyss). In that review, I said that Ogdoadic had a lot of potential...
Cyber Style’s Successor
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Cyber Style’s Successor – Cybernetic Union

Introduction To Cyber Style’s Successor Hello, reader. I am Minoru Otoshiro and this is my fifth article for Serpent Cards. Ever since their debut in the GX era, there are two ways to run the “Cyber” archetype: Cyber Dragon Cyberdark Needless to say, the “Cyberdark” archetype is rarely played and isn’t even viable, to begin with. Living…

gizmek appliancer deck profile
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The Ancient Tale of…Appliances? (Gizmek Appliancer Deck Profile April 2021)

Gizmek Appliancer Deck Profile: The Overview Appliancers. They sure Archetype, am I right? Used by Roboppy in YuGiOh! Vrains, this Archetype revolves around low stat Machine Monsters that focus on Link Summoning (Because of course, it does. It's a Vrains Archetype). However, despite being Machine Monsters, Appliancers have struggled to mix into any other...
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