FAST & AMAZING VALUE!Cards Bundle· 1 Bundle (50 cards) Includes: 40 Common cards + 10 (Shiny/Holo/Rare) · 2 Bundles (100 cards) Includes: 80 Common cards + 20 (Shiny/Holo/Rare) · 3 Bundles (150 cards) Includes: 120 Common cards + 30 (Shiny/Holo/Rare) · 4 Bundles (200 cards) Includes: 160 Common cards + 40 (Shiny/Holo/Rare) · 5 Bundles & Onwards Includes:Add 40 Commons + 10 Shiny/Holo/Rare Per Bundle ‘I will always provide excellent customer service with care’Due to high sales we no longer accept to negotiate any special card requests.All cards will be randomly given as described – Thanks Yu-Gi-Oh! players / Gift buyers! If you have any queries or need to resolve any issues you are entitled to contact me first for a resolution. I can respond back to you swiftly within 24 hours. Please check out my individual cards, please be sure to check it out, they are very cheap! If you do have any problems read below in the correct catergory as i try to explain everything first before you can contact me if the answers not below, hope this helps as i will bring the best customer service to everyone 🙂 Delivery Service Information:Free shipping and safely packaged to you. Keep in mind that on Sunday & during holidays the post may be closed. Furthermore we dispatch on time so if your item is delayed/lost please wait 10 days after the estimated delivery time for the courier service to complete transit and then contact me please and I will help you on this. FAQ: What Cards Will I Get?You may not be getting the same cards pictured as this is shown for illustrative purpose only. You are likely to get cards from new sets that have been released recently within this year / last year or past couple years. Sometimes some old cards are mixed in and included in the bundles but this is very rare to happen as most of the cards I sell are new pack fresh released sets. Most fans like to buy old cards for nostalgia, if you are looking for a specific card you can check out my individual single card listings as this listing is for random cards only, hope you understand clearly. Card Conditions:Overall all cards my cards range from near mint light play so you are likely to receive cards that range from near mint to light play condition. Low chance moderate but can happen – I do my best to not include moderate cards to maintain high standards! If however you do get a damaged card i will replace this card of the same rarity for you for free so just contact me send a picture of the card. Easy. Unintentional Foreign Cards:Cards will be English but sometimes a foreign card does end up there which i do not intend to give you, as I am dealing with thousands of cards a day so if this does happen contact me and I will replace this card of same rarity. Easy. Duplicates:Duplicates will also be kept minimal and tried at best to be avoided, though there may be duplicates and there will be duplicates among the common cards especially if you buy more than one bundle. Duplicates will be kept low and not crazy of 10 of the same cards back to back, but when you buy multiple quantities please expect copies/duplicates to rise but again I will try my best to avoid this for you by mixing in a range of different cards. Again im here to bring the best customer service. Thanks a lot for reading. Tracking & Non Tracking Service:When you buy 3 or more bundles, the item will include tracking service for you to keep up to date on where your item is through each stage.When you purchase 1 or 2 bundles only the item will not include tracking, they will be sent without a tracking service however if you wish to include tracking for purchasing 1 or 2 bundles you can do so by selecting the additional postage service and add it to the basket and checkout and select the £3 delivery option for tracking service of 1 or 2 bundles only.


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