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It’s Martin of the Level 7 Crew L7C and I am back again with another Yu-Gi-Oh article and this time, I am going to be interviewing a duelist by the name of Patrick Carlson. You may not know Patrick, but he duels on Twitch and post his duels on YouTube. Patrick is an avid Utopia Player and since the latest set, Lighting Overdrive just came out, I wanted the ask the Utopic Master what he thinks of the new cards, where they can take Utopias in the future, and if Utopias can be a meta contending deck!

Martin – Hey Patrick Thanks for doing this interview with me, I greatly appreciate it.

Patrick – No problem, happy to be here!

Martin – So Patrick, how long have you been playing the Yu-Gi-Oh card game?  What got you into playing the game?

Patrick– Just like a lot of us, I started at a really young age playing with neighborhood kids, not even using the real rules. I left the game around middle school until my freshman year of college. I met you and your roommate Chris and you guys were like, wanna play some Yu-Gi-Oh? You two gave me some cards out of a giant cardboard box and I got hooked right back into the game.

Martin – Patrick, you are known as the “Utopic Master” How did you get that nickname?

Patrick- It was the summer of 2020 and I decided to do this online PPG tourney hosted by Cimoooooo, and there was a lot of heavy hitters entered into the tournament like Jeff Leonard and his brother. I brought my Utopias naturally and I think I went 2-4, but one of those wins came against a guy who won a Regional who I can’t remember his name. I was streaming the whole tourney and after that win I looked to the camera and said “I AM THE UTOPIC MASTER” and it stuck. I have gotten several challengers for that title too and have defended it successfully.

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Martin -What drew you to Number 39 Utopia and the archetype?

Patrick- When I came back into dueling my freshman year in college, we went to Walmart and looked at the Yu-Gi-Oh card selection they had, I wanted something different from what everyone else had at our table. I saw the Utopia Structure deck, grabbed 3 of them, and spliced them together. Going back to the nickname “Utopic Master” I feel it really started back when I first got those structure decks. It was one of the unspoken rules at the table that we try not to use other people’s decks. So being the Utopia guy was a sense of pride because that was MY deck. Shortly after I built that first Utopia Deck, a friend of ours Zach bought himself a Utopia Deck. I remember challenging him and was like, there can only be 1 Utopia user, and I am not losing. I think that planted the early seed of the “Utopic Master” title in my head.

YS11 DeckEN

Martin – What do you like about the archetype?

Patrick- Utopia’s are like the Swiss army knife of Yu-Gi-oh, there is a Utopia for every situation, ZW attachments for any situation, and a rank up for any situation. And it is my job as the duelist to find out what Utopia to use in those certain situations. I enjoy that problem solving.  Going back to the Swiss army knife analogy, I believe Utopia’s can go up against any deck and beat them. The swarming OTK abilities with Utopia Lightning and Utopia Double, the unable to use spells and traps in the battle phase with a built in Honest effect of Utopia Victory, on the summon of Utopia Beyond all monsters attacks go to 0, and all that mixed with the variety of ZW weapons and rank up cards, Tornado Bringer, Lightning Blade, Numeron Force, and rank-up quick play to name a few, the most popular play has been coined “The Brand”. Summon Utopia, play Rank-Up Numeron Force (negates all face up cards), Summon Utopia Ray V, and Pop the biggest attack monster they have so they take the effect Damage of that attack. There are so many ways to get over your opponent’s board and I feel that is what makes them hard to go up against, as you do not know who or how they are going to hit you. That being said, Utopia’s are far from being unbeatable and far from being “The Meta”.

IMG 4929IMG 4933

Martin – What are the strengths and weaknesses of the deck?

Patrick- Utopias are heavy on special summoning, so cards that limit summoning do hurt the deck, if you really want to stop Utopias, don’t let them on the field. Obviously, you have your traditional hand traps that make it really hard for any deck to summon their desired board. But as it stands right now in the TCG, and with the Ban of Utopic Zexal, Utopias really do not have a great first turn board or Utopia’s that have changeable negations (YET FORESHADOWING). As it stands right now, the only Utopia in the TCG that has a changeable negation is the OG Number 39 Utopia and that is to negate attacks. If you can survive Utopias breaking your board, they are easy to hit right back without any clear monster effects to stop you outside of OG Utopia.

