Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens Episode 35 Review


Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens Episode 35 “Sound! Gohanium” brings the return of Tiger, Luke’s older sister. Just like Luke, she is fanatical and skillful. Although, unlike her brother, she has a bit of common sense (just a bit). While Yuga and the gang are lost underground, our villain of the week, the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club’s mechanic, is on a mission to destroy Yuga’s Road Laboratory. Armed with a Gohanium demolition machine, he is about to annihilate the Lab when a mysterious rod shoots out of the sky to block his path. We discover its Tiger’s very own Gohanium Bassoon, and Tiger challenges him to a Rush Duel.

Tiger’s return emphasizes perhaps Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens’ best trait, its large cast of returning characters. Sevens has had very few one-shot characters so far, nearly everybody that Yuga and the gang duel has some role to play later on in the story, heck, I’d be surprised if this week’s villain, Caterpillio Zomyoji, doesn’t reappear somewhere down the line. Even though many of the side characters only have one gimmicky personality trait, you can bet that somehow the gimmick will come into play later. Just like how Hanto, from the oddly specific “Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club” (first introduced in Episode 9), arrives to save Yuga and his friends who are lost in Goha 7th’s underground tunnels.

The idea that characters build friendships through dueling is nothing new to Yugioh. However, the message loses some of its charm if the main cast becomes “friends” with a bunch of one-shot characters who never appear again. Seeing these minor characters continue to interact with the main cast reinforces the message better than past Yugioh series have, even if the message is a bit cliché. Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens has been pretty episodic thus far, but its moments like this that give me great confidence in the writers. They have been excellent at planting seeds that sprout in future episodes.

Returning to the duel, this week’s Rush Duel was enjoyable. Caterpillio, despite his name, uses a defensive beast deck. His strategy involves boosting his monsters’ defense points and forcing his opponent to attack using trap cards. Not a great match-up against Tiger’s heavily offensive deck which includes ATK buffs and piercing cards (not that anyone expected Caterpillio to win anyway). However, the two decks thematically contrast each other, which is a nice touch.

The heart and soul of this episode is Tiger and her bizarre personality. Throughout the duel she explains the dramatic backstory of how she got her bassoon; One day, while she was training to become the strongest bassoon player lightning struck a Tiger shaped rock, the rock shattered, revealing a usual shaped object that became her trusty bassoon. The tale is wacky, even for Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens’ standards. Even the other characters are baffled by it.

Despite the result being obvious from the start, the duel ends in style. Tiger unleashes a new Music Oni monster! “Bassoon Finger the Divine Music Oni” is a Level 8 monster that gains 800 ATK for each defense position monster your opponent controls, and combined with a brand-new piercing spell card, Tiger manages to raise its ATK from 2400 to 6600, finishing the duel in a stylish one-shot-OTK!


The Rush Duel ends, but Caterpillio goes back on his word and tries to destroy the Road Laboratory anyway. This is when Gallient pops out the ground (appearing a lot like Mr. Resetii from Animal Crossing) and scolds Caterpillio for trying to break his word. We see Kaizo return to Yuga and co. and he passes on Neil’s message to them.

Probably the most disappointing part of the episode was that we didn’t learn anything more about how Asana got her Maximum cards. Entering the excavation site has been Yuga’s goal for the past few episodes, and now that they are finally there, I was hoping we would learn a bit more about the mystery. However, at the very end of the episode a secret passage is revealed! Neil supposebly created Maximum cards only recently, so how is this excavation site tied to Asana’s Maximum cards? Hopefully we will learn more next week!


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