the duel of fate



Duel Monsters, tournaments are waged all over the world in this simple card game, but this game requires quick wit, intense strategy, and a lot of luck in a forty-card deck to bring your opponents life points to zero. A duelist also needs to adapt to the changing rules and regulations as the years go by such as Dallas Stolowski. He has been playing the game from a very young age and has become very proficient in the game with his favorite deck with the new rules, the Nephthys Deck. This deck’s names come from the Egyptian goddess Nephthys who is the goddess of protection for the afterlife and the monster that resembles her the most is Dallas’ ace monster, Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys. His deck is a ritual based deck and revolves around destroying his monsters by effects to activate those effects from the graveyard during his next standby phase. However, he is not the only hero in our story.
The next duelist that has adapted to the new rules is one of his best friends Michael Carlson and they have known each other since middle school. Michael’s best deck is his Psychic deck, which relies on manipulating his own life points to come out on top along making his opponent be on the ropes with the massive amount of trap cards that lay hiding within his deck. His ace monsters are Psychic Lifetrancer which can raise his life points by banishing a monster from his graveyard, Hyper Psychic Blaster and Ultimate Axon Kicker which can inflict damage to his opponent even the monsters they attack are in defense mode. These monsters are very powerful and are not to be taken lightly, but one more hero has yet to be named from our story.

The last one of his friends he taught and has evolved into his own and his name is Jalun Miller. Dallas built him a deck to train with and gave it to him as a present for his birthday and this deck is a Blue-Eyes Deck. Jalun has been very grateful and has become a true friend to Dallas and takes a lot of pride in his dueling because of that especially his ace monster, Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon, a two-headed Blue-Eyes monster that has the power to attack twice in one turn. Though still needing a few pointers Jalun has become a tremendous duelist and gives Dallas a challenge when they duel
These three heroes, though separated, will come together to confront a force of unexplained reasons. How will they fair, will they be able to work together, will their decks be able to stand up to this enemy’s strength. I guess we are going to have to find out, it’s time to shuffle your deck, strap on your duel disk and get ready cause, It’s Time to Duel.

Chapter 1
The Calling


Dallas is sitting at work in Tucson, finishing up the day and about ready to go home. He checks his pockets, grabs his I.D, grabs his bag, and goes to his car in the parking lot.
“Oh man, I forgot my deck inside,” Dallas said running back to the door with his keys. He fumbles with his keys but eventually gets the door open and runs to his office. He opens up a drawer and sees his deck cased in bright green card protectors with his extra deck cased in blue one.
“There it is, I can’t be forgetting this if I want to go professional one day,” he said to himself. He looks up and sees one of his co-workers enter his office.
“Hey Justin, what’s up,” He asked.
“Nothing much, just doing my round for duty, forgot your deck I see,” Justin said to him as he points.
“Yeah I did but I got it now,” Dallas replies
“Just don’t let 1stSgt see you playing with that here,” Justin said to him.
“I won’t, anyway, see you tomorrow,” Dallas said going back out this his car. He puts his deck in a deck box that is strapped to his backpack and turns his car on to go home.
“If Heidi has the girls asleep and doesn’t need anything from me, I’m going to the card shop and get a few quick duels to see if I still got it,” he said to himself. He drives home and parks the car, grabs his bag and goes inside and sees his wife and his daughters watching a movie they have recorded earlier.
“Hey, I’m home,” he said to his family. Upon saying that, his oldest runs to him and gives him a big hug.
“Hi Daddy, can you play with me later,” she asked him with loving eyes.
“Of course, just let daddy relax for a little bit ok Leah,” Dallas said with a smile.
“Ok Daddy,” she said and goes back to watching the movie. He goes over to where his wife Heidi is and gives her a kiss and sits next to her as she feeds the baby.
“Hey Babe, how was your day today,” she asked him.
“It was alright got everything I needed done with drill next weekend, how was your day,” he replied.
“Tiring, Natalie wouldn’t go down for her nap and has been fussy all day, but she is doing alright now,” she said.
“That’s good, you want me to make dinner tonight or do you have it,” he asked her.
“I can get it just change and get comfortable first and then come feed the baby” she told him as she feeds the baby another spoonful of baby food. He nods and goes to the room with his bag on his back. He put his backpack down, takes out his deck and puts it on the table. He flips the top card, reveling his ace monster, the Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys.
“Looks like I’ll have to go some other time to play,” he said to himself flipping the card back over and starts to change out of his clothes.
Michael is starting work by the time Dallas gets home from work. He also has his deck to look at on his off time since he has a lot of it.
“It’s crazy that after all this time, I haven’t needed to change my deck for the new format of dueling,” he said to himself. He gets up from the break room and starts his work. He calls Dallas to talk to as he works, but he doesn’t answer. Assuming he is busy he gets back to work.
“Almost done with this room, then I’m done for the day,” he told himself and he goes back to the break room and takes out his deck.
“Wish I had someone to duel to see if I still know how to play,” he said shuffling his deck.
“Well looks like I’ll just have to play test this when I get home even though it’s not really effective,” He told himself putting the deck away. He sighs and looks outside wishing he could see his best friend again. They haven’t seen each other since February of last year. After he gets off work, he heads home, walks in his room and sees his girlfriend sleeping in his bed. He smiles and start changing into something more comfortable. He turns on the television and PlayStation 4 to watch YouTube as he goes through his deck.
“Sooner or later I will play again, and I will know if I still have what it takes,” he told himself.
He heats up some leftovers from that night and goes back to his room and eats. After eating he lays down next to his girlfriend and attempts to fall asleep after a long day.
Jalun lives in California with his wife and two dogs, works all day and sleeps mainly at night. His checks mainly go to bills and whatever they can get for groceries. Occasionally, he pulls out his deck and looks at the cards. He smiles as he goes through them as he remembers when he first received the deck.
It was in the green deck box labeled Property of Jalun Miller on Dallas’ desk as he worked on his computer. Jalun looked at the deck box and saw his name and opened it and saw the deck, sleeved in black with the extra deck in different colored sleeves. He looked back at Dallas and saw him smiling.
“If you’re going to relearn how to play, you’re going to need a deck, Happy Birthday,” Dallas said to him as he stood up.
“Bro, you didn’t have to do that,” Jalun said.
“Yah I did,” Dallas told him.
Jalun put the cards back, “I’m glad you did,” Jalun said to himself. He puts the deck back in the cabinet and goes to sit down on the couch. He turns on his Xbox One and sees Dallas is online and invites him to a party. Dallas instantly accepted, “What’s up my Brother,” Dallas greeted him.
“Sup, Bro how have you been,” Jalun replied to him.
“Not too bad, what you trying to play tonight,” Dallas asked.
“How about Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist I have been playing it and getting better cards,” Jalun suggested.
“You know I’m always down to duel, you still got the deck I gave you all those years ago,’ Dallas asked him. Jalun smiled and said, “Of course I do, I keep them in a safe place where they won’t get damage, you know I’m going to treasure those forever man,” Jalun told him.
“I appreciate that Jalun, I really do,” Dallas told him.
“Send the invite so we can play I can only play one before I go to bed,” he told him.
“Alright, I sent it,” Dallas replied as Jalun receives a notification on his Xbox.
“I got it,” Jalun said as he pushes a button on his Xbox controller. They play the match duel and Dallas beat him with the Red-Eyes deck that he built in the game two to zero. Jalun smiles and says good bye to Dallas and exits the party to turn on Netflix to go lay down with his wife.
It was late and Dallas couldn’t sleep, he looks at his phone and sees that it’s almost 1:30 in the morning. He gets up quietly not waking up Heidi or the baby, grabs his deck and walks to the kitchen. He turns on the light and puts his deck on the counter to grab something to drink. As he turns around, he notices a slight glow on the top card of his deck,
“What the heck,” Dallas asked himself. He pulls the card and it’s his Sacred Phoenix.
“Why is it glowing,” Dallas asked again as he attempts to call Michael.
Michael answers,” You couldn’t sleep either huh,” Michael said.
“Yah and let me guess, some of your monsters are glowing,” Dallas asked.
“Yah same on your end I’m guessing,” Mike replied.
“Exact same, hold on let me call Jalun,” Dallas said as he adds Jalun to the call. To Dallas’ surprise Jalun answers the phone.
“Hey bro what’s up,” Jalun asked.
Both Michael and Dallas said,” Check your deck.” Surprised that they said it at the same time, he grabs his deck box and notices a glow from inside, “Um, is my deck supposed to be glowing,” he asked.
“No, it’s not,” Dallas said.
“What do you think it is Dallas,” Michael asked.
“Well to me, when something like this happens at the same time for multiple individuals, it usual means it’s some kind of calling,” Dallas answered.
“Calling, for what,” Jalun asked.
“No clue, from now on keep your decks with you at all times, I got a bad feeling about this,” Dallas told them.
I’m in that same boat,” Michael said,
“Me too,” Jalun said. The glow starts to fade on all the cards for everyone.
“The glow, it’s gone,” Michael said.
“Ok, like I said be on guard I have a feeling something might happen tomorrow,” Dallas told them.
“Got it,” they said.
“Alright let’s get some sleep,” Dallas said. He says goodbye to them and puts his card back. Heidi walks into the kitchen, “Hey baby you ok,” she asked.
“Yah I’m fine I just needed something to drink, I’ll be back in bed soon,” he told her not wanting her to know what just happened with his card. She nods to him gives him a kiss and goes back to bed. He grabs his deck and something to drink goes back to the bedroom. Putting his deck down he looks at the top card again still curious of what it meant he puts it back and goes and lays down next to his wife and drifts off to sleep.

Chapter 2
Warped Invite


The next morning, Dallas texts Jalun and Michael as soon as he wakes up to see if anything else happened that night. They both reply with nothing and Dallas gives a sigh of relief and starts to get ready for work. As he gets ready, he looks at his deck again and still can’t shake the feeling something bad is going to happen today. He looks through his deck makes sure it doesn’t need any changes and puts it in his deck box on his backpack. He goes to work and notices a package placed on his desk. Looking at the large box, it doesn’t have who sent it. He grabs the box and goes to the front office where everyone is for the meeting. He puts the box down in front of everyone and asks, “Who put this box in my office,” he asked to his co-workers.
“I did, it came by after you left,” Justin said.
“And you didn’t notice it that there is no sender information,” Dallas asked.
“I saw it, I thought it might have been gear,” Justin honestly said. Dallas looks at the box, takes a box cutter, and opens the box in front of everyone. Upon opening this first flap, a letter is visible, he picks it up and it reads,
Dear Duelist,
We would like to invite you to participate in a tournament where the winner is crowd champion of the world. We have been monitoring your dueling skills for quite a while and that is why we want you to part take in this tournament. This event will also help us with our studies for the proto type that we put in this box. There are only eight participants in this event, and they are considered the best players in the world today. So please be at the location on the map that was placed in this box and we hope to see you here.
Seto Kaiba
“How is this possible,” Dallas said loudly as he opens the box the rest of the way. He sees a duel disk in the box that is from the new movie.
“What is it Ski,” Justin asked.
“It’s an invitation to participate in a tournament with the new duel disk from the movie and it says it’s from Seto Kaiba,” Dallas replied.
“Seto Kaiba, you’re kidding right,” Justin asked. Dallas looks down at the duel disk and grabs it. He puts it on, grabs his deck from his deck box and looks at the deck slot.
“Only one way to find out,’ Dallas said to him. He slides it into the slot and the duel disk activates, flaps flip over and connect to make the field of a duel. He draws a monster from his deck, Defender of Nephthys, and looks at the zone.
“Here goes,” Dallas said. He places the monster in the zone and the duel disk responds. A bright light flashes in front of him and the monster he plays appears in front of him. The others step back shocked seeing the monster Dallas put on the duel disk just appeared right in front of them clear as day, and very real.
“Definitely not kidding, Justin,” Dallas told him.
“This doesn’t make sense though how can a character from a show send you an invitation,” Justin said.Dallas looks at his phone and sees that Michael and Jalun texted saying the same thing, that they have received the same thing he did in the mail this morning.
“I don’t have a clue, but it looks like someone is trying to get my attention and they got it,” Dallas said taking the card off the duel disk and taking the duel disk off Duel Mode. He picks up the map that is in the box and looks at the location marked.
“This map wants me to go to the Tucson Convention Center today at Noon,” Dallas said to everyone.
“Well are you going to go,” his 1stSgt asked him.
“If I have your permission to take care of this, 1stSgt,” Dallas replied. He nods and Dallas takes off the duel disk, puts it in his bag and goes to the bathroom to change. Dallas texts Michael and Jalun in the chat and it reads,
Whoever wants our attentions has it from me, I’m going to the location at the specified time, what about you guys?
Michael replies, oh yah I’m going.
Jalun replies, I’ll be at my spot. Dallas walks back into the office.
“I want someone to go with me, just in case something happens to me, that person can call the shop and my wife and tell them what’s going on,” Dallas told them. Justin raises his hand,” I got you Ski,” Justin answers.
“Are you sure, could be dangerous,” Dallas questioned.
“What about this could be dangerous, I’ll be fine just let me change,” Justin said confidently as he goes upstairs to change clothes. Dallas waits outside by Justin’s car, looking at his deck again. He passes over his Sacred Phoenixes and puts the three of them together so he can look at them.
“What’s going on,” a voice calls out in his head.
“I don’t know, Osiris, but I don’t like it, can you make a replica of this duel disk I have a feeling I was given this for a reason and just in case Justin gets sucked into this, I want him to have one too,” Dallas answered.
“I’ll have it ready shortly, My Lord,” he replies. Justin steps outside goes to the car and unlocks it.
“Ready,” he asks Dallas.
“Yeah, let’s go,” Dallas replies as he puts his cards back and gets in the car.
Upon arriving at the location given to him on the map, he notices that there is no one here expect for one person in a cloak and a duel disk on his arm. Dallas and Justin exit the vehicle and they go to the cloaked person. As they reach the individual, the figure disappears, and a portal sucks them in, and they start falling through a rift.
“Whoa Ski, what’s going on,” Justin yells out.
“I don’t know man, just hold on to me,” Dallas called out grabbing Justin and pulling him close. Seeing the exit fast approaching, Dallas gets ready for a hard landing, however he and Justin are grabbed just before hitting the floor. They look up and notice that they were spirits of other duel monsters. Justin looks at his phone and sees he has no signal.
“So much for texting the shop what happened,” Justin said.
“Don’t worry I come prepared, here,” Dallas told him as he tosses a USB antenna.
“Plug that in and you will have service it’s a dimensional antenna, I had it build for this just in case this happened,” Dallas said.
“I guess you being a Wicca helps,” Justin said plugging it in and texting the shop and Dallas’ wife what happened.
Not long after Dallas sees Osiris in spirit appear in front of him and Justin is startled seeing a giant lion bowing before Dallas.
“Jesus,” Justin yells.
My Lord, as you requested a duel disk for Justin and a deck that he can work with,” Osiris says.
“Good work, here Justin you’re going to need this,” Dallas tells Duran handing him the duel disk and deck.
“Don’t worry, Osiris is my spirit, he won’t hurt you,” Dallas explained. Justin nods and takes the duel disk and looks at the deck and notices it’s very familiar from his deck in his Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links game. Dallas looks around and notices that Michael and Jalun have been transported as well. He runs over to the town square where they are at. The town square is oddly familiar to him for some reason but not really too concerned about it, he reunites with his friends.
“Hey guys over here,” Dallas calls out to his friends. They notice him and start running to him.
“The craziest thing happened, I saw this figure in a cloak and he had a duel disk on, but when I got close to him, I got sucked into a portal,” Jalun said.
“Same thing happened to me,” Michael said. Dallas looks around and he is still not able where he has seen this area from, but suddenly, it hits him.
“Guys were in Domino City,” Dallas said.
“Domino City like from the show,” Justin asked.
“Yes, from the show,” Dallas answered. Dallas starts to hear walking from behind them. He turns around and sees a figure in black clothing appear in front of them. Dallas readies his duel disk while the others look back and see that same figure that Dallas sees.
“Perfect, the master finally has you here, time to see your skill,” the Mysterious Figure said distortedly.
“If you want to test our skill then you got your first test subject, me,” Dallas yelled to him.
“Let’s Duel,” They both yelled to each other.