IMG 4927

Martin – Do Utopias prefer to go first or second, or can they do both?

Patrick- With the ban of Utopic Zexal, right now in the TCG, Utopias are a going second deck. As stated before they don’t yet have the Utopia monsters that have the changeable effects to be able to survive going first (YET). With that being said, that is what I enjoy and why I love utopias, they have the ability to break any board and going second gives me the chance as a duelist to problem solve and break that board in front of me.


Martin – Utopia is getting a big boost with the Lighting Overdrive set that just came out! How do you feel about the new Utopia Cards? Which cards did the Utopia deck need the most? Which ones are you most excited for?

Patrick – Lightning Overdrive gave Utopia’s something that it has been missing that every other XYZ archetype had, a level 4 monster that can search a Rank-Up spell card. ZS – Ascended Sage is the card that Utopias have been missing since day one. This card gives that Swiss army knife an electric motor and speeds up everything within the deck. The other searcher, Zexal Construction, has so many possibilities also, as it can search for any ZW/ZS monster, Zexal spell or trap, and any Rank-Up card. There other great tech like Zexal Entrust (monster reborn for utopias or zexal cards back to the hand), and the new Rank-Up Zexal Force, both are going to be finding a place in my deck for the plays they can generate. For a while ZW weapons were viewed as dead draws, and were not worth having in your deck, well, ZS – Armed Sage is now here so now you can search them out and use them when you need them. Going back now 8 years ago, I am glad I chose Utopias, Yu-GI-Oh protagonist decks will get legacy support for the rest of time.

LIOV BoosterEN 170x300 1ZSArmedSage LIOV EN C 1EZSAscendedSage LIOV EN UR 1E32164201ZexalConstruction LIOV EN SR 1EZexalEntrust LIOV EN C 1E

Martin – It seems like this year is the “Year of Utopia” as there are other Utopia cards coming out this year. What other Utopia cards are you looking forward to getting later in the year?

Patrick– Hopefully it comes out this year, but Number F0: Utopic Future Dragon is the card that has been in the OCG for about 2 years now, and that I have been waiting for it to come to the TCG, 1 monster effect negation and takes that monster, too good. Utopia Leo Ray coming out in 2021 Battle of Legends pack is another one coming out that will have a guaranteed spot in the extra deck when that arrives. Utopia Leo Ray with ZW Pegasus Twin Saber gives Utopias 2 negations that this deck really needs to compete on a more consistent basis. Finally, when the concept art on this card was released without showing the effect, my friend group and I all said that is going to be a power card and that is Number 99 Utopia Dragner, be on the lookout for this card as this will have places in other decks outside of Utopias and it is in a structure deck!

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Martin – Can the Utopia deck compete with the current Meta right now? What else do you think the deck needs to be a legitimate meta threat?

Patrick – I always say Utopia can beat any deck at any time, does that make them Meta? Currently, no, without that true first turn board it is hard to compete against the current Meta, impossible no, hard yes! When Utopic Future Dragon, Utopia Leo Ray, and Number 99: Utopia Dragner get to the TCG I may have a different answer to that.

Martin – What are your top 5 favorite cards in the Utopia archetype?


  1. Number 39 Utopia (GOAT)
  2. Rank Up Magic Numeron Force
  3. Utopia Ray V
  4. Utopia the Lightning
  5. Utopic Future Dragon (not out yet but already one of my favorites)

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Martin -Where can we find you dueling with your Utopia Deck?

Patrick – You will see me dueling at the table, but everyone else can watch either on Twitch at twitch.tv/pat___rick or on YouTube at Pat_Rick Productions.

Martin -Thank you for your time Patrick!

Patrick – Thank you for having me, it was great to go down memory lane on a few of these questions.

That concludes my interview with Utopic Master Patrick Carlson! I hope everyone learned some new things about the Utopia archetype! Once again, thank you all for reading my article! Make sure to follow the Level 7 Crew L7C on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and our podcast The L7C Podcast! Take care!

Keep dueling Duelist!

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