Which Yu-Gi-Oh Characters Would You Like To See Come To Duel Links?

The Yu-Gi-Oh! anime franchise is very large with many characters from each of the different Yu-Gi-Oh! series. Duel Links currently has 67 different Yu-Gi-Oh! characters to unlock as playable characters, with new characters released every 1-2 months. Also coming this year, is the addition of the ARC-V World and their cast of characters so there’s allot to look forward to.

Looking at Duel Links and the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, which Yu-Gi-Oh characters would you like to see come to Duel Links in the future? What kind of skills and decks do you think the characters should have? Below, I’ve put together a list of the Top 3 characters I would personally like to see jump into Duel Links sooner or later.


rafael duel links

Rafael made his anime debut during the Waking the Dragons story arc. The strongest and most reliable of Dartz trusted group,  Rafael remains one of the very few characters to ever defeat Yami Yugi in a duel. Rafael’s deck consists of his loyal Guardian monsters, creatures that Rafael believes saved his life when he was shipwrecked years ago. Due to his admiration for the Guardian cards, Rafael refuses to let any of his Guardian cards go to the graveyard, no matter the cost, even sacrificing his own life points to keep them in play, just like he did in his first match with Yami Yugi. Rafael’s favourite Guardian monster is Guardian Eatos, a powerful Guardian which absorbs the power of the opponent’s monsters in the graveyard.

Rafael remains one of my favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! characters, his dedication to his deck and his cards is admirable, and I’m a big fan of the Guardian’s cards as a whole. It was such a interesting contrast to see someone who acted so good and pure, be one of the trusted henchman to the main villian of the series. When Rafael realized what Dartz had done, and that HE was the reason he lost his family in the storm and then turned to the good-side, was an amazing moment in the story arc.


Zigfried von Schroeder

zigfried duel links

Zigfried von Schroeder is the president of the Schroeder corporation, was the main antagonist in the “Grand Championship” arc, a Duel Monsters tournament organized (once again) by Seto Kaiba. Zigfried and Seto Kaiba have a long-standing history, fierce rivals with both of their illustrious companies being in the Duel Monsters Gaming Technology industry. The Schroeder Corporation eventually lost their status with Kaiba Corporation now reigning supreme as the #1 Duel Monsters enterprise. Over the years, Zigfried’s jealousy of Kaiba Corporation’s success (and Seto Kaiba more specifically) grew to unimaginable heights. Zigfried plotted his ultimate revenge on Kaiba, which involved entering the Grand Championship tournament, using his brother as his pawn and destroying Kaiba Corp from the inside.

Zigfried uses a “Valkyrie” deck with the various Valkyrie cards based on Norse Mythology. Zigfried’s signature move is to use the spell card “Ride of the Valkyries” which enables Zigfried to summon all of his Valkyrie monsters to the field for a One Turn Kill. Zigfried also uses the “Goddess” series of spell cards, cards which he uses to determine the fate of his opponent’s cards.

Zigfried was such a sarcastic and a “I’m better than you” styled villain, he was great to watch. A very different antagonist to the previous villains we’d seen in the series up until that point. He upheld an air of class and stature which I’m sure would definitely be reflected in his voicelines if he was to come to Duel Links.


Pharaoh Atem

Now admittedly, this one might be abit of a stretch to suggest but I’d personally love to see Pharoah Atem come to Duel Links, the Egyptian counterpart of Yami Yugi. He has actually appeared in specific Duel Links events/scenarios before so he’s in the game files somewhere. Pharaoh Atem’s voiceline cards could focus on many of the characters & monsters we saw during the final season of Yu-Gi-Oh set in Egypt, with cards such as Palladium Oracle Mahad, Palladium Oracle Mana and of course the Egyptian God Cards.

What are your thoughts on these character suggestions to come to Duel Links? Which characters would you like to see added to the game in the future? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments (4)

  1. Κωνσταντινος

    i wish to see all of them

  2. I really wish Konami stops being obsessed with manga only and focuses on filler characters also. I’m in shock that they insist on not making Doma arc. There are so many characters that should come to DL:
    Gurimo (they added the rare hunters so why not him)

    • Jamster Saphiron

      Yes I agree. Those characters from waking the dragons are very much part of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise. I thought it was a great season even though it’s not considered canon. I still consider it an essential part of Duel Monsters. We saw the dark side of Yami Yugi for the 1st time, and the battle he went through there throughout the season, the introduction of the Legendary Dragons was nice. Some good characters were introduced, I thought both Rafael & Valon were great characters. The final boss battle between Kaiba/Yugi Vs Dartz too was good too.

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