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Instagram is one of my favorite platforms to view Yu-Gi-Oh! related content. Instagram features a wide range of Yugioh related content from new releases, videos of iconic moments, cosplay, and original artwork. Even Yu-Gi-Oh! Creator Kazuki Takahashi and the official Yu-Gi-Oh! website has an account. 

In today’s article, we are going to take a look at my Top Ten Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! accounts to follow for authentic content. In no particular order. 

Now, let’s rev it up 

1. Yami Navi

Instagram: @yami.navi

Source: Yami Navi
Source: Yami Navi

Yami Navi is an OG Yu-Gi-Oh! Collector, Duelist, Youtuber, and Manga Fan. Navi has 11.2k followers on Instagram. Navi gives a witty and entertaining Yu-Gi-Oh! commentary. One of my favorite Instagram videos of his is What’s Wrong With Dark Magician? Navi is also a great curator of classic Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, games, and epic Manga images. He also posts great Yu-Gi-Oh! bracket-style games through his stories and showcases some great custom cards. 

2. Heart 

Instagram: @heartofthecards92

Souce: Heart of The Cards 92
Souce: Heart of The Cards 92

Heart is also known as your friendly neighbourhood Yugioh bae is a Yu-Gi-Oh! Collector, Duelist, and Thee Heart of the Cards. Heart has 12.1k followers on Instagram. Heart’s account beautifully showcases various Yu-Gi-Oh! products including cards, accessories, funko pops, and an impressive pin collection. I like how Heart makes great posts promoting other Yugioh sellers, box openings, and even a rare Digimon trading card pack opening. 

3. Caleb 

Instagram: @thecyberknight8610

Source: The Cyber Knight 8610
Source: The Cyber Knight 8610

Caleb is a Gamer and Youtuber. Caleb has 24.9k followers on Instagram. Caleb has unique Yugioh product showcases ranging from wooden Yugioh God Cards, Chinese food deck boxes, Blue-Eyes White Dragon cereal, and chocolate bars just to name a few. Caleb hosts great giveaways and epic Yugioh box openings. Caleb showcases Digimon and Pokemon cards too. 

4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Turkey Turkiye

Instagram: @yugioh.turkey 

Source: Yugioh Turkey
Source: Yugioh Turkey

Yugioh Turkey is a hobby store and Yugioh Trading Fan Page with original Yugioh images. Yugioh Turkey has 3,048 followers on Instagram. I like how Yugioh Turkey correlates cards with their respective episodes for example  Don Zaloog Dark Scorphin debut in Episode 39 of Yugioh GX and Guardian Eatos’s appearance in Yugioh! Duel Monsters in episodes 156 and 176. Yugioh Turkey also posted two brilliantly socially conscious Yugioh artworks for Youth and Sports Day as well as for George Floyd

5. Kidbrave 

Instagram: @kidbrave_

Source: Yugioh Fandom
Source: Yugioh Fandom

Kidbrave is a Christ believer, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist and YouTuber. Kidbrave has 16k followers on Instagram. Kidbrave’s name was actually inspired by the Yugioh card Magical Musketeer Kidbrave. 

We asked Kidbrave why Yugioh fans should follow their account. 

“Hey Guys Kidbrave here I’m a Yu-Gi-Oh player that generates Yu-Gi-Oh content, I’m a duelist first and a lover second joke. I mean content creator second. I create duel replays of decks I’m currently playing in fore format or have an itch for a deck I want to play to switch things up. I’m an outgoing guy that loves having fun and making duel replays, so if you like hearing about duels and occasionally corky/funny jokes through videos then you’ll love my channels, but if your not that kind of person comes to check my Instagram and youtube channel still because overall you’ll get some great content of duel replays with tons of strategies, duel breakdowns, and gameplay,” said Kidbrave. 

6. Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime Recipes 

Instagram: @yugiohdeckanime 

Source: Yugioh Anime Recipes
Source: Yugioh Anime Recipes

Yugioh Anime Recipes makes decks made for fun. Yugioh Anime Recipes has 29.4k followers on Instagram. I like this account because they create decks inspired by each episode of Yugioh and you can purchase an anime-inspired deck as well. Yugioh Anime Recipes also allows you to follow the specific deck recipe through their stories. I also enjoy the What if other characters had Yu-Gi-Oh! deck posts, my favorites are the Darth Vader Kozmo Deck and Berserk Guts Buster Blader Deck. Yugioh Anime Recipes also creates cool Anime inspired decks based on releases like Legendary Duelists Season 2. 

7. YGO Paladin 

Instagram: @ygopaladin

IMG 20210315 071524 504
Source: YGO Paladin

YGO Paladin is a Youtuber, seller, and provides daily news on anything Yugioh. YGO Paladin has 17k followers. This page provides great information on upcoming card releases, market watches, pack openings, and Yugioh character birthday celebrations. 

8. French YGO

Instagram: @frenchyugioh

Source: French Yugioh
Source: French Yugioh

French Yugioh uses their account to have fun and share their passion. French Yugioh has 6654 followers. French Yugioh creates cool Yugioh fun fact posts. They also have beautiful Yugioh artwork and organize giveaways. I like how French Yugioh creates holiday-themed posts like the Yugioh decorated Christmas tree. I also enjoy French Yugioh food-inspired posts especially the Marshmallon & Marshmacaron marshmallows and macaroons photo. 

9. Gaia Oricards

Instagram: @gaiaoricards

Source: Gaia Oricards
Source: Gaia Oricards

Gaia Oricards creates proxy cards and custom playmats. Gaia Oricards has 3,794 followers on Instagram. I like the quality of the proxy cards that they create. They create cool anime-inspired cards, showcase some cool cosplayers, unique tokens and field centers. 

10. Serpent Cards

Instagram: @serpentcards

Source: Serpent Cards
Source: Serpent Cards

I know it’s a shameless plug, but Serpent Cards is a great place to get authentic and creative Yugioh content. Serpent Cards has 6,720 followers. It’s a great place for Yugioh news and articles, new content every week, product showcases, and character quotes

That’s all my fellow duelists, Yugioh fans, and enthusiasts. You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook @mrjoshsidney.


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