Chapter Three
Evil is Revealed


Dallas draws his first five cards from his deck. The others stepped off to the side to see how this duel will play out.
“Before we start this duel, I want to know who you are,” Dallas called out to the figure,
“You already know who I am Dallas, you just watched me duel Jack Atlas on YouTube,” the figure answered.
“Could it be, Dark Signer Carly,” Dallas asked. The figure takes off the hood and reveals to be the person Dallas guessed. Long black hair, the black and orange outfit, even the blackened eyes. She smiles at him, evilly, and answers him.
“Bingo Dallas, that’s right I’m here to test your skills for the master,” Carly replied.
“Who is your master Carly,” Dallas asked.
“You’ll find out if you beat me in this duel, however if you fail to do so you will be absorbed by darkness and be sent to the netherworld,” Carly told him.
“Fine, I’ll come out on top and you’ll tell me and my friends why we all got dragged here in the first place,” Dallas declared. Carly smiles again and activates her dark signer duel disk as a mark of a hummingbird appears on her arm. She closes her eyes and draws her first five cards from her deck, then she opens them.
“I accept, now let’s begin, shall we, I’ll start things off by playing the field spell Secret Village of the Spellcasters, now as long as I control a Spellcaster type monster and you don’t, you are not allowed to activate any spell cards, next I Summon a monster in face down defense mode, I end my turn with a face down card,” Carly says.
“Very well, my turn, I draw,” Dallas says drawing a card from his deck. His hand consists of three monsters, two spells, and a trap.
“Ok let’s see here, I know Carly uses fortune ladies and since its Dark Signer Carly I need to watch out for her Earthbound Immortal, I don’t want to go full force just yet but a set up for it might just work to my advantage right now,” he said to himself. He grabs a card from his hand to official start his turn.
“I’ll start things off by summoning Defender of Nephthys in attack mode, now I use her special ability by destroying one card in my hand I can special summon one level four or below ‘Nephthys’ monster from my hand and I summon Disciple of Nephthys in defense mode, Now I activate Shield Crush which destroys your face down,” Dallas yelled and giant gold fist destroys the hologram card revealing Carly’s monster, Fortune Lady Light. She smiles at Dallas,
“I knew you couldn’t resist destroying my face down, now since Fortune Lady Light has left the field, I am allowed to summon any monster from my deck as long it has ‘Fortune Lady’ in its name so welcome to the field Fortune Lady Water and her attack points are equal to her level times 300,” Carly said wickedly. Fortune Lady Water’s current attack points are 1200 while Dallas’ Defender is at 1400.
“Why would Carly summon Fortune Lady Water in attack mode while Dallas’ monster is strong than hers,” Jalun asked Michael.
“Cause Fortune Ladies have the unique ability to gain one level at the start of the controller’s standby phase so her monster will be stronger than his,” Michael answered. Dallas is aware of this and sees his trap card in his hand. He takes it from his hand and puts it into to slot for it and it appears in front of him.
“Now I activate Threatening Roar which prevents your from declaring an attack this turn,” She said.
“I end my turn,” Dallas said to her.
“Good, now it’s my turn, I draw and since it’s my turn, my Fortune Lady gains one level and an extra 300 attack points,” Carly announced. “Now I play the magic card Synchro Boost which increases the attack points of my monster by 500 and increases its level by one coming out to a grand total of 2300 attack points, now Fortune Lady Water attack his Defender of Nephthys with enchanting water blast,” Carly commanded pointing at Dallas’ monster. Carly’s Fortune Lady starts to spins her staff and then points it to blast Dallas’s monster with a powerful stream of water. Dallas’ monster is destroyed as it shatters like glass and his life points are deducted by only 600 points.
“What the, you should’ve lost more life points,” Carly questioned.
“Thanks to my trap card, I didn’t,” Dallas says as the hologram of his card flips up. “It’s known as Awakening of Nephthys and all ‘Nephthys’ monsters gain 300 attack points and since it’s a continuous it will keep giving my monsters attack points until its destroyed,” Dallas explained.
“You’ll pay for that, I end my turn,” Carly said angrily.
“My turn, I draw,” Dallas announced as he draws from his deck. He notices it is his Onslaught of the Fire Kings spell card, it’s useless to him at this time so he puts it in his hand for later. “Now since it’s my standby phase my Matriarch of Nephthys special ability activates from the graveyard allowing me to special summon her in defense mode,” Dallas declared. He looks at his hand and sees his Pre-Preparation of Rites spell card which can help him get his Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys on the field. He needs to do this since her Fortune Lady has 2300 attack points.
“I activate the spell card, Pre-Preparation of Rites, this card allows me to add a ritual monster from my deck to my hand then add a ritual spell card from my deck or graveyard to my hand,” Dallas told her as he grabs the cards. “Now I’ll activate that spell card I grabbed, it’s called Rebirth of Nephthys which means I’m allowed to sacrifice my Matriarch in order to summon this, Devotee of Nephthys,” Dallas said playing the card in the spell slot of his duel disk. Upon playing it, a gold alter appears in front of him and Matriarch is sacrificed, the goblets on the alter light in a blue flame and the new monster appears in a blue Egyptian garb.
“What’s that going to do, it’s a weak monster and can’t come close to my Fortune Lady Water,” Carly asked.
“It’s what she can do, I activate her special ability which allows me to summon a Nephthys monster from my deck straight to the field, so I summon the all mighty Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys,” he told Carly. He places the card on the duel disk and the Sacred Phoenix appears in a big ball of golden fire.
“My deck is far superior to yours and you’re about to see why Sacred Phoenix attack her Fortune Lady Water,” Dallas demanded and his monster blast Carly’s with fire blast.
“I play the trap card Inherited Fortune, with this, I’m able to play two Fortune Lady Monsters to replace the one you destroyed on my next turn,” Carly explained.
“That’s fine cause your still wide-open, attack directly Devotee of Nephthys,” Dallas demanded again and his monster attacks Carly directly. “You just lost a total of 1900 life points, unless you want more pain dealt to you, I would surrender,” Dallas explained to Carly.
“Giving up is out of the question for me,” Carly answered him.
“Fine then I will end my turn and during my end phase, my Devotee is destroyed since I used her effect,” Dallas explain as his monster is destroyed, and he puts the card in the graveyard.
“My move, I start by summoning Fortune Lady Fire and thanks to the effect of my trap, I’m able to summon another monster to the field and I choose to summon Fortune Lady Wind, now I play Double Summon so I can summon one more time this round and I sacrifice both my monsters in order to summon your demise Dallas,” Carly explained.
“Oh boy here it comes, everyone, get back now,” he shouts to his friends. They all nod and start to run back to safety.
“Mark of the Hummingbird surround us because I summon Earthbound Immortal Aslla Piscu,” Carly yells and she places the card on her duel disk. When the card is registered on her duel disk, a purple flame begins to surround them and form the shape of a hummingbird. An object appears in the sky, beating like a heart and shadow energy piercing through the cracks. When it opens, a giant black hummingbird outlined in orange appears from it.
“Since a field spell is in play, I can summon this beast and also I’m able to attack you directly, now my Earthbound Immortal, attack Dallas directly,” Carly demands, her monster obeys, striking Dallas and sending him flying backwards and land on the ground with force.
“His life points just took a major hit of 2500,” Michael said.
“Yah, but he can still pull through this, right,” Justin asked.
“It’ll be tough, thanks to that Earthbound Immortal, but never count out Dallas and his Nephthys cards,” Michael told him.
“Yah his deck building is incredible,” Jalun added. Dallas Starts to get up slowly, he looks up at his opposition and the massive monster behind her.
“You may have dealt some damage to me with your bird, but trust me, I will come out on top with my Phoenix,” Dallas told her as he walks back over.
“We shall see Dallas, because I control the field with Aslla Piscu and your life points are open again for another attack and nothing can stop my Earthbound Immortal, I’ll end my turn with a facedown card,” Carly said laughing manically.
“I’ll destroy that beast and win this duel and it starts on this card,” Dallas answered her placing a hand on the next card. “I draw,” he yells drawing his card fiercely.
“I may be on the ropes now, but I will beat this and beat her Earthbound Immortal and send her master a message,” Dallas thought. “I said I would win and that’s exactly what I plan to do,” Dallas thought. He looks up at his Sacred Phoenix and then at Earthbound Immortal Aslla Piscu.
“Time to bring your beast down, Now,” Dallas yelled.

