The Duelist Kingdom Event Is Now Live!

The Duelist Kingdom event has now begun! Battle other players & Legendary Duelists to unlock gems, cards & jewels and challenge Pegasus himself for exclusive rewards!

Duelist Kingdom Event Info
pegasus star

  • Select the area of Pegasus Island where you want to duel. Depending on which area you select, you can use the “environmental adaptations” EX Skill which boosts the attack of monsters with a certain attribute!
  • You can challenge Pegasus each time you collect 100 Star Chips through duels
  • Players will obtain rewards based on the duel result from facing Pegasus. You can earn rewards such as cards and gems based on the amount of event points you have accumulated.

PVP Matchmaking

Based on your PVP duel results in the event, your matching icon will change to reflect your performance. (Players will be matched with other players with similar icons)

EX Skill “Environmental Adaptations”

You can use the EX Skill “Environmental Adaptations” which depends on the area you select in Duelist Kingdom. Each area has an attribute linked to it, and depending on the selected area, your monsters with the same attribute will gain an attack bonus. (e.g. In the Cave area, Dark Monsters you control gain 600 attack points). The amount of attack bonus you can get is based on the “share of your area“.

What Does That Mean?

The share of each area will update daily at 6:00 based on the number of players who selected each area on the previous day. The amount of the attack bonus will be either +100, +300 or +600 depending on the area’s share. (You can check the current amount of the attack bonus  from the events page)

Additional Environmental Adaptations Info

If your matching icon is 3 or higher, the EX Skill for the two areas with the lowest share will become “Environmental Adaptations” + the effect to “add a certain card to your hand at the beginning of the turn” will also be added.

List Of The Area Terrain Bonus Cards


  • Photon Sanctuary (Ruins Area)
  • Dark World Lightning (Cave Area)
  • Lemuria, the Forgotten City (Sea Area)
  • Rekindling (Volcano Area)
  • Spiritual Earth Art – Kurogane (Forest Area)
  • Shrine of Mist Valley (Wasteland Area)

Event Duelists

During the event, Legendary Duelists will appear in Duel World (DM). Challenge them to a duel to get Star Chips and event points!

Event Points

You will obtain event points depending on your Duel Assessment points from duels within the event.

Bonus Duel Assessment Category

Each time you play a card with the same attribute as the Area’s attribute, you can get 500 points (Max of 1500 points)

Treasure Boxes

You can get treasure box rewards from duels against Pegasus. There are three types of treasure boxes (from highest rarity: Rainbow, Gold and Silver). The chances of Pegasus dropping rarer boxes increases with his level.

Event Missions

Event Missions will be added to the missions screen. When players participate in duels after selecting their area, they can receive gems three times a day.

1st duel: 10 gems
2nd duel: 15 gems
3rd duel: 25 gems

(These gems can’t be obtained from facing Pegasus or other Legendary Duelists)

EX Jewels

EX Jewels can be traded for event reward cards and exclusive cards at the Trader EX.

Duelist Kingdom Event Rewards

You can earn rewards based on the amount of event points you have accumulated and your team’s victories.

Saambell the Summoner (Ultra Rare)

saambell the summoner DUEL LINKS

(Obtained with Event Points)

Obtained from Treasure Boxes


  • All-Out Attacks (Super Rare)
  • Toon Gemini Elf (Super Rare)
  • Armed Samurai – Ben Kei (Super Rare)
  • Lightray Gearfried (Rare)
  • Laser Cannon Armor (Rare)

Event Notes

  • You must be at Stage 6 or higher (DM World) to participate in this event
  • The event will last until the 17th August
  • This event will be held again in future
  • The area share will be updated daily at 6:00
  • The area share of the 1st day of the event is based on the recent Ranked Duel data
  • Winning PVP Duels in this event will count towards your Ranked duels cumulative awards



What are your thoughts on the Duelist Kingdom event and it’s list of rewards? Let us know in the comments!


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