Lumis And Umbra Anime Deck


In the second edition of our anime deck series, we’ll be taking a look at the decks used by Lumis And Umbra from the second season of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Battle City,  and trying our best to come up with the most optimal deck from the cards they used. Since they only dueled once as a team in the anime, we will be combining their decks into one for the purpose of this project.


Lumis And Umbra Anime Deck Profile


Lumis And Umbra are duelists working for Marik Ishtar and members of the evil group known as the Rare Hunters, appearing in Battle City. Lumis And Umbra are tag-team specialist duelists and were tasked by Marik to defeat Yugi and Seto Kaiba and take their Egyptian God Cards. Their decks were carefully built specifically to prevent Yugi and Kaiba from summoning Obelisk and Slifer, using some of the powerful Mask Cards, such as “Mask Of Restrict” to stop Yugi and Kaiba from tribute summoning their mighty Egyptian God Monsters.


Here are a few pointers about our anime deck series before we begin:


We will only be using cards a character used or had in their deck in the anime for our series, and the yugioh fandom site to cross-check the cards used.

We will do everything we can to avoid adding duplicates of cards a character used, unless they used multiple copies of course.

We aim to strike a fine balance between monsters, spell and traps, so we will aim for 20 monsters, 10 spells and 10 traps, if it can be achieved.

Where a character has less than 40 cards, we will then use multiple copies of cards they used, always trying to keep a balanced card ratio in their deck.

Certain cards in our decks have anime exclusive effects (anime cards) which differ from the TCG.  All anime exclusive cards will have “anime” next to their name in the card list below.  (For example, in the anime, Thousand Dragon was played as a main deck monster but in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, it’s treated as a fusion monster)

So here we go for our best attempt at the most competitive Lumis And Umbra Battle City deck.


Lumis And Umbra Anime Deck Screenshot


lumis and umbra anime deck


Lumis And Umbra Anime Deck List


Monsters (20)


Shining Abyss x3

Rogue Doll x3

Melchid The Four-Face Beast x3

Grand Tiki Elder x3

Jellyfish x3

Masked Beast Des Gardius x2

The Masked Beast x3


Spell Cards (15)


Chosen One x1

The Mask Of Remnants x1

Pot Of Greed x1

Card Exchange x1 (anime – exchange all cards in your hand with your opponent)

Masquerade x2 (anime – take control of a monster that’s wearing a mask)

Curse Of The Masked Beast x3

Spell Transfer x1 (anime – When your opponent activates a spell, negate that effect, then activate this card as the negated cards effect)

Mask Of Impregnability x1 (anime – you take no damage from an opponent’s attacking monster this turn)

Mask Of Dispel x1

Masked Doll x1 (anime – you do not have to pay LP for the effect of “Mask Of Brutality” that you control)

Mask Of The Accursed x1

Mask Of Brutality x1


Trap Cards (5)


Mirror Force x2

Mask Of Weakness x1

Curse Transfer x1 (anime – When your opponent activates a trap, negate that effect, then activate this card as the negated cards effect)

Mask Of Restrict x1


So here is our best go at the best Lumis And Umbra anime deck using all of the cards they used in Battle City. What do you think? Would you change any of the ratios?




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