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The first 3 ARC-V characters to be arriving to Duel Links at the end of September with the new ARC-V world have been leaked, along with their Character bios. Credit to Elfoman for the news-breaker!  As always , this is speculation until we get “official” confirmation from Konami.


Yuya Sakaki
yuya sakaki duel links

Bio: Yuya attends You Show Duel School, which isn’t exactly the most popular Duel School in Paradise City. But that won’t stop him from becoming a great Dueltainer like his father – Yusho Sakkaki! When his dad gave him a special pendulum-shaped pendant, he never knew its powers would allow him to become the first-ever Duelist to Pendulum Summon, making him a pioneer for a whole new way of Dueling! With his Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon by his side, Yuya is ready to swing into action!


Zuzu Boyle
zuzu boyle duel links

Bio: As Yuya’s lifelong friend, Zuzu isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and put Yuya in check when he goes too far. She’s also the daughter of Skip Boyle, the head teacher of You Show Duel School. She wears a unique bracelet that she’s never taken off – some say she was born with it on her wrist! This bracelet emits a strange power when she least expect it – which often get her in trouble. But since she doesn’t always want to count on Yuya to bail her out, she learns how to Fusion Summon to protect herself and You Show Duel School. Her ace monster is Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir.


Declan Akaba
declan akaba duel links

Bio: Though Declan is only 16 years old, this professional Duelist has been running Leo Corporation and the Leo Institute of Dueling (LID) as their president. As one of the select few who know about the existence of other dimensions, he forms the Lancers to protect this world from interdimensional invaders. He not only uses powerful Fiend-Type D/D and D/D/D monsters in his deck, he may be the only Duelist who has mastered four summoning methods: Fusion, Synchro, Xyz and Pendulum.


What are your thoughts on the first 3 ARC-V Characters to be arriving to Duel Links? Are there any characters you would like to see come next? Let us know in the comments!

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