Chapter 4
Battle of the Birds


Dallas looks at his hand, to see he has two ritual monsters and one spell card.
“I activate the effect of my Disciple of Nephthys which means that I can destroy one card in my hand in order to add one ‘Nephthys’ monster from my deck to my hand,” Dallas explained as he goes through his deck. “I’ll add and then summon, Chronicler of Nephthys and then I’ll activate her effect by destroying a card in my hand I can target one ’Nephthys’ card in my graveyard and add it to my hand,” Dallas added.
“What card would he add guys,” Duran asked.
“His ritual card, Rebirth of Nephthys, he has the blue phoenix in his hand, watch Justin, this is where Dallas takes his game to the next level,” Michael explained.
“Now I activate the card I added, Rebirth of Nephthys,” Dallas said inserting the card into the spell slot and the alter reappears. “I sacrifice Chronicler of Nephthys and my Sacred Phoenix in order to summon, Cerulean Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys,” Dallas yelled as the monsters are sacrificed in the alter, a blue flame lights in the goblets of the alter. The flame begins to grow larger and larger until the flame manifest into the Cerulean Sacred Phoenix.
“So now your big bird is blue instead of yellow, no matter it still can’t touch my Earthbound Immortal,” Carly announced.
“That may be true that, I can’t attack your Earthbound Immortal, but I can still destroy it,” Dallas replied.
“What how,” Carly asked.
“Like this, I activate my Phoenix’s special ability, by destroying my other two ‘Nephthys’ cards I can destroy two cards you control meaning the only two cards you have on the field,” Dallas called out. Upon declaring his effect his trap card and his Disciple were destroyed. “Now my traps second effect, for when its destroyed face up I get a ‘Nephthys’ monster from my deck straight to the field, but I destroy it at the end phase so welcome back to the field Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys,” Dallas explained, and the golden fire reappears and manifests into his golden phoenix once again. Dallas’ blue phoenix prepares to strike Carly’s earthbound immortal and it flies towards it, engulfing itself in its blue flame.
“Yes, he got rid of Carly’s Earthbound Immortal, now he’s going to win this duel,” Justin said. Carly start to laugh again.
“You fool, you must not have known about Aslla Piscu second ability, whenever it’s destroyed, all monsters on your side of the field are destroyed and you’ll take 800 points of damage for each,” Carly announced.
“Oh no, that means all that work for nothing,” Jalun said.
“You haven’t faced his Nephthys deck have you, that’s exactly what he wants cause from what we know she only has one Earthbound Immortal and the rest of her deck is fortune ladies so that means we will expect to see a copy of a fortune lady next turn and not be able to wipe out his life points and next turn its game over for Carly,” Michael explained. As the two monsters collided the field is completely wiped no cards on either field and Dallas looks at his life points. He lost 1600 life points since he had two monsters on the field at the time of Aslla Piscu’s effect being activated. Meaning, Dallas is only at 3300 points while Carly is at 6100 and it’s her move.
“I draw my card and let’s bring back a familiar face, you remember Fortune Lady Water don’t you, well she is back and ready to take a chuck out of your life points,” Carly declared as her monster appears and blast Dallas with a high-powered stream of water knocking him backwards a few feet. “I end my turn Dallas,” Carly announced. He stands back up and looks at his deck and then at his life points and sees that he only has 2100 points left.
“You’re not going to let that fake win, are you,” a voice said from behind him.
“Huh,” Dallas confused by the voice he looks behind him and sees a familiar face.
“Aren’t you the Jack Atlas,” Dallas asked the figure,” he walks forward with someone trailing close behind. When in clear view Dallas sees a tall man with blonde spiked hair in a long white coat, this is Jack Atlas. The person behind him is a woman wearing a striped shirt and glasses with swirls on them.
“It can’t be, Carly,” Dallas said even more confused. “Then who have I been dueling this entire time,” Dallas said turning around to see a duelist that looks like Carly only completely pale with a tint of orange wearing a duel disk surrounded by shadows.
“Triad’s Manikin Duelist hurry up and win so we can get you and your friends to safety,” Carly told him. Dallas places a hand on the top card ready to draw.
“With pleasure, I draw and since my two Sacred Phoenixes were destroyed by card effect last turn, they are reborn from the graveyard and summoned back to my field in attack mode,” Dallas said. “Now my Sacred Phoenixes, arise,” Dallas commanded placing the cards from his graveyard back on the duel disk. The blue and golden flames appear again and Once again manifest into Dallas’s Scared Phoenix monsters.
“Next I summon Manju of Ten Thousand Hands and when summoned I get to add a ritual spell or monster card from my deck to my hand, but it won’t be there for long for I destroy the card in my hand to revive the Devotee of Nephthys that I destroyed earlier in this duel,” Dallas explained. The Manikin starts to back up slowly.
“You can’t escape now, Manju, attack Fortune Lady Water,” Dallas declared, and his monster starts to punch Fortune Lady Water with all ten thousand of his hands. “Now Devotee take a chunk out of that fakes life points,” He declared, and his Devotee attacks the manikin with a sacrificial blade. “And for the final attack, Cerulean Sacred Phoenix and Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys attack directly with your combined might and end this duel,” Dallas demanded with force as his phoenixes charge up their strength and blast the manikin with all their might, destroying it in the blast. Dallas walks over to the remains of the ashes left behind, he grabs the deck from the duel disk and takes out Earthbound Immortal Aslla Piscu and puts it in his deck box. He turns around and sees his friends, safe and thankful that his friends were not absorbed by the Earthbound Immortal when it was summoned. He signals them to come back and then looks at Jack and Carly as his friend approach. He hands the deck back to Carly with the Earthbound Immortal removed from it. His friends arrive and go behind Dallas as they all stare at Jack and Carly.
“Well, where are we going Jack,” Dallas asked.
“Somewhere safe, follow me you will get your answers when we get there,” Jack answered. The four of them began to follow Jack and Carly. After dueling that manikin, Dallas begins wondering what his opposition is and what it might entail for the rest of the journey mainly looking at Jalun and Duran seeing how they are the least experienced out of the group. But he can’t let that happen he will train them if need be and when the time comes, no matter their opponent, they will come out on top and get back home.

Chapter 5
The Problem is Heard


Dallas and his friends have been following Jack and Carly for a few blocks already and Justin is still shocked about everything that has transpired so far. He looks down at his duel disk that Dallas gave him with the deck inside and he thinks about what might happen if he is to get into a duel with the enemy.
“What if I’m next to duel and I lose, what’s going to happen to me, I can’t even comprehend what will happen, I need to get out of this place,” Justin thought to himself. He looks up at Dallas, then to Michael, and finally to Jalun.
“Hey guys, can we stop,” Justin asked them. Jack looks back confused.
“What for, we are almost to our destination, we can rest there,” Jack replied.
“I know, but I was just wondering if there was any way back to our world, I don’t think I’ll be able to stand up to these adversaries,” Justin answers back.
“Look kid, it doesn’t matter whether you were supposed to be here or not, you’re here now and we need everyone’s help,” Jack told him.
“I understand that, I really do, but these guys are way above my skill level that I don’t think I’ll be able to help much at all,” Justin said putting his head down. Dallas turns around and walks up to him. He takes Justin’s deck out of his duel disk and shows it to me.
“You don’t think I put that into consideration, I had this deck made specifically for you so that you can face these guys and have a chance against them,” Dallas told him. He puts the deck back and walks to the front of the pack right behind Jack and Carly.
“Let’s keep moving if we don’t hurry, we are going to get caught up in another duel,” Dallas told everyone. They continue down the street, Michael looks at Dallas and thinks to himself, “He is so worried about the others who don’t have that much experience, but what about me, I haven’t played in forever and he hasn’t challenged me to a duel in so long.” Dallas looks back and sees Michael almost puzzled at something.
“Hey Mike, you alright,” Dallas asked him.
“Yah man, I’m good I’m just thinking about something,” Michael replied.
“About what,” Dallas asked.
“Just aren’t you at least a little bit concerned about me, I haven’t played in so long and you and I don’t really talk anymore,” Mike answered.
“I have been busy with my family and work it’s hard to make time to talk to you,” Dallas replied to him.
“You never answered my question though,” Mike countered.
“I’m not concerned, once you have dueled once you can remember in a heartbeat and your deck is a strong deck and it’s hard to beat,” Dallas replied.
“That may be true about you, it’s not for me,” Michael yelled. “Just because I still have my deck that doesn’t mean I still remember my combos and stuff with this deck,” Michael continued. Dallas stops the group and walks in front of Mike.
“At the very beginning, when strange things started to happen, I asked both you and Jalun if you had my back through and through and you said yes,” Dallas answered Mike. “if you want the back out of this go ahead, get swallowed by the enemy, but guess who is going to bail you out just cause you are worried about your skills as a duelist, oh that’s right me and do you know why that is,” Dallas asked him.
“Why is that oh fearless leader,” Mike sarcastically said.
“Because friends don’t turn their back on friends,” Dallas answered him.
“You’ve already turned your back on me,” Michael yelled back, “Ever since you got with your girl, you’ve been ghosting me and your family,” he said with rage. He takes his deck out of his duel disk,” As far as I’m concerned, you can keep this,” Michael said throwing his deck at Dallas. The cards bounce off his chest and scatter everywhere. Dallas, Jalun, and Justin scramble to pick up his deck. While they were grabbing his cards, Michael runs off and as Dallas looks up to find him, Michael has gone out of sight.
“Mike,” Dallas said to himself as he grabs the rest of his cards. Jack looks around and he sees the entrance of the hiding place.
“Let’s go, we’re here,” Jack called out.
“Dallas, let’s go,” Justin told him. He nods and stands up and walks over with Justin and Jalun right behind him.
“Hey Yusei, Yugi I found them,” Jack called out. The others look over at the other room and out from the shadows came two individuals, one dressed in an all blue, biker like gear with black spiked hair and a yellow mark on his face, this was Yusei Fudo. The other was shorter than Yusei, same kind of spikey hair, however gold and dressed in a school like uniform with a gold upside down pyramid around his neck, this is Yugi Moto.
“Thanks Jack, I’m glad you and Carly are back in one piece,” Yusei told him.
“Thanks Yusei,” Jack replied. Yugi walks over to Dallas and his friends.
“Are you three alright,” Yugi asked them.
“Yeah we’re fine,” Dallas answered. Justin looks at everyone who is in the room,” Would anyone mind telling me how you’re real and where are we,” Justin asked.
“You’re in a Distorted Domino City,” a third voice called out and reveling himself from the shadows as a tall male in a white and black trench coat with a locket in the shape of a card around his neck.
“Seto Kaiba,” Dallas answered.
“Let’s go, we have a lot to discuss,” Seto said.
“I can’t not without Mike,” Dallas said looking at Michael’s deck. “I need to find him,” Dallas said running out the hideout. Yusei quickly got on his duel runner and started to ride after him. Once he caught up to him, he reached out his hand,” Hop on,” Yusei called out,” We’ll find him together.
Somewhere far away, Mike was being watched from a distance. “Is he our next target Master Triad,” a woman in a black hood said.
“Yes it is, after his fight with his friend he is weakened mentally and he won’t be able to think straight,” Traid said.
“How can he be a service without his deck though,” the hooded woman said.
“He will make a new one here,” Traid answered. “Now, Black Rose, bring us our new servant,” Traid demanded as he laughs evilly. She lets down her hood and you see a woman with long rose colored hair and shadow consumed eyes as she answers,” Yes, Master Traid.”

Chapter 6
The Ultimate Betrayal

Michael is running through the streets of the darken Domino City, trying to get as far away as possible from Dallas.
“Who needs him, he’s been a real jerk anyway,” Michael said to himself. He goes from a full on sprint to a brisk walk and walks by a fountain with a clock in the center. To the left was an abandoned diner with tables placed outside. He goes to the tables and sits at one, thinking about his friendship with Dallas before he left.
“Michael,” a woman’s voice called out to him. He begins to look around to see where it’s coming from.
“Michael,” the voice called out again.
“Who’s there,” Michael demanded to the voice as he continues to look around.
“Follow my voice and I will answer all your questions,” the voice said to him. Michael began to follow her voice, thinking, what’s the worst that could happen to him after getting into a fight with Dallas.
“You feel like that you have been betrayed, don’t you Michael,” the voice said to him.
“Yah I do, but I would also like to know who you are and how do you know how I’m feeling,” he said to the voice.
The voice chuckled,” Keep following Michael,” as her voice starts to get louder. Michael continues, running through the streets of Domino City. He hears a faint female voice singing coming from the ally way and he knows it’s the same voice as the one he has been following. Michael enters the ally with extreme caution, checking his surrounding in case of an ambush from the enemy. Michael hears the woman’s voice get louder and louder,” Where is this girl at,” Michael says aloud.
“I’m over here Michael,” the woman called to him. Michael sees a warehouse, shrouded in dark energy with a woman covered by a cloak and hood. He walks over to her, cautiously and begins to make out who the woman in the cloak is as he gets closer to her. He sees rose color hair come out of the hood, a dragon’s foot on her left arm, and a red duel disk.
“Akiza, the black rose, how are you here and why are you calling out to me,” Michael asked as he is in shock to see her clear as day in front of him.
“I want to help you Michael,” she told him,” I want to help you get back at your former friend,” she continued.
“How do you know about that, Akiza,” he questioned.
“I saw it, all the points you told him and all the facts about your ability being weakened over the years, but all he was stuck on was the past,” she said to him,” Even when he was with his girl and you wanted to talk to him he blew you off and he couldn’t give you and answer why he did it, but if you come with me, together we can make sure he understands how much he hurt you,” she continued. She extends her hand to him and smiles, Michael looks down at her hand and contemplates it in his mind.
“Dallas has been there through all my ups and downs in my life and has never really betrayed me,” Michael said to himself,” But still there is no excuse for his actions of today and he should pay,” he continued. He looks back at Akiza’s face and begins to walk towards her with a clear answer on his face. As he walks towards her, the dark energy begins to flow to her hand. Michael extends his hand and grabs Akiza’s. When he does, the dark energy from her hand begins to engulf Michael’s, but by the time he noticed, it was too late, the darkness had already bound his hand to hers. The energy continues to cover his body as he begins to panic in fear, trying everything in his power to escape her grasp to no avail.
“Welcome to our family of darkness, Michael,” Akiza said, sadistically.
“No, Dallas, help me,” he yelled at the top of his lungs.
“There’s no use screaming, no one will hear you,” Akiza told him laughing manically. The shadows continue to consume his body, changing his very soul from light to pure darkness.
Out in the streets, Yusei and Dallas are speeding down every street looking for Michael. As it looks hopeless and they were about to go back to the hideout, Dallas hears a faint voice in the distance.
“Dallas, help me,” Dallas heard and immediately knew who it was and he taps on Yusei shoulder.
“Yusei, can you maneuver through these alleys with your runner, I think I know where he is,” Dallas asked.
“Yah, I can, just tell me which one to go through,” Yusei answered.
“Okay, go through this one,” Dallas demanded pointing at the alley. Yuesi nods and sharply turns his runner into the alleyway. He weaves through the hidden path until they come to the shadow covered warehouse. Yusei hits the breaks on the runner and looks ahead.
“Dallas, look,” Yusei said pointing to two hooded figures. Of the figures steps forward and takes off their hood. Both Dallas and Yusei are shocked to see Akiza standing across from them.
“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Dallas and Yusei, so nice of you to drop by,” she said with a wicked grin.
“Where’s Michael Akiza, I know you have him here and we’re here to take him back,” Dallas announced.
“Really, you’re here to take me back,” the other hooded figure spoke. He takes off his hood and reveals Michael with his eyes shut.
“Michael, is that you,” Dallas asked. Michael looks up and opens his eyes, Dallas is in awe and backs up slightly. Michael’s eyes are no longer white, but jet black with only the iris color showing. He smiles evilly,” Yes old friend, it’s me, but you won’t be taking me anywhere,” he told Dallas.
“Why Michael,” Dallas asked him.
“You still don’t get it huh, you’ll know when we duel and when I beat you,” Michael told Dallas.
“Michael, wait,” Dallas said running to stop him, but it was too late. Akiza and Michael had vanished in a blink of an eye and the shadows of the warehouse seem to vanish.
“Mike, no,” Dallas said dropping to his knees and tears rolling down his face. Yusei walks over to him and puts a hand on his shoulder.
“Dallas, don’t worry, we’ll get them back,” Yusei said reassuring him. Dallas looks up at Yusei and then stands up. He looks at the warehouse and wonders why it was covered in shadows, to keep others away, to conceal itself, or perhaps to reveal what it really is. Whatever the reason, Dallas has added a new objective to his list of things to do. Dallas gets back on Yuesi’s runner and they speed away back to the hideout.

