The King Of Vermilion Mini Box

A new mini box is now live in Duel Links: The King Of Vermilion! This latest mini box features support for the 5D’s characters, Synchro-based decks and the Resonator/RDA cards used by Jack Atlas. Let’s dive in and take a look at all of the cards in The King Of Vermilion set that you can get a hold of today.

King Of Vermilion Card List

The King Of Vermilion Card List

King Of Vermilion Ultra Rare Cards

TGWonderMagician BLRR EN UR 1ERedNovaDragon HSRD EN R 1EBlackwingArmorMaster LC5D EN ScR 1E 205x300 1


King Of Vermilion Super Rare Cards

1473296FortissimotheMobileFortress LC5D EN C 1Edownload 1Tuning LED6 EN C 1ECrimsonResonator ETCO EN C 1EYokotuner RATE EN C 1EdownloadOldEntityCthugua SHVA EN ScR 1EArmoryArm DP08 EN UR 1E 207x300 1AllyofJusticeCatastor CT10 EN SR LE 204x300 1


King Of Vermilion Rare Cards

300px PowerBreak TSHD EN C 1Edownload 14download 13download 12download 11download 10download 9download 8download 7download 6download 5download 4300px MorphtronicBoarden CRMS EN C 1Edownload 3300px MorphtronicBoomboxen CSOC EN R 1Edownload 2DrillWarrior LC5D EN ScR 1E 205x300 1


King Of Vermilion Normal Rarity Cards

download 29download 28download 27MeklordFactory LC5D EN SR 1E 205x300 1300px BlackThunder DP11 EN C 1EEbonArrow DP11 EN C 1EFullSalvo DR04 NA C UEdownload 26download 25download 24download 23download 22download 21download 20download 19download 18download 17download 16download 15TurtleBird MP1 NA C UE

What are your thoughts on the cards in this new set? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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