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In our 3rd edition of the Anime Deck Series, today we’re taking taking a look at the decks used by the dueling prodigy, Rebecca Hawkins, and coming up with our best attempt at a 40 card Rebecca Hawkins Deck. Rebecca dueled a few times in the series and we will be combining all the cards she used, across all her duels in Duel Monsters for our optimal Rebecca Hawkins anime deck.


Rebecca Hawkins Anime Deck Profile


Rebecca Hawkins is a recurring character in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters and duels a few times throughout the series. While Yugi was competing in the Duelist Kingdom tournament and eventually won the event, there was a young girl also making headlines in the dueling world, Rebecca Hawkins. Rebecca became the youngest person to ever win the Intercontinental Championship (formerly held by Bandit Keith).

In her first duel with Yugi, Rebecca’s deck is focused around “Shadow Ghoul”, and using it’s effect where it gains attack points for every monster in her Graveyard, to discard many monsters in order to power-up her Shadow Ghoul, using discard cards such as “Judgment Blaster” and “Tribute To The Doomed”.

Rebecca duels once in the Waking The Dragons arc, in a 2 on 1 match with Duke Devlin against Valon. Only a few of her cards are seen here. She uses both Luster Dragon monsters and summons her strongest monster, “Diamond Head Dragon”, a creature who gains the attack points of the Dragon-type monster that was sacrificed to summon it plus 1,000.

Rebecca enters the Grand Championship organised by Seto Kaiba in Season 5 and duels a few times throughout the tournament, eventually making it to the Semi-Finals before being defeated by Leon von Schroeder.

Rebecca uses a couple of different deck strategies in the tournament, in her first match against Vivian Wong, Rebecca uses a “Life Points” based deck, using combo cards such as “Darklord Marie” to boost her Life Points each turn in the Graveyard, then using cards such as “Fire Princess” which inflicts 500 points of Damage to Vivian every time “Darklord Marie” increases Rebecca’s Life Points. She also uses a couple of Token cards such as “Scapegoat” and “Token Thanksgiving” to replenish her Life Points and then deal damage with “Fire Princess”. Rebecca also makes good use of “Injection Fairy Lilly” and powering her up with a constant supply of Life Points, as her main beat-stick.

In Rebecca’s Semi-Final match against Leon von Schroeder, Rebecca’s deck is focused more on her Dragons again, using some of the cards she used in Waking The Dragons such as “Luster Dragon” and “Diamond Head Dragon” and using various Dragon-type support cards such as “Dragon’s Gunfire” and “Dragon’s Rage”.


Here are a few pointers about our anime deck series before we begin:


We will only be using cards a character used or had in their deck in the anime for our series, and the yugioh fandom site to cross-check the cards used.

We will do everything we can to avoid adding duplicates of cards a character used, unless they used multiple copies of course.

We aim to strike a fine balance between monsters, spell and traps, so we will aim for 20 monsters, 10 spells and 10 traps, if it can be achieved.

Where a character has less than 40 cards, we will then use multiple copies of cards they used, always trying to keep a balanced card ratio in their deck. This will be the case for allot of the minor characters in the series.

Certain cards in our decks have anime exclusive effects (anime cards) which differ from the TCG.  All anime exclusive cards will have “anime” next to their name in the card list below. This is thanks to the talented people over at YGOPro who have scripted custom yugioh cards which match the card effects that was used by the characters in the anime. (For example, in the anime, Thousand Dragon was played as a main deck monster but in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, it’s treated as a fusion monster)

So with abit of work, lets see what we came up with as our best attempt at a 40 card Rebecca Hawkins Deck.


Rebecca Hawkins Anime Deck Screenshot


rebecca hawkins anime deck


Rebecca Hawkins Anime Deck List


Monsters (20)


Luster Dragon #2 x1

Millennium Shield x1

Luster Dragon x1

Ruby Dragon x1 (anime)

Giant Soldier Of Stone x1

Diamond Head Dragon x2 (anime – Must be special summoned via “Adamantine Sword Revival” and cannot be special summoned. This card’s attack is equal to the monster that was used to summon it +1000).

Guardian Angel Joan x1

Darklord Marie x1

Shadow Ghoul x1

Cure Mermaid x1

Cannon Solder x1

Fire Princess x1

Witch Of The Black Forest x1

Sangan x3

Electric Snake x1

Injection Fairy Lily x1

Skelengel x1


Spell Cards (15)


Polymerization x1

Silent Doom x1

The Shallow Grave x1

Pot Of Greed x1

Dragon’s Gunfire x1

Token Thanksgiving x1

Stop Defense x1

Graceful Charity x1

Tribute To The Doomed x1

Stamping Destruction x1

Judgment Blaster x1 (anime – Discard 5 cards from your hand, destroy every monster on the field)

Scapegoat x1

Adamantine Sword Revival x2 (anime – When a Dragon-type monster is special summoned from the graveyard, you can tribute it, special summon 1 “Diamond Head Dragon” from your deck in face-up Attack position, to the controller of the Special summoned Dragon-type monster’s side of the field.

Ring Of Magnetism x1



Trap Cards (5)


Mirror Force x1

Rope Of Life x1

Dragon’s Rage x1

Imperial Order x1

Gravity Bind x1


So here is our best Rebecca Hawkins anime deck using all of the cards she used in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. Thanks for reading our deck profile, what do you think of the deck? Would you switch anything around here?




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