Chapter 7
The Plan

Yusei and Dallas arrive back at the hideout, Dallas still shook about seeing his best friend turn his back on him. He looks and sees a duel going between Justin and Jalun going against Kaiba and Yugi.
“It’s my move,” Yugi said,” It’s time to finish this because from my hand I activate the special ability of my Palladium Oracle Mahad which since I drew him during my draw phase, I can special summon him,” Yugi explained placing the card on his duel disk and a bright flash, blinds Justin and Jalun. As the flash diminishes, Mahad Stands before them.
“Now I activate the magic card Megamorph which doubles my monsters attack points since our life points are lower than yours,” Yugi announced sliding the card into the spell slot right behind Mahad on the Duel disk.
“We will still have life points left even if you attack Cosmo Brain with Mahad,” Justin added. Yugi smiles at him “I beg to differ,” Yugi answered him as Justin’s eyes widen.
“When Mahad attacks a Dark attribute monster, his attack points double bringing Mahad attack points to a total of 10,000,” Yugi explained.
“Oh man, not good,” Jalun said, “We have nothing to defend ourselves from his attack,” He added.
“Palledeum Oracle Mahad, attack their Cosmo Brain with all your might and end this duel,” Yugi commanded and his monster jumps in the air and blast Justin’s Cosmo Brain with a beam of light. Yugi’s monster hologram disappears, bringing about the end of the duel.
“Impressive, we haven’t had a challenge like that since Dartz,” Kaiba said.
“Yes, very skillful teamwork, with both your decks revolving around the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, you two were very difficult to defeat,” Yugi added.
“They got their skills from me,” Dallas said softly. Everyone looks at him as tears roll down his face again.
“Dallas, what happened,” Jalun asked him.
“It’s Michael, he’s now with Triad and it’s all my fault,” Dallas said sobbing, “Now he wants to duel me so I can answer for everything I have done to him,” he continued. Jack walks over to him,” Look kid, we all have been to that dark place, Carly pulled me out of my dark place in my heart and I pulled her out of the dark place in her heart,” Jack told him,” There is no doubt in my mind you can save him from the dark place that clouds his judgement,” Jack continued.
“But can I really duel my best friend,” Dallas asked.
“That is never an easy thing to do, I didn’t want to duel Joey when Marik was controlling his mind but I was able to break his control of him,” Yugi said,” But we all have to make the tough choice of dueling our best friends now it’s your turn to do the same but if you don’t all is lost in your world and ours,” Yugi continued. Dallas looks around at everyone and down at Michael’s Psychic Deck.
“Well, what’s the plan, does anybody even know where Triad might be to even try this near impossible task,” Dallas asked.
“I might know, those duel disk you guys have, are they still from my company,” Kaiba asked.
“Yes they are why,” Dallas answered.
“Since it’s my duel disk I can track it using my satellite system which then will track Michael’s whereabouts and it wouldn’t matter if he was dueling or not,” Kaiba explained.
“Okay we basically have located Michael using that, but getting to him and trying to save him will be no easy feat, we still have to get through all the manikins that will be placed in our path,” Dallas added.
“We will take care of the Manikins, your three main goal is to get to the throne room,” Yugi said.
“Yah and save the three slaves that Traid has,” Yusei said.
“Wait three, I know about Akiza and Michael, who is the third,” Dallas asked. As Dallas asked the question, Yugi looks away while he grits his teeth, ashamed by who he is about to say.
“It’s Joey, Joey is the third slave of Triad, he thought he could stop him so that I wouldn’t have too,” Yugi said.
“I’m sorry Yugi but do you know what kind of deck he runs and Yusei, what kind of deck does Akiza run,” Dallas asked them.
“Since Akiza’s nickname when she duels is the Black Rose I would assume she still runs her plants,” Yusei said.
“Joey has always liked using his Warriors in combination with his Red-Eyes Black Dragon so that would be my guess,” Yugi answered as well.
“What deck does Michael usually play Dallas,” Duran asked him.
“Well normally it’s his Psychics, but since his deck is with me, it could be anything at this point,” Dallas replied back. Jalun walks over to Dallas and sits next to him with his deck in his hand.
“Dallas, it doesn’t matter who he is to you, our job right now is to save him and if saving him involves us beating him in a duel, so be it I will stand by you all the way,” Jalun told him. Dallas looks up at Jalun and then to everyone else,” Thank you Jalun, for your kind words and being there for me,” Dallas told him. Jalun nodded to him and Duran smiles,” So Ski, what’s the plan,” Duran asked.
“Using Kaiba’s satellite system, we will get a lock on Michael’s Duel Disk which will in turn lead us to the fortress,” Dallas began,” From there we will split into teams of two and enter into the fortress from different positions,” he continued.
“Who are the teams,” Yugi asked.
“Since Jack and Yusei have the Duel Runners, they’ll be team one, team two will be Jalun and Seto, team three will be Justin and Yugi, and finally team four will be Carly and myself,” Dallas said. Everyone nods in agreeance and gets there respected decks ready as well as getting with their partner.
“One thing though,” Dallas said, interrupting everyone’s prep time,” Once inside, our main objective is for me Jalun, Justin, and myself to make it to the throne room,” Dallas continued,” Michael will most likely be waiting for us with Akiza and Joey,” Dallas finished. Everyone nods again and Dallas nods back.
“Okay, time to go save the world,” Dallas said.
“We might as well get there in style,” Jack said,” Follow me out back,” He said as he begins walking towards the back door. Everyone grabs their decks in their duel disks and begins following Jack as he opens the back door. He flips a switch which turns on the lights and as they come on, Dallas and the others are in shock to see not only Jack and Yusei’s duel runner, but three more duel runners detailed to their respected decks.
“We had these ready, just in case,” Jack said entering the room. Dallas smiles as he looks at the Phoenix inspired design of his runner with the cerulean blue paint scheme with a gold pin striping job. On top of the area where the duel disk sits was the Egyptian Eye of Horus to represent Dallas’ love of Egypt. Dallas gets on and places the duel disk into the holder which starts up the runners electronic systems. Carly goes next to the runner and gets on comfortably behind Dallas. Jalun and Seto Kaiba go to the Blue-Eyes themed runner which has the Blue-Eyes head has a fender for the front wheel, the wings as exhaust for the boosters and a Sky blue color pallet for the paint. Seto is impressed by the look as Jalun just looks star struck by the incredible machine that sits before him. Justin and Yugi walk over to the Runner made for Michael, the Psychic themed runner, a light green paint scheme with a gold lighting pin striping with a very slick look of the Thought Ruler Archfiend.
“How did you know what we liked,” Dallas asked Jack.
“Before all this chaos started we did get invited to this Tournament by Kaiba but only as guess not as participants,” Jack started.
“But come to find out it was all just the plot of Triad so when he took Akiza and Joey from us, He told us about you three, we didn’t know what to do until your names started popping up into our systems so we studied your decks and made runners for this occasion so we can take Traid down,” Yusei finished.
“I see well let’s get going, remember everyone, our main goal is that Justin, Jalun and myself make it to the throne room,” Dallas told everyone. They all nod and everyone begins to start up the engines on their respected duel runners. Jack pushes a button on his runner which opens up the garage door.
“Time to rev it up guys,” Yusei calls out as he speeds off. Jack smiles and takes off to follow Yusei at the same speed. Dallas looks at his companions and then at Carly,” Hold on Carly, here we go,” Dallas told her as he pulls the throttle and accelerates out of the garage towards Yusei and Jack. Justin and Jalun look at each other and smile as they do the same to catch up to the others.
“Hang on Michael, I’m coming to save you,” Dallas said in his head.
At Traid’s Fortress, Michael and Akiza arrive back to the throne room and they bow to a tall figure wearing a horned crown, a jet black cape, and shadow energy engulfing his entire body.
“Master Triad, I have returned with Michael, he is now one of us,” Akiza said. Traid turns to look at Akiza with his evil red eyes and straight face.
“Were you followed, Akiza,” Traid asked her.
“No, my lord, I used the illusion of the fortress as you said they do not know where we are,” Akiza answered.
“I beg to differ Akiza, looks like Michael’s duel disk has a tracker on it,” Traid said. Akiza looks at Michael’s arm and sees that the duel disk has a blinking light on the life point meter, releasing a signal into the air. She looks back at Traid in disgust, failing to see that before,” My apologies my lord,” she said.
“Let them come my lord, so I can prove my loyalty to you by destroying Dallas and his friends,” Michael said. Triad looks at Michael and smiles,” Very well Michael, you will need a deck though,” Triad said.
“I saw some Cards on the way to the throne room, am I allowed access to those,” Michael asked.
“Yes, you are,” Triad answered him.
“Dallas, you have betrayed me for the last time,” Michael said in his head. He bows to Triad and walks out of the throne to go to the deck building room of the fortress.
“Time to build my ultimate deck and send Dallas straight into an abyss, a Storming Abyss,” Michael said aloud as he picks up a card. He begins to laugh evilly as he holds his new ace monster, Archfiend Emperor, The First Lord of Horror.

