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Live Twin Shaddolls: The Overview

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well! Today I am bringing both a fun and honestly surprisingly powerful deck in Live Twins Shaddolls! Now, this may seem like a really strange combination, what with the summoning restrictions the Evil Twins put on your extra deck, but that is what this Deck Profile is for, to show you how to pilot the deck, and the kind of boards you can get with this deck. Without further adieu though, let’s take a look at the Deck itself!

Live Twin Shaddolls: The Deck List

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Live Twin Ki-Sikil x3

Live Twin Lil-la x3

Live Twin Ki-Sikil Frost

Live Twin Lil-la Treat

Reeshaddoll Wendi x3

Shaddoll Squamata x3

Shaddoll Beast

Hellshaddoll Void

Shaddoll Dragon

Naelshaddoll Ariel

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x3

Artifact Lancea x3


Shaddoll Fusion x3

El Shaddoll Fusion x3

Cynet Mining x3

Live Twin Home x2

Resh Shaddoll Incarnation

Shaddoll Schism

Dogmatika Punishment x3

Extra Deck:

Evil Twin Ki-Sikil x3

Evil Twin Lil-la x3

Knightmare Unicorn

Unchained Abomination

El Shaddoll Winda x2

El Shaddoll Apkallone x2

El Shaddoll Construct x3

Live Twin Shaddolls: How it Works

Ok, so how does the deck function? Simple really. The Live Twins are both Dark and Light Attribute, which automatically gives Shaddolls Light and Dark targets for El Shaddoll Winda and El Shaddoll Construct. However, the Live Twins also act as a great normal summon engine, being one card starters for their own plays. Now, for the Evil Twin juggling, it does lock you out of summoning anything but Fiend Monsters for the rest of your turn, but Shaddolls have a few ways to play around this.

First off is the fact that Shaddolls don’t even need to fuse on your turn. Sure, Shaddoll Fusion may be one of the most powerful Fusion Spells in the game, it’s not always the most reliable thing in the world. With cards like El Shaddoll Fusion, which the Archetype always had access to, but adding Shaddoll Schism to the mix makes it just as easy, if not easier in some cases, to just do all your Fusion Summoning on your Opponent’s turn. However, what some people seem to forget as well is that the restriction on Extra Deck Summoning doesn’t come from the Live Twins, but the Evil Twins. My favorite way to work around the restrictions is to Normal Summon one of your Live Twins and set your field up for Link Summoning, then just do your Fusion plays and then Link after. Depending on how you go about this, you can create a fairly difficult field to work around.

Another thing that really helps pull this Deck together are actually the newer Live Twin Monsters, Live Twin Lil-la Treat and Live Twin Ki-Sikil Frost. They retain their Light and Dark typing, and while their effects to special summon themselves from the hand are great ways to extend your plays, because their utility effects activate in the Graveyard, they make great Light and Dark targets to use as Fusion Material from the deck if you control either of your Evil Twins.

Now, here is the major question: Why? What does this Deck do and why should you run it? Simple. Removal. Removal is the name of the game. This deck provides many ways to reliably remove your Opponent’s monsters from the field, thanks not only to the mechanic of juggling your Evil Twins (Which are quick effects), allowing for one form of potential removal in summoning Lil-la. There is also one of my favorite interactions in the form of the new Shaddoll Monster Void. Void is an amazing card and really helps boost Shaddolls in giving the Archetype another way to remove threats. By Fusing El Shaddoll Construct with Reeshaddoll Wendi as material, you can summon Void right from your deck while sending Resh Shaddoll Incarnation to the grave, giving you the chance to flip Void up on your Opponent’s turn and potentially banish a Monster. If that Monster so happens to be Dark, this can also give you a search for Schism by sending El Shaddoll Apkallone to the Graveyard off of Void.

Schism is of course, another MVP of the Deck, giving you another way to fuse on your Opponent’s turn, but also gives you a form of non-targeting, non-destruction removal, probably the best form of removal in the deck. You want to remove as many threats as possible before overwhelming your Opponent and taking control.

Now of course, you have your consistency cards such as Cynet Mining (Both Live Twin Ki-Sikil and Live Twin Lil-la are Cyberse Monsters), Hand Traps like Ash Blossom and Artifact Lancea, and some more removal that once again fits the theme, the ever-powerful Dogmatika Punishment (Another great way to get Apkallone in the Graveyard).

Live Twin Shaddolls: The Conclusion

Like mentioned before, this deck is incredibly fun to play and is honestly a sleeper powerhouse. You can do some really cool things with the Evil Twins and your Fusion cards (Like using either Lil-la or Ki-sikil as fusion material before summoning it back with the other’s effect and get either a draw or a pop on your Opponent’s turn), and the amount of removal the deck has access to is actually kinda crazy. As someone who has been piloting Shaddolls for years, this version of the deck is one of my favorites by far, and I think has a lot of potential in the future! Go ahead, give the deck and try!

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