Chapter 8
Fortress Assault

Dallas and his companions have arrived at Triad fortress. As Dallas looks at the evil structure, he notices a faint KC on the front of the building. Kaiba grunts at the sight of the building,” This building used to be one of my step father’s weapons making facilities before I shut it down,” Kaiba said.
“Okay guys, I’m assuming they will try to ambush us upon entry, so stay alert,” Dallas said.
“Right,” everyone replied. Jack and Yusei look at one another, then to the gate, they rev up their runners and speed towards the gate at high speed, knocking it over. Dallas and the others take off as well, following Jack and Yusei. Yusei notices other duel runners up ahead,” Looks like Triad has been busy,” Yusei said.
“No kidding, that’s Grieger and Kalin’s Duel runners,” Jack added.
“I’ll get their attention you warn the others,” Yusei said.
“Right,” Jack said as he pulls back and Yusei speeds ahead, “You guys go on ahead, we will take care of these manikins,” Jack told Dallas. He nods and signal the others to follow him as Jack speeds off to go help Yusei. As the team continues their ride towards the fortress, they get to the entrance which has three doors. Dallas first looks at his friends then at the three doors.
“One for each of us,” Justin said.
“Looks that way,” Dallas said,” everyone be on your toes, there’s no telling what lies beyond these doors,” Dallas Continued.
“Whatever it may be, we can defeat it,” Jalun said. Dallas nodded and speeds through the door directly in front of him as it opens. Jalun and Justin do the same thing as their doors open.
Michael is going through cards, working on his deck when a hooded figure walks into the room, disturbing his concentration.
“Hey, you done yet we just had a breach from the enemy,” the figure spoke.
“Deck building takes time and patience my friend,” Michael replied,” I would like to know who I am talking to so I know who would disturb my concentration,” He continued. The figure takes off his hood to reveal a face Michael knows all too well.
“Joey Wheeler, a pleasure and honor it is to meet the luckiest duelist of all time,” Michael stated. Joey smiles,” What you building there,” Joey asked.
“A special surprise for the enemy, Dallas and the two rookies,” Michael answered.
“I see, I made my changes earlier, instead of my usual warriors, it now supports my main monster,” Joey stated.
“Dallas built a deck very similar to that before,” Michael said. He looks down at the deck he is building and begins to laugh evilly.
“I destroyed that deck just like how we will destroy those wannabe heroes, Tell Akiza to meet us in the throne room,” Michael commanded. Joey smiles and walks back out of the room to go find Akiza. Michael finishes the final touches of his deck and inserts it into his duel disk. He grabs his cloak, puts it on and begins to head towards the throne room.
“Dallas, get ready for the duel of your life,” Michael said as he starts to laugh softly which builds into a sadistic, maniacal laugh.
Meanwhile, Dallas and company are riding in the fortress passages, navigating their way to the throne room. Dallas notices a video chat icon flashing on the screen of his runner and pushes it. The videos of all the riders appears on his screen in perfectly proportioned boxes.
“This way, we can stay in touch while we are on our separate tasks,” Jack said.
“Sounds good, what is the status of your duel with the Grieger and Kalin manikins,” Jalun asked.
“The duel is almost over just stay focus right now we will handle this,” Yusei said.
“Right, and after we are finished we will follow you to the throne room and help take care of Triad to free our world,” Jack added.
“No,” Dallas said quietly. Everyone looks at Dallas through their screens, shocked by his answer.
“This fight is Jalun, Michael, and mines alone, Michael may be an enemy now but I will break through to him, it’s my fault he ran off and I’m going to save him,” Dallas said.
“But, Michael has been corrupted by the shadow magic of Triad, are you certain you can get through to him,” Carly asked him.
“The friend I know is still in there, no one can truly eliminate anyone’s light, it’s impossible, so I know for a fact he is still in there,” Dallas told her. Carly, shocked by his words, stays silent but is inspired by his words. As Jalun is riding, he sees a large room with a manikin out in the distance, wearing a black coat and a green duel disk on his arm.
“I’m coming up on a room with someone inside of it,” Jalun said to the group.
“Can either of you make out who is in the room,” Dallas asked. Kaiba looks very hard at the figures and sees the red hair and skinner figure of an old enemy.
“I can, it’s Alister,” Kaiba said.
“Do you want me to stop when we get there,” Jalun asked.
“No just keep riding, I’ll handle him,” Kaiba said. The manikin smiles as it activates the duel disk on his arm grabbing a card from the top of his deck and playing it in the field zone slot of his duel disk. When it registers, a six pointed star appears on his head and Kaiba begins to have flashback of this dark and evil card.
“Yugi, they have the Seal of Oricalcos,” Kaiba told him. Yugi looks down at the screen and sees the seal start to come down from the ceiling.
“Jalun you have to get to the other side of the room before the seal comes down otherwise you’ll be trapped inside of it so punch it, now,” Dallas yelled to him.
“Can do, hang on,” Jalin said as he pulls back on the throttle and his runner begins to move at greater speed than before. Kaiba starts to position himself to jump off the runner as he activates his duel disk. As Jalun enters the room, Kaiba leaps of the runner and lands inside the perimeter of the seal just as Jalun speeds past the perimeter just as it touches the ground.
“Dallas, Kaiba is dueling that manikin now, I’ll see you in the throne room,” Jalun said.
“Roger that Jalun, be careful,” Dallas replied. Duran and Yugi continue maneuvering through the fortress, when out of a secret passage a motorcycle comes out from behind them and tailing them at their speed. Yugi looks back and see the muscular structure and the blonde hair of the individual.
“There is only one duelist that rides that kind of bike, Duran stop the runner,” Yugi told him. Duran comes to a stop and lets Yugi off the runner. The rider of the motorcycle stops and gets off and activates his duel disk. As soon as he takes off his helmet, Yugi sees his opponent’s manikin face.
“Rafael, Justin, go now save your friends,” Yugi told him as he activates his duel disk. Justin nods to him and speeds away. As he looks in the mirror he sees the seal begin to descend down from the ceiling as the two duelist leave his view.
“Yugi is dueling now too, see you two there,” Justin said. Dallas looks at Carly for the same thing might happen to her as they continue to ride. She looks at him and just smiles with confidence.
“Don’t worry about me, I can handle myself,” she told him. All he does is smiles and speeds up the runner on the straightaway towards the throne room. A manikins begins to manifest in front of them some distance away. As it continues to form its shape, Carly knows exactly who it is, Leader of the Arcadia Movement, Sayer. Dallas stops and assist Carly off the runner.
“Here,” Dallas said as he hands her a duel disk from his bag, “You might need this,” he continued. Carly takes the duel disk from Dallas and puts it on her arm. As she is about to insert her deck, Dallas stops her.
“I have something else for you,” He said as he pulls out the Earthbound Immortal card.
“I don’t want that,” Carly said to him with a worried look.
“Just be patient,” He said has he covers the card with his other hand. A white glow peaks through the cracks of his hand and as it dims, he uncovers the card to Carly’s surprise that it is no longer the Earthbound Immortal but three new Fortune Lady Cards to help her deck. She smiles and grabs the card shuffles her deck and faces the manikin. Dallas accelerates past the manikin and head towards the throne room.
“Alright guys, it’s just us three, throne room here we come,” Dallas said to Jalun and Justin. They all arrive roughly the same time. Turning off their runners and dismounting them, the three duelist begin walking towards the throne to confront Triad. Suddenly, three hooded figures land directly in their path to the throne. The figure in the middle stands and lets down their hood, revealing Michael’s face.
“Well, well, well, you actual came here, are you ready for our duel you backstabbing traitor,” Michael said.
“Traid has corrupted your mind Mike, and if saving you means I have to beat you in a duel then that’s what I’ll do,” Dallas replied.
“If Master Triad wants you three gone then that is what we will do,” Michael said.
“Fine then, three versus three it is, let’s duel,” Dallas said activating his duel disk. Jalun and Justin activate their duel disk as well as all three of them insert their decks into the deck slot. Michael smiles wickedly and activates his duel disk as well. The other figures stand, drop their hoods, revealing Joey and Akiza by Michael side as they activate their duel disk as well. Dallas closes his eyes, sensing the strength of the opposition they face. He turns his focus to Akiza first, feeling her Psychic powers interfering with his focus. Next, he turns his attention to Joey, Traid’s magic is strong to mask the power he possess that all Dallas could see was two glowing red eyes stare back at him. Finally turning his focus to his friend, Michael, all he felt was emptiness as he feels a tingly sensation in his hands but yet again not a clear picture of what he would be using.
“Time to see if you three will even make it to the next turn,” Akiza said.
“We can go the distance Akiza,” Jalun replied.
“You don’t stand a chance against us,” Joey said.
“You have no idea how wrong you are, Joey,” Justin said.
“If you couldn’t save me, what makes you think you save this world,” Michael said.
“The time for talk is over,” Dallas said.
“LET’S DUEL,” said everyone.

Chapter 9
Six Man Demolition

Each Duelist draws five cards from their respective decks as Dallas and Michael step forward for their teams.
“Rules are simple, shared field, share life points,” Dallas said.
“We already know, get on with it already,” Michael said already annoyed with Dallas.
“Fine then, I’ll start this duel off with this, Manju of Ten Thousand Hands and when he is summoned, I get to add a ritual spell or monster from my deck to my hand and I choose to add the ritual monster Cerulean Sacred Phoenix,” Dallas explained as a monster with skin like clay comes forth with multiple hands forming and moving as it stands idle on the field. As his monster came forth onto the field, a card was pushed out from his deck for him to grab. He grabs it, shows the card he announced to his opponents, and places it in his hand next to the ritual card he already has in his hand.
“Wow such a predictable move coming from you,” Michael said.
“You should know that Mike, you were the one to help me test this deck over the phone for crying out loud,” Dallas said sympathically.
“Like I care if I helped, that deck and you will lose here and now,” Michael replied. All Dallas could do is sigh and grab one more card from his hand and place it in the spell and trap slot in the back of his duel disk.
“I’ll end my turn with one face down,” Dallas said.
“Finally, it’s my turn, Draw and I start this turn off with a very powerful monster, my new ace monster, I summon Archfiend Emperor, The First Lord of Horror,” Michael started as he plays the monster on his duel disk. A thick purple fog appears as the card is registered and a large, skeleton bone throne appears behind Michael and his team with a large figure sitting upon it. The figure grabs its sword and slashes the area, making the fog disperse and revealing the purple demon with a black cape and a large blood red sword.
“When this monster is normal summoned without using tributes, its attack points drop to 1900 but it’s worth it to attack your Manju,” Michael explained. Michael’s monster readies it’s blade for a giant downward slash, but as it does that, Dallas clicks a button on his duel disk.
“Activate continuous trap, Awakening of Nephthys, now as long as this card remains face up, all my Nephthys monsters gain 300 attack points,” Dallas said.
“Perfect I can get rid of one of your favorite cards now then, I activate Mystical Space Typhoon on your trap card,” Michael replied with a sick smile across his face. A wind storm starts inside the building and it picks up Dallas’s card and shatters it like a glass window.
“Traid’s evil has clouded your judgement, you should know that when awakening is destroyed while face up, I can summon a Nephthys monster from my deck straight to the field and I choose the mighty Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys,” Dallas explained as he takes the card from his deck and places it on his duel disk. When he does, a big golden light appears above Dallas and his team. As it slowly descends, the light begins to change its shape, first the wings, then the legs, and finally its head revealing the Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys.
“You know the destruction I can cause with this mighty creature, so why give me an advantage like that,” Dallas asked him.
“You’ll soon see, continue your attack my mighty Archfiend Emperor on Manju,” Michael commanded. His monster winds up it blade and slashes Dallas’s monster with one horizontal slash, splitting the monster in half as it disappears in front of his eyes and 500 life points are deducted from there score.
“Now for the bird, main phase two, I activate my Archfiend other ability,” Michael began.
“No not this,” Dallas said.
“I banish an ‘Archfiend’ Monster from my hand and destroy one of your monster, since you only have your Sacred Phoenix i select it,” Michael explained. Michael’s monster extends it arm and opens its hand to emit a force which knocks Dallas’s Phoenix back against the wall. On contact, the might phoenix shatters like a glass window.
Why would he do that though he should know of it special ability for when it’s destroyed by card effect,” Dallas begins to ponder in his mind.
“Face it Dallas this duel is basically three versus one,” Michael shouted.
“Michael, my monsters may be gone but this duel is three versus three and soon we will save you and this world from the grip of Triad,” Dallas replied.
“Oh please, you already know what happens if you lose in this duel against us with our master’s power coursing through our veins, those two have no idea the magnitude of this situation,” Michael explained.
“Just finish your turn Michael so we can move on with this,” Dallas replied. Michael smiles, looks down at his hand to grab two cards from it and places them in the slots behind his duel disk, “I set two cards face down and as you already know, my monster is destroyed since I used its effect to summon it,” Michael explained, placing the card in the graveyard slot. Jalun steps up behind Dallas and taps him on the shoulder, “I’ll take over brother,” he said. Dallas nods and walks back next to Justin, he turns and looks back at Jalun.
“You got this Jalun, this is what we have been training for,” Dallas said to himself. Jalun smiles and looks at his deck, “Time to make Dallas proud,” he said to himself. He looks up at the opposing team while he keeps his smile as his expression, Michael is confused by his smile.
“What’s the matter, scared that I’m smiling in the face of pure darkness,” Jalun said.
“HA, more like your smiles because you know it’s your last ever duel,” Joey called out.
“We’ll see, it’s my turn, I draw,” Jalun said drawing a card from his deck. As soon as Jalun draw is conducted, Dallas’s graveyard begins to glow.
“What’s that,” Akiza called out demanding an answer.
“Like I said, Traid’s magic has clouded Michael’s judgement cause when my Sacred Phoenix is destroyed by card effect, it’s special ability is activated allowing us to summon my mighty bird back from the graveyard and when it happens, all spell and trap cards on the field will be destroyed,” Dallas explained taking the card out of the graveyard and placing it back on his duel disk. When the card is registered, a giant ball of fire appears in front of them and soon becomes the Scared Phoenix of Nephthys once again.
“Big Mistake because now I can activate one of my face downs called Bottomless Trap Hole,” Michael replied.
“No, that means my Phoenix will be banished,” Dallas said.
“That’s right, any monster with 1500 attack points or more that is summoned to the field is destroyed and removed from the game,” Michael explained. Jalun looks back at Dallas and gives him a thumbs up.
“Well my Phoenix was still summoned to the field meaning your other card is still destroyed,” Dallas told him.
“Meaning that it’s back to square one,” Jalun continued. Michael gives an upset look and puts his other card into the graveyard.
“Time to officially begin my turn, I summon my Maiden with eyes of blue,” Jalun said placing the card on the duel disk and a woman with a shiny robe, long silver hair, and a sapphire colored eyes appears in front of them.
“I’ll end my turn with two face down cards,” Jalun said as he slides two cards into the slots in the back of his duel disk.
“Instead of trying to take advantage of our empty field, you play a monster with zero attack, what’s wrong with you,” Joey asked.
“I already have my field set up to take advantage Joey, so make your move,” Jalun said.
“Underdog versus underdog, I love it, alright then Michael back up,” Joey said confidently. Michael smiles and backs up as joey steps forward.
“Let’s get this started, I draw,” Joey said drawing a card from his deck. Jalun readies himself for Joey’s turn and smiles for the thrill of battle.
“I’ll start with a monster known as The Black Stone of Legend,” Joey said playing the card on his duel disk. When he does a black stone with cracks of red shining through it. Dallas is shocked to not only hear the monster name come out of Joey’s mouth, but to also see the hologram of the monster right in front of his face.
“Now I’ll activate its special ability, by sacrificing my monster I can summon a new monster from my deck,” Joey explained.
“Jalun be careful, you’ve seen this strategy before,” Dallas said to him. All Jalun does is look back at him, smile, and give him a thumbs up.
“Don’t worry I got this,” Jalun said.
“We’ll see because I summon my friend, Red-Eyes Black Dragon,” Joey said playing his favorite monster on his duel disk. When the card is registered, a fireball erupts behind Joey and as the fire rages, a dark shadow begins to manifest within the fireball. The eyes open with a bright red glow, the wings open with such force to blow away the inferno to reveal the Red-Eyes Black Dragon.
“Ah yah it’s go time now, Red-Eyes attack that monster with Inferno Fire Blast,” Joey commanded. As Joey’s dragon is charging its attack, Jalun looks at Joey with a slight grin on his face.
“What’s that for,” Joey asked.
“You’re an idiot, that’s what it’s for,” Jalun said.
“What are you talking about,” Joey asked.
“Even with Triad in your head, your dueling tactics are still predictable because you just activated my Maiden’s special ability, for when she is targeted for an attack, the attack is negated and she switches to defense mode,” Jalun begins to explain changing the position of the card on his duel disk from vertical to horizontal.
“So you only stopped my dragon, big deal,” Joey said.
“Who said I was finished,” Jalun replied. Joey looks at him with a confused look on his face.
“After Maiden is switched to defense mode, I can summon a Blue-Eyes White Dragon from my hand, deck, or graveyard straight to the field,” Jalun finishes explaining as he shuffles through his deck to grab the card.
“Did you just say Blue-Eyes White Dragon,” Joey asked.
“Yes I did Joey,” Jalun answered as he plays the card he grabbed from his deck. When the card is registered, a bright flash of light appears behind Jalun’s Maiden and the mighty dragon begins to descend into the light. As the light fads and Joey opens his eyes to see the Blue-Eyes White Dragon standing in front of him.
“Well then, last time there was a Blue-Eyes in front of me it was the Battle City Championship,” Joey said.
“Yah and now you see him again,” Jalun said.
“Since you stopped my attack earlier, the only other thing I can do is play one card facedown and end my turn,” Joey said placing a card from his hand the one of the back slots of his duel disk. Jalun begins to step back as Justin steps forward in Jalun’s stead.
“All right we got the advantage,” Justin said.
“Don’t get cocky, remember Akiza is after you and she doesn’t like to mess around with anyone even if you’re a beginner,” Dallas told him.
“Oh right, don’t worry I got this,” Justin said. Akiza begins to smile evilly at the sound of Justin’s cockiness and the dark energy begins to ooze out of her slowly. Justin looks at her and begins to realize this duel is really a matter of life or death for him.
“Okay let’s see what I can do,” Justin said to himself, “I draw,” Justin said aloud drawing a card from his deck.
“My Cosmo Brain, that’s good but I don’t have Blue-Eyes in my hand to make my combo work,” Justin said to himself. He takes a look at his hand and sees his best spell card, Bingo Machine, Go!
“Perfect, we can take a huge advantage with this, He continued. Justin looks at the opposing team with a straight face, trying to hide how nervous and scared he really was on the inside. Akiza begins to chuckle evilly, “Heh, Heh, Heh,”
“Huh, what’s so funny,” Justin asked her.
“The fear is screaming inside you, the pressure of making the right move is clouding your mind, and you’re debating within yourself whether to play a card or not knowing how high the stakes are in this duel,” Akiza said to him. Justin looks down at his cards and his hand begins to shake.
“JUSTIN,” Dallas yells to him. Justin snaps his head back at Dallas.
“Don’t listen to her, this is just like playing duel links against me,” Dallas told him.
“But this is real, Ski,” Justin replied.
“Duel links has the exact same rules as the real thing so treat it like that,” Dallas explained. Justin looks back at his hand and begins to think to himself again.
“Treat it like Duel links huh, okay, what’s the worst that can happen,” He thought. He looks up at Akiza and smiles while grabbing a card from his hand.
“I’ll start my turn off by playing the spell card, Bingo Machine, Go,” Justin said playing the card in the spell zone slot. When the hologram of the card appears, a giant Blue-Eyes themed bingo machine appears in front of them.
“Here’s how it works, I reveal three Blue-Eyes cards from my deck, then you randomly select one of them, the selected card comes to my hand while the others go back into my deck,” Justin explained. Justin’s duel disk pushes out three cards that he requested and the bingo machine spits out three balls for the opposing team to see. All Joey sees on the three balls is the same picture, Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
“Not giving me much of a choice huh,” Joey said. Justin smiles, shakes his head slightly, and grabs a Blue-Eyes card to add to his hand. He put the other cards back into his deck and the duel disk shuffles the deck so he can continue his turn.
“Now I discard that Blue-Eyes I just added to summon Cosmo Brain,” Justin continued playing the card he announced on his duel disk. The hologram of the card appears and a spell caster with a blue cape, a gold trimmed hat, and green clothing emerges from it.
“Well you got rid of your Blue-Eyes to summon that monster who is weaker than my Red-Eyes,” Joey said.
“Your kind of right Joey, But Cosmo Brain gains 200 attack points times the level of the monster I discarded to summon it,” Justin replied.
“Bringing its attack higher than even your Blue-Eyes,” Joey said backing up a bit in fear.
“What’s the matter Joey, you scared, now I activate the second ability of my Cosmo Brain, by sacrificing an effect monster I can summon a non-effect monster from my deck,” Justin explained, “And I choose to target Jalun’s Maiden with Eyes of Blue and since she has been targeted I am able to summon a Blue-Eyes from my graveyard,” Justin continued. He grabs the Blue-Eyes White Dragon he discarded earlier from the graveyard and places it on his duel disk, bringing forth a copy of the other Blue-Eyes to the field in a similar fashion. The duel disk pushes out the card that Justin named to play it on his duel disk and when he does, a third Blue-Eyes White Dragon descends the same as the other two.
“Now that we control the field, Cosmo Brain, attack Red-Eyes Black Dragon,” Justin commanded as his monster spins it’s staff and blast Joey’s dragon with a dark magic blast. Joey’s monster explodes and a shockwave sends Joey back a few feet, making him in line with his teammates.
“Let’s end this, Blue-Eyes White Dragons, Attack with White Lightning,” Justin continued. The dragons open their mouths and begin to charge up their beams of energy. After a few seconds of charge, they project the energy at Joey and his team. Joey smirks as the energy comes towards them, he clicks a button on his duel disk.
“Nice try, activate Scapegoat,” Joey yelled. As the card is revealed, four little, different colored sheep appear in front of Joey and his team.
“No, I had it,” Justin said. Three of the sheep absorb the blast from the three Blue-Eyes.
“That bought us some time, Akiza take over,” Michael said.
“You know our job was only to delay them not to necessarily win,” she said to them silently.
“We know,” they said. Akiza steps forward and as she does, the evil energy begins to surround her.
“I place one card facedown and end my turn,” Justin said placing a card in the spell and trap slot.
“I hope you three are ready because it’s my turn, I draw,” Akiza said drawing a card from her deck.
“Be careful you guys, her dueling is on a whole different level,” Dallas said to them.
“I summon Twilight Rose Knight in attack mode,” Akiza announced placing the card. A small knight in magenta armor appears in front of her.
“Why did she summon that, “Justin asked to himself.
“Now for his special ability, I am able to special summon one plant type monster, level four or below from my hand,” she continued.
“Oh no, everybody get ready when I say,” Dallas told his team. They look at Dallas, not understanding what he means, but nodding anyway. Akiza grabs a card to continue her turn, “I special summon Rose Fairy in defense mode,” Akiza continued as a small woman with wings appears in front of them.
“Why though, two weak monsters,” Jalun thought to himself.
“Now I tune my level three Twilight Rose Knight to my level three Rose Fairy and level one Scapegoat Token,” Akiza said as her mark of the dragon begins to appear on her arm.
Her monsters jump into the air and the knight becomes three green circles to represent its level. Rose Fairy and the token go into the circles and as they do, an outline of their shape with only balls of light remain showing their levels.
“Level three plus level three plus level one makes level seven so I synchro summon Black Rose Dragon,” Akiza announced placing the card on her duel disk.
“Brace yourself, now,” Dallas yelled as the wind begins to form inside the large room, rapidly. Dallas and his friends cover their faces as the wind begins to cut up their arms slightly and exposed portions of their faces. When the wind finally dies down finally dies down and they uncover their faces, Justin and Jalun are shocked to see a Dark red skinned dragon with rose pedal wings and body.
“Now for Black Rose Dragon’s effect, I can banish a plant type monster from my graveyard to make one of your monsters attack points zero,” Akiza said.
“Oh man, not good,” Justin said. Akiza grabs a card from her graveyard and places it in her deck box on her belt. When she does, a shadow of Rose Fairy appears and it gets eaten by Black Rose Dragon.
“I choose your Cosmo Brain,” Akiza Said.
“This isn’t good, my best monster is at zero attack,” Justin said looking at his monster as it’s wrapped up in vines.
“Now I play Thorn of Malice which raises the attack points of my dragon by 600, Now Black Rose Dragon, attack Cosmo Brain,” Akiza commanded as she puts the spell card in the spell slot. Black Rose Dragon sends vines with thorns on them towards Justin’s monster and they crash though it while three more vines slam into Justin, Jalun, and Dallas sending them back five feet into the ground as their life points drop by 3000. Dallas’s team is at 4500 life points while Michael’s is at 7300 life points.
“Before I end my turn, I activate Lightning Vortex, by discarding one card in my hand I can destroy the rest of your monsters,” Akiza said to them discarding one card from her hand. Lightning comes down from above the Blue-eyes and strikes each one. The Dragons cry out in pain and are destroyed in an explosion. Jalun, Justin, and Dallas begin to get up as they look at the opposition in front of them.
“Now I end my turn,” Akiza said.
“Ow, why did that hurt so much, I thought these monsters weren’t real,” Jalun asked.
“Akiza is a psychic duelist so whenever she attacks with a monster, her supernatural abilities make it real,” Dallas explained.
“This duel needs to end then before black rose attacks us again,” Justin said. Dallas stands up and steps forward.
“It will right now, I draw,” Dallas said drawing a card from his deck. He looks at the card and puts on a small smirk.
“I summon Defender of Nephthys in attack mode,” Dallas said placing the card on his duel disk. The swordswoman appears in front of them in a striking position.
“Next, I activated her special ability, by destroying one card in my hand I can special summon a level four or lower ‘Nephthys’ monster from my hand and I choose Disciple of Nephthys in defense mode,” Dallas continued summoning the monster he called.
“What are you planning, you can’t expect to win with those do you,” Akiza said.
“These monsters will help us win this duel because I’m about to do something no one here has seen before, Appear the circuit that will lead us to victory, I send my two ‘Nephthys’ monsters into the link markers, circuit combine, appear Link 2, Nephthys, The Sacred Preserver,” He explained as he grabs a card from his extra deck and a zone slides out from below his duel disk so he can play the card. A white square appears in front of Dallas as his monsters fly into the pre assigned arrow markers that are around the square making them glow. After a few seconds the square flashes with a bright light and disappears leaving a worshiper in white ceremonial clothing at the base of a Sacred Phoenix monument. Akiza looks at the monsters and sees a display of its attack points.
“So you played a new kind of monster, what do you think you can possibly do with such a weak monster,” She asked him.
“Activate its special ability, which allows me to add a level eight Winged-Beast monster from my deck to my hand,” he explained to her as the duel disk pushes out a card he’s thinking and he reveals the Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys.
“Now I activate, Rebirth of Nephthys, allowing me to sacrifice my Sacred Phoenix to summon my Cerulean Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys,” he said. As he places the card in the spell slot, the Alter of Nephthys appears in front of him. When Dallas put the Sacred Phoenix in the graveyard, it appears above the alter. The flame below the phoenix ignites with a bright blue blaze as the Sacred Phoenix beings to change, starting with the feet and it keeps moving up its body until it fully engulfs it in blue flames. After a few seconds it blows away the fire with its wings revealing Dallas’s new monster.
“I activate Cerulean Sacred Phoenix’s effect, destroying the Sacred Preserver to destroy Black Rose Dragon,” Dallas said.
“No, my Black Rose,” she said in distress. Dallas’s monster flaps its wings and sends Akiza’s monster flying backwards, destroying it when the dragon impacts the wall. Jalun and Justin stand up and walk forward.
“Do it guys,” Dallas told them.
“You got it, I activate Call of the Haunted which allows me to revive a monster from my graveyard in attack mode,” Jalun said.
“I chain with Jalun’s Call of the Haunted with my trap card called Birthright, allowing me to summon a normal monster from my graveyard in attack mode,” Justin added.
“We summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon,” they said together. They place their respected dragons on their duel disk and both dragons shoot up from the ground and fly towards the ceiling. As the dragons fly, Dallas’s Phoenix takes flight as well to join the dragons.
“Now, Cerulean Sacred Phoenix, Blue-Eyes White Dragons, attack with Sacred White Lightning,” Dallas commanded. The Blue-Eyes blast the Sacred Phoenix as it absorbs the energy that was projected and releases the energy from its mouth at Michael and his team. An explosion happens as the blast impacts the opposing teams area, sending them flying and crashing into the ground. As the final attack ends and the monster holograms disappear, Yugi, Kaiba and company arrive to the throne room to see Dallas, Jalun, and Justin wounded and panting from their intense battle. Dallas begins to walk over to Michael and his team. As he gets close to them, he gets on his knees and puts his hands together to begin reciting a spell to purge them of the evil energy that has consumed their souls. While he speaks, a black mist begins to come out of each of them and vanishing as it gets too far away from the host. As Dallas finishes the spell and the evil energy has finally been purged from their bodies, Dallas hunches over in exhaustion. When this happens, the other quickly rush over to check on him and their friends. Michael and the others begin to open their eyes slowly and look around them. Akiza sees Jack, Carly and Yusei above her and begins to cry as Yusei bends down to hug her to lift her up so Jack and Carly can as well. Joey looks and sits up to see his best friend Yugi and Kaiba standing over him. Yugi and Kaiba extend their hands out and Joey grabs them so they can pull him up. Michael looks up and sees Dallas panting heavily and quickly gets up to see if he’s okay.
“Dallas, you okay, Michael asked in a panic.
“I used a lot of energy purging you guys of that evil magic,” Dallas answered. Michael hugs him and assist him back to his feet.
All of a sudden, the air starts to feel heavy, the tension was starting to build, and the tempature in the room drops to ice cold. Triad was approaching and Dallas, Michael, Jalun and the others can feel it. Anticipation began to build as stairs begin to form in front of the group. At the top was a tall figure with shadow energy pulsing around him.
“Triad,” Dallas said.
“Welcome to the end my friends, for you and your world,” Triad said as he laughs manically.

Chapter 10
Sacrifice and Destruction

Triad begins to descend down the massive amount of stairs as he stares at the group of heroes at the bottoms. Dallas looks back at Triad with a straight face and steps forward slowly. Triad smiles sadistically and begins to clap slowly,” Bravo Dallas and company, Bravo, you made it to the throne room and taken away my most loyal pawns of mine,” Triad said sarcastically.
“It’s over Triad, your plan has failed,” Dallas told him.
“Is that what you think, you weak, pathetic human,” Triad said,” Oh no, no, no, using your pathetic friends was just phase one of my plan,” Triad continued.
“Oh yah what’s phase two,” Jalun chimed in.
“Total take over, I’ve already taken over this world, but just one world is not enough for me, once I beat you here I will finally be able to make the jump into the human world and have my forces lay waste to the land so I can rule there just like I have done here,” Triad explained as he laughs sadistically at the end.
“You really think I’m just going to go down like some nobody,” Dallas asked.
“Are you accepting my challenge Dallas,” Triad asked.
“Of course we are Triad, its time someone put you in your place and end you once and for all,” Michael said emphatically.
“Well then, let me see, one, two, three, oh my there is just way too many of you so let me even the odds a bit,” Triad said. He lifts up his hand and an unexplainable force lifts up everyone Dallas and his friends met since arriving to Domino city. A giant bird cage materializes around them and attaches to the roof. Dallas looks up at the cage,” Are you guys okay,” Dallas yelled as he watches them be trapped.
“Were fine, Dallas, save our worlds, you’re our last hope,” Yugi said. Dallas looks back at Triad as he walks over to Michael. He pulls a deck out of his pocket and hands it to Michael,” I think you dropped this,” Dallas said to him. Michael grabs it and sees it’s his psychic deck,” You kept it ready for me,” Michael said replacing the deck inside his duel disk with his psychics.
“Now Triad, let’s get this over with,” Justin said.
“I could care less about you, weakling,” Triad said.
“If you want my home you need to get through me,” Justin said.
“With pleasure,” Triad said. He quickly points at Justin with two fingers and a purple beam is shot from them, striking Justin in his chest. The force of the shot sends him flying into Dallas and company, knocking them over.
“Justin, no,” Dallas screamed as he holds him in his arms.
“Humans and their sympathy, he’s not dead yet brat,” Triad said lifting him up with his powers, opening the cage, and pushes him causing him to go flying into Jack and Kaiba’s arms.
“Now that it’s all even, we can finally have our duel,” Triad said.
“We’re going to destroy you once and for all,” Dallas said with tears rolling down his face.
“Then lets duel,” Triad said.
“You’re going to pay for everything you’ve done,” Dallas said.
“And when I win your world will fall and bow before my might,” Triad said raising his arm. As he does, an evil duel disk flies off the wall and attaches to his arm.
“It’s time to destroy you three,” Triad said as he readies his duel disk. Dallas looks at Michael, then to Jalun. They both nod to him as his eyes make contact with each of them. Their decks are shuffled in all their duel disk as they ready them and Dallas steps forward.
“I’ll start,” Triad said as he draws five cards from his deck,” I activate a continuous spell known as Malefic Territory,” Triad continued as the spell card appears in front of him.
“What Malefic, this is going to be tough,” Dallas said.
“What are those,” Jalun asked.
“You’ll find out soon enough, when Malefic Territory is activated, I’m able to activate Malefic World from my deck,” Triad explained as he grabs the card from his deck and places it in the field zone. When the card is registered, the surrounding area becomes transparent and shows deep space behind it.
“Nice color pallet, don’t you think Humans,” Triad said.
“Just shut it Triad,” Dallas said. Triad smiles and continues his turn,” As long as Malefic Territory is active, neither team can target field cards in the field zone with effects,” Triad explained,” Next, I remove from play Cyber End Dragon from my extra deck to summon Malefic Cyber End Dragon,” Triad continued as he grabs the card from his extra deck and lets its go and it stays floating next to him. He places the other card on his duel disk and a portal opens up behind him. Through the portal comes a mechanical three headed dragon lands on the fields with black wings and black colored masks on each head.
“Great, Cyber end Dragon,” Dallas said.
“I’ll end my turn with a face down card,” Triad said placing a card in a slot behind his dragon.
“Alright Triad, time to make you pay, I draw,” Dallas said drawing a card from his deck. He draws Manju and then looks at his hand. He sees two Rebirths, Devotee, Cerulean, and Disciple of Nephthys.
“Well talk about luck,” He thought to himself. He looks back at triad and miles,” I’ll start will Manju of Ten Thousand hands which means that I’m able to add a ritual spell or monster from my deck to my hand,” Dallas explained as he plays the monster and grabs the card.
“I choose Rebirth of Nephthys and then I activate it,” Dallas said placing the card in the slot behind his Manju.
“As if this is new,” Triad said.
“I sacrifice Manju to ritual summon Devotee of Nephthys,” Dallas continued. The Alter of Nephthys appears behind Manju as he fades away and a new monster appears in her blue garb of the goddess Nephthys descending the stairs of the Alter of Nephthys.
“Using her ability, I summon the Scared Phoenix of Nephthys from my deck,” He explained.
“So what,” Triad said as Dallas’s monster is summoned to the field,” Your puny bird is no match for my Malefic Cyber End Dragon,” Triad continued.
“Maybe not the original Phoenix but who said I was finished playing my cards,” Dallas said.
“What do you mean,” Triad asked. All Dallas did was smile and grab the next card in his hand,” I activate a second Rebirth of Nephthys,” Dallas said placing the card behind his Phoenix.
“You have more than one, clever,” Triad said.
“That’s right, now I sacrifice the original Sacred Phoenix to summon Cerulean Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys,” Dallas continued. The golden phoenix flies up over the Alter as a blue flame erupts from the center, immediately engulfing it. As the flames settle and the Alter vanishes from the field, Dallas’s new monster descends with its new blue look.
“Your ace ritual monster,” Triad said.
“That’s right, now I activate its ability, by destroying Devotee, I can destroy your Dragon,” Dallas continued. Cerulean Sacred Phoenix uses it flames to engulf the two named monsters, burning them to ashes.
“I activate my trap called Malefic Tune, since a malefic monster was destroyed, I can draw two cards from my deck,” Triad said drawing those cards.
“Cerulean, attack Triad directly with Cerulean Eruption,” Dallas commanded as his phoenix opens up its wings and lets out a battle cry. The ground beneath Triad cracks rapidly until a geyser of blue flames erupts from the cracks beneath Triad making his life point total drop from 8000 to 5000. Triad just laughs as blue flames engulf his body.
“I’ll end my turn with that,” Dallas said stepping back in line with his teammates.
“My turn, instead of conducting my draw phase, my field spell allows me to reveal three ‘Malefic’ cards from my deck and then you select one at random that one comes to my hand while the others go back into my deck,” Triad explained as he grabs three cards from his deck. He shows, Malefic Stardust Dragon, Malefic Truth Dragon, and Malefic Claw Stream. He shuffles up the cards, turns them so they are not showing and holds them up for Dallas to select. Dallas looks at the cards carefully and thanks about which card to pick.
“I select the one on the far right,” Dallas said pointing at the card. Triad adds the selected card to his add while he puts the others into his deck and the deck is reshuffled.
“I banish Rainbow Dragon and Stardust Dragon from my deck and extra deck to summon their dark counterparts, Malefic Rainbow Dragon and Malefic Stardust Dragon, Triad announced. He grabs the cards from their respected locations and makes them float right now to the Cyber End Dragon, then grabs the other cards to place them on his duel disk to summon them. As the cards are registered, two more portals appear and both dragons appear wearing the same kind of mask and the other dragon as well as the black wings.
“Wait a minute, the ‘Malefic’ monster effect prevents you from summoning multiple ‘Malefic’ monsters at once, so how come the duel disk registered this as a legal move,” Michael said.
“Normally you would be correct, however thanks to my spell card the effect of ‘Malefic’ monsters changes from ‘There can only be one ‘Malefic’ monster face up on the field’ to ‘There can only be one ‘Malefic’ monster of the same name face up on the field,” Triad same.
“Does that spell do anything else,” Jalun asked.
“I’m so glad you asked, during the battle phase their effects are negated, so Malefic Rainbow Dragon attack with spectral surge,” Triad commanded. The dragon leans its head back and as it comes back down, it projects a multi colored beam towards Dallas’s monster.
“Not good brace yourself,” Dallas said as he puts his arms up. The other follow suit as Dallas’s Phoenix Flies in front of them to absorb the primary force of the blast. As Dallas’s monster is struck the force of the impact sends a big gust of wind to Dallas sending him back against his teammates as they catch him and their life point’s drop by 1000 as Dallas’s monster shatters from the attack.
“I’m not done yet, Malefic Stardust Dragon attack them directly with Dark Cosmic Flare,” Triad demanded. Stardust projects a white beam, outlined in black energy directly at Dallas and him team. Upon impact, the force knocks them over as Dallas rolls out of his team’s arms and back five feet from them.
“Looks like I have taken the lead,” Triad said. His life points are at 5000 while Dallas and his teams are at 4500.
“When did the malefic archetype get so powerful,” Michael asked. Dallas looks up and sees Yusei staring out the cage, looking at his Stardust Dragon turned into a creature of darkness.
“Jalun, you’re up,” Dallas said as they get up.
“Right, let’s do this, I draw,” Jalun said drawing a card from his deck. His hand comprises of The King of Dragon, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Majesty with Eyes of Blue, Trade in, Mirror Force, and his draw card was Call of the Haunted.
“Not bad, I’ll first start off by activating Cerulean’s effect from out graveyard, special summoning it back to the field in attack mode,”Jalun said. The ashes of its former self begin to move in from of the group until a blue light begins to shine from the ashes when suddenly, the phoenix erupts from its ashes and lands behind Dallas and his team.
“That blasted phoenix needs to parish,” Triad stated.
“Now that our phoenix is back I activate Trade In, by discarding my Blue-Eyes, I can draw two cards,” Jalun explained, discarding Blue-Eyes and drawing two cards.
“Now I activate Majesty with Eyes of Blue, I target our Malefic Rainbow Dragon and then by sending my Blue-Eyes White Dragon from my deck to the graveyard, your monster can’t attack,” Jalun explained.
“You send two strong monster to the graveyard for that pathetic maneuver,” Triad asked.
“I’m not done yet, I summon the King of Dragon in attack mode,” Jalun said summoning a human wearing dragon style rock gear with a three necked guitar strapped to his back.
“The King of Dragon,” Traid exclaimed.
“I activate his special ability, by sending a spell card from my hand to the graveyard I can add the spell Dragon Revival Rhapsody,” Jalun continued as the monster grabs the guitar and begins to play multiple power cords making the card appear in front of Jalun.
“That’s a card I have never heard of before,” Kaiba stated.
“As long as I have a Spellcaster type monster on my field, I can resurrect the two Blue-Eyes White Dragons from my graveyard,” Jalun said as his dragon are revived and summoned back to the field.
“Two pitiful dragons that won’t be able to touch me,” Triad mentions.
“Not in their current state, for I sacrifice both my dragons to fusion summon my ace monster, Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon,” Jalun exclaimed as the extra monster zone comes out from below the playing field so he can play the fusion monster he grabbed from his deck box. When the card is played, the two Blue-Eyes fly up at an angle and after a few seconds, collide into one another with a bright flash of light that blinds Triad. As the lights fades, a two headed Blue-Eyes White Dragon descends from above and stares directly into the eyes of Triad.
“My dragon will now attack Malefic Stardust Dragon, Twin White Lightning Burst,” Jalun commanded. Both heads of the dragon lean back and then lunge forward, projecting an electrified ball of white energy towards Triad’s dragon. It connects, causing an explosion which destroys triad’s dragon with a life point deduction of 500 points.
“Now my Blue-Eyes can attack twice so I’m targeting your Malefic Rainbow Dragon for my second attack,” Jalun said.
“Your math is a bit off cause your 1000 points weaker than Rainbow Dragon,” Triad said.
“Trust me, I know what I’m doing,” Jalun replied.
“Malefic Rainbow Dragon, counter with Spectral Surge,” Triad demanded. The two dragon charge up their respected attacks and project them at one another at the same time. Upon collision, Malefic Rainbow Dragon’s attack instantly overpowers Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon attack causing the attack to collide with Blue-Eyes. An explosion occurs, covering the heroes with dust and debris.
“You put your faith into a monster weaker than mine, how foolish,” Triad stated.
“Don’t be so sure, Triad,” Jalun called out. The smoke begins to clear revealing the Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon still alive and unharmed.
“How is that dragon still here,” Triad demanded.
“Blue-Eyes Twin Burst can’t be destroyed in battle, while yes we still take the battle damage difference of our two monsters, it’s a small price to pay for what I just did to your monster,” Jalun explained with a smile.
“Small price to do what,” Triad asked.
“To banish your monster, take a look,” Jalun told Triad. He looks over and sees a portal absorbing his dragon.
“When Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon attacks a monster but it’s not destroyed, that monster is banished at the end of the damage step,” Jalun explained.
“No, this isn’t right,” Triad yelled in anger.
“Now your wide open, Cerulean, attack him directly,” Jalun commanded. As the phoenix is charging its attack, Triad quickly grabs a card from his hand and plays it.
“Battle Fader, end the battle phase,” Triad quickly a pendulum with eyes is summoned. When it’s summoned, it waves his arms to the other side and Cerulean’s attack is cancelled and it returns to its original position.
“You got lucky with Battle Fader,” Michael said.
“No kidding, I lay three cards face down and end my turn,” Jalun said sliding the cards into two slots in the back of the duel disk.
“My Turn and I’ll use my field spell, Malefic World, again,” Triad began, “I select Malefic Paradox Gear, Malefic Parallel Gear, and Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon, now choose,” Triad stated.
“I select the one on your left,” Jalun said as Triad returns the other cards back into the deck and adds the selected card to his hand.
“I summon Malefic Paradox Gear and immediately sacrifice it to activate its special ability which allows me to summon Malefic Parallel Gear and add a ‘Malefic’ monster from my deck to my hand,” Triad explained. As a monster with a tripod for legs is summoned, it immediately vanishes and replaced by a monster with lots of moving gears. Triad also adds a card from his deck to his hand with a smile on his face,” I now activate the spell card Malefic Selector, by banishing Malefic Tune and Malefic Paradox Gear, I add two cards from my deck to my hand,” he explained as two more cards shoot from his graveyard and begin floating next to the other cards he banished. He grabs two more cards from his deck and adds them to his hand while his smiles becomes more sadistic and evil than what it was before.
“I now tune Malefic Parallel Gear with the Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon that’s in my hand to synchro summon Malefic Paradox Dragon,” Triad stated as he sends the monster on his field and the monster in his hand to the graveyard to play a card he grabbed from his belt. When the card is accepted, the gear monster becomes two dark purple rings and surrounds the Blue-Eyes making it transparent with eight balls of light shining through it. Dark energy shoots through the rings and after a few seconds a black and gold plated dragon disperses the energy away with its wings.
“Now, I lay one card face down and attack Cerulean with Malefic Paradox Dragon,” Triad said. His dragon opens its mouth and projects a dark beam at Dallas’s monster.
“Not so fast, activate Mirror Force, this card re directs your attack back at your attack position monsters,” Jalun explained. A reflective wall comes up to block Triad attack and sends it back to his dragon, destroying it upon contact.
“No, cursed imbeciles, don’t you realize this is all hopeless,” Triad asked.
“You used to have the strongest monster and now you don’t,” Jalun said.
“You’ve only paved the way for something far greater, I pay half my life points to summon Malefic Truth Dragon,” Triad said playing his new monster on his duel disk. A massive portal appears below Triad as a giant gold dragon with red scales around its heart flies up from the portal.
“Thank you Jalun, I’ll end my turn,” Triad said not thinking of what he just said.
“He didn’t attack, this is our chance to pull something crazy off,” Michael said to himself,” Thank you Triad for not attacking I can now take over this duel, I draw,” Michael said aloud as he draws a card. His hand consist of Psychic Tuning, Overdrive Teleporter, Emergency Teleport, Battle Fader, Shield Crush, and his draw Psychokensis.
“I sacrifice the King of Dragon to summon Overdrive Teleporter,” Michael said. Jalun’s monster fades away in a blue light and a new monster appears from a green ball of energy wearing a white robe with green trimming, an apparatus around its head, and electricity projecting from its hands.
“This is your true potential,” Triad said.
“This isn’t even close for I give up 2000 of our life points to summon two Psychic type monsters from my deck,” Michael explained.
“That’s a big risk man,” Jalun said.
“But it’s all worth it,” Dallas said to him.
“I summon Sarene Psychic Witch and Psychic Commander, I’ll continue by activating Emergency Teleport to summon Hused Psychic Cleric from my deck,” Michael explained as his three monsters are summoned. Two of them are in white robes with green trim while the other is in a green military uniform inside a floating tank barrel.
“After seeing how you can manipulate your life points so easily, you’ll probably find some way to increase your life total so I’ll activate Malefic Claw Stream on the Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon and if you plan to destroy my monster with Cerulean’s effect, I activate Effect Veiler’s ability from my hand to negate it’s effects until next turn,” Triad stated as he discards a card from his hand. Next, a purple tornado appears in the middle of the field and absorbs Blue-Eyes as Triad smiles.
“Well, you just helped me for I tune level three Psychic Commander to my other level three monsters to synchro summon Overmind Archfiend,” Michael explained. A flash of green light blinds Triad and as the light fades, a monster with a white exoskeleton with black and green shining through the open spaces of the skeleton.
“I activate its ability to banish one of my Psychic monsters from my graveyard,” Michael explained. He takes out a monster from his graveyard to put it in his deck box.
“I switch Cerulean to defense mode and attack Battle Fader with Overmind Archfiend,” Michael commanded. Michael’s monster conducts energy into his hand until it fully engulfs and pushes Triads tiny monster, completely crushing it.
“I’ll end my turn by setting one card face down,” Michael finished sliding a card into the duel disk.
“Pitiful Michael, you weakened yourself to destroy a monster I don’t even care about, my turn, I draw,” Triad stated, drawing the card. He looks at it and smiles a bit, “Allow me to destroy what little hope you have left, I activate Mystical Space Typhoon on Malefic Territory,” Triad began as a swift gust of wind destroys Triad’s card.
“Now Malefic Truth Dragon, attack Overmind Archfiend,” Triad commanded. His dragon opens its mouth and projects an energy beam at Michael’s archfiend.
“I win, now your world is mine to rule,” Triad boasted.
“It’s not over until we say it is, I activate Castle of Dragon Soul’s, by banishing a Blue-Eyes from our graveyard I give Overmind Archfiend an extra 700 attack points,” Michael stated as Jalun takes out a Blue-Eyes from his graveyard.
“It’s still not enough,” Triad stated as the beam engulfs Michael’s monster, disintegrating it in the blast.
“When Overmind is destroyed, I get to summon all the banished Psychic monsters I banished with his effect,” Michael explained.
“My dragon’s effect will go before your monster’s effect which destroys all your monsters on the field,” Triad explained. As he said that, all of the monsters are struck with massive red spikes and are destroyed. The shockwave of the monsters destruction, sends Dallas, Michael, and Jalun flying back five feet. Upon impact with the ground, Jalun and Michael are rendered unconscious as Michael’s Psychic Commander is returned to the field. Dallas looks up at his friends, not moving but breathing. Dallas sits up slowly and riving in pain to look up at Triad.
“Face it brat, your about to lose at the very game you thought you were one of the best at and with you out of my way, your world will bow before my might,” Triad stated. He begins to chuckle softly but it builds to an evil laugh and finally to a maniacal laugh. All Dallas can do is just think about how he failed to save everyone.

Chapter 11
The Final Draw

Dallas is sitting down, grabbing his rib cage after taking the force of Malefic Truth Dragon’s attack. He glances down at his life points and sees a mere 500 left while Triad is at a comfortable 2500.
“It all comes down to this draw anything can happen,” Dallas thought to himself.
“What’s the matter, human, afraid that you’re going to lose,” Triad stated. Dallas looks up at him slowly, thinking what could happen, what move could he have done differently.
“Why don’t we show the whole world your destruction and their last moments of freedom,” Triad said as he waves his hand. As he does this motion, a floating camera appears in front of him and begins recording. Back home, all the screens all around the world are taken over by Triad’s live recording.
“Hello humans, my name is Lord Triad, Demon King of this realm,” He began. Dallas can sense what is happening in his house hold through the eyes of his wife.
“And soon to be the ruler of your world, that is of course after I beat these so called heroes,” Triad stated methodically as he turns the camera to Dallas’s team.
“Enough Triad,” Yugi calls out.
“I’m just savoring my victory Yugi,” Triad stated.
“You haven’t won Triad, in fact,” Dallas started, “This is about to end in your destruction,” Dallas finished as he stands up and readies himself to draw a card.
“I draw,” Dallas yelled and the force of his draw pushes Triad back a foot.
“As you’re well aware, Cerulean Sacred Phoenix returns to the field, resurrect my mighty phoenix,” Dallas commanded. A blue aura begin to emanate from the phoenix’s ashes. After a few seconds, Dallas’s monster returns to the field.
“Welcome back Cerulean,” Triad said.
“Now to begin, I destroy my Chronicler of Nephthys from my hand to revive my Devotee of Nephthys from the graveyard,” Dallas explained as the servant with the blue garb appears in a flash of light, “Next I’ll play Rebirth of Nephthys to sacrifice Michael’s Psychic Commander to summon another Devotee of Nephthys,” He continued. As the commander is absorbed into The Alter of Nephthys, the second Devotee steps out from The Alter of Nephthys’s fire.
“You’re able to use that monster effect now,” Triad said.
“That’s right and I summon Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys,” Dallas said. A golden fireball appears in front of Dallas and it manifest into his golden phoenix.
“Now, Cerulean, destroy the original to destroy Malefic Truth Dragon,” Dallas commanded. The golden phoenix is absorbed by the blue one and Cerulean projects the energy at Malefic Truth Dragon. It collides with the dragon, immediately destroying it on impact.
“Now there is nothing left to defend yourself, appear the circuit that will lift this world from darkness, I send all my ritual monsters into the markers,” Dallas explained as the link monster square appears behind him. His monster fly into the bottom three markers making them glow and the middle area begins to crack.
“Appear, Link three, Nephthys, The Sacred Flame,” Dallas commanded and the link symbol shatters as a red phoenix with white fire flies through it.
“How were you able to summon that,” Triad asked.
“This monster gains abilities depending on how many ritual monsters I used for its summon, first it can’t be destroyed by battle, next, it can’t be destroyed by effect and it gains 1200 attack, and finally, neither team can target this monster with effects also it gains another 1200 attack for a grand total of 4800 attack points,” Dallas explained. Whatever smile Triad had before has long vanished as he begins to back up in fear.
“Now I activate the last two facedown cards, Call of the Haunted and Psychic Tuning,” Dallas said as the traps reveal themselves.
“But those aren’t your cards,” Triad complained.
“True, but since our field is shared I can activate them as if they were, with Call of the Haunted, I revive Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon and with Psychic Tuning I resurrect Overmind Archfiend,” Dallas replied as the monsters return to the field.
“This battle isn’t over between us, brat,” Triad said.
That may be true but this duel is though, now my monsters attacks, Sacred Element Storm,” Dallas commanded. The three monsters project a different color energy from their mouths and combine to impact Triad directly. Before the beam reaches him, Triad jumps up attempting to dodge it. However, the shockwave of the blast impacting the ground sends Triad up the stairs and crashing into his throne. Dallas collapses on his knee, exhausted and drained from the battle. Panting heavily, he realizes his job isn’t quite yet. He uses his magic and brings the cage down so he can free the others from it and check on the condition of Justin and his wound.
“How’s he doing,” Dallas asked.
“Breathing, but he passed out from blood loss,” Akiza said. Dallas opens the door of the cage and puts his hands together. They begin to glow with a faint green aura but goes out.
“That last duel exhausted my energy,” Dallas said. Akiza walks over to place a hand on his shoulder and when she does the glow returns.
“Use my power,” Akiza said.
“And mine,” Yugi added as he does the same. The others place their hands on Dallas and the aura glows even brighter than ever as he places his hands on Justin’s chest. The energy begins to flow into Justin’s body and the wound begins to close. When the wound heals, Dallas places an ear on his chest to check his breathing. His breathing is back to normal and Dallas smiles.
“You, pathetic human,” Triad called out. Dallas and the others snap their heads to the top of the stairs and see Triad wounded from the blast.
“You ruined everything I worked to achieve here in one attack, how,” Triad continued.
“You deserve everything you just received after what you did and now your iron grip has been vanquished on this world,” Dallas said.
“No matter,” Triad said opening a portal,” I’ll just take over another world,” Triad continued as he jumped through the portal.
“I need to go after him,” Dallas said.
“How can we repay you,” Yugi asked.
“That isn’t needed, this world is saved and everybody will return to their worlds including Michael, Jalun, and Justin,” Dallas said. Yugi takes off the Millenium Puzzle around his neck.
“Now Atem will be with you,” Yugi said placing the puzzle around Dallas’s neck.
“I thought Atem left the puzzle,” Dallas asked.
“When Triad came here, he came back to help,” Yugi said.
“And take our signer abilities,” Jack said as he, Akiza, and Yusei place their hands on Dallas shoulders. A red glow is absorbed into Dallas as he raises his arms and his friends are lifted into the air.
“They will be sent home, the darkness has lifted from your world, Thank you for your help,” Dallas said as he snaps his fingers and his friends vanish back to where they were before being sucked into the portals. Dallas quickly runs up the stairs and looks at the portal.
“You know that we have no idea where that leads,” Osiris said.
“I know but we can’t let him run wild,” Dallas said.
“I agree we need to deal with him now,” Atem stated.
“The benefits of being me,” Dallas said with a smile as he runs through the portal and it closes behind him, sending the load hero to battle the enraged demon.


Dallas, the brave and determined hero, not only saved his friends, but also an entire world. However, the demon lives and has gone into a new world to rule to make his jump into the human world. Dallas left a small note for his friends for when they wake stating this.
Cherish what you have now for you could
Lose it at any time. Triad will pay and only I can stop him. Do not attempt to follow. I couldn’t Live with myself if any of you perished because Of me. Tell my wife of my adventure and tellHer I’ll be fine.
Domino City is full of light and people are roaming the streets. Kaiba’s Tournament still went as planned with Yugi emerging victorious. Yugi, Yusei and company just look up and hope Dallas is alright.
Dallas is now flying through the portal right behind Triad, trying to figure out where it will lead. As they continue to move they begin to fade off in the distance until they are out of sight. When this happens, a card appears from the side, a Link monster known as Decode Talker…
To Be Continued.

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