Gizmek Appliancer Deck Profile: The Overview

Appliancers. They sure are…an Archetype, am I right? Used by Roboppy in YuGiOh! Vrains, this Archetype revolves around low stat Machine Monsters that focus on Link Summoning (Because of course, it does. It’s a Vrains Archetype). However, despite being Machine Monsters, Appliancers have struggled to mix into any other Machine-based Archetypes due to how unique they are. That is, until now. With the release of Dawn of Majesty, the Gizmek Archetype has received a new wave of support, allowing for the existing cards to come together into a cohesive Deck instead of certain members being splashed into the Decks that they can best help.

This new Gizmek support is important to go over before we get to the actual Deck Profile because of how they interact with Appliancers. You see, the Dawn of Majesty Gizmek cards all revolve around helping Machine Monsters whose Atk and Def Stats are the same. At first, this seems pretty restrictive, until you realize (Like I did) that this so happens to be criteria that the Main Deck Appliancer Monsters fit! This allows for a very interesting Link Climbing strategy that I would like to share with you all today! So, without further adieu…I give you Gizmek Appliancers!

Gizmek Appliancer Deck Profile: The Deck List

Screenshot 2021 04 23 at 4.50.33 PM


Gizmek Inaba x3

Gizmek Naganaki x3

Gizmek Ibuki x3

Gizmek Taniguku

Gizmek Uka, The Festive Fox of Fecundity x2

Gizmek Kaku, the Supreme Shining Sky Stag

Appliancer Socketroll x3

Appliancer Copybokkle x3

Appliancer Breakerbuncle x2

Codebreaker Zero Day


Gizmek Legend – Kamisukawashiime-no-Kikie x3 (That…was a mouthful)

Appliancer Electrilyrical World x3

Appliancer Reuse x2

Appliancer Test

World Legacy Succession x3

Monster Reborn

One for One

Limiter Removal

Machine Duplication x3

Extra Deck:


Knightmare Phoenix

Appliancer Celtopus x2

Appliancer Laundry Dragon

Appliancer Vacculephant

Appliancer Kappa Scale

Appliancer Dryer Drake

I:P Masquerena

Codebreaker Virus Swordsman

Codebreaker Virus Berserker

Knightmare Unicorn

Accesscode Talker

Knightmare Gryphon

Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess

Gizmek Appliancer Deck Profile: How It Works

As mentioned before, Appliancers are a Link-based Archetype with only 3 Main Deck Monsters. Their main gimmick revolves around Appliancer Socketroll and Appliancer Copybokkle, which will be your main method of Link Summoning. Socketroll can Special Summon itself if you already control an Appliancer Monster. If you summon it while controlling another copy of itself, you can then Special Summon yet another copy from your Deck. This combos well with Copybokkle, since you can Special Summon that card from your hand as another copy of an Appliancer Monster you already control, which will then activate Socketroll. Unfortunately, Appliancer Breakerbuncle is the outlier here, as it doesn’t help you extend your plays, but offers some ok protection for your Appliancers, which is why we only run it at two.

Now, on to the Gizmek Monsters. Most of the lower level Gizmeks are in the deck to act as extenders, helping boost the consistency of the Deck, and giving you some interesting options in building your board. Inaba allows you to Special Summon a Machine Monster whose Atk and Def are the same from your hand when it is Normal Summoned, giving you an extra body on board if you use it’s effect to summon Socketroll. Naganaki acts like extra copies of Socketroll, as you can Tribute a Machine Monster whose Atk and Def are the same to Special Summon another Machine Monster whose Atk and Def are the same from your Deck, with a lower level than the Tributed Monster. Naganaki is Level 2 and Socketroll is Level 1, allowing you to tribute itself to get Socketroll from your Deck. Ibuki is an extender for Link plays since it Summons itself from Hand when you control a Machine Monster whose Atk and Def are equal. Because of these really good effects, you run three of each of these Monsters, since they are both consistency boosters and extenders.

Taniguku is only ran at one because it’s on summon effect, while nice to set up your draw for the next turn or for use in conjunction with the Gizmek Field Spell, doesn’t really help us all that much. Its true use lies in its Graveyard effect, where it basically acts like a Monster Reborn for any Machine Monsters whose Atk and Def are equal. The last couple of Gizmek Monsters we run aren’t exactly play extenders as a whole, though they can be used that way if your hand is right. Uka is easy to get out from your hand since you do a lot of Special Summoning from the Deck, and can even get you more Link Material from your Deck going second, thanks to its secondary effect. Finally, Kaku is a for sure add-in into this Deck as it is a Link Based Deck and 9 out of 10 times, you will have a Monster in the Extra Monster Zone, making Kaku live. Finally, you may have noticed the single copy of Codebreaker Zero Day. Now, the Codebreaker Monsters are very useful extenders that are used in making boards such as Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess + Knightmare Gryphon, which we will go over soon.

As for the Spells, they are mostly extenders. Appliancer Reuse is an in-Archetype Monster Reborn, World Legacy Succession is a staple in any Link Deck, and Machine Duplication can easily help you swarm your board with Link Material.

I’ll quickly take a look at the Extra Deck with you, since I don’t think many people actually know what Aplliancers…well, actually do. Appliancer Celtopus is what keeps the Deck together, with Link Arrows that are very useful for our plays, while also empowering our other Appliancers. It can’t be targeted by card effects when linked, nor can it be targeted for attacks. It gives your other Appliancer Monsters Co-Linked to it a 1000 Atk boost for each Appliancer Co-Linked to it during the damage step, and if a non Co-Linked Appliancer Monster is destroyed, you get to draw a card. Appliancer Laundry Dragon is, if you ask me, the best offensive option in the Appliancer Archetype. With only 1500 Atk it really isn’t anything to look at, at first at least. However, combine it with Celtopus and it can get boosted up to 3500 Atk when Celtopus is fully Co-Linked. Neither player takes battle damage from attacks revolving around it, however, if it is Co-Linked and battles, you can banish that Monster after Damage Calculation, giving you a rather useful out to Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon (A card I notoriously hate). If not Co-Linked, it acts sort of like Ally of Justice Catastor, destroying the Monster that battled it after Damage Calculation, but then also deals burn damage to your opponent equal to the destroyed Monster’s original Atk Stat.

Appliancer Vacculephant acts as removal, with different targets and effects depending on whether it is Co-Linked or not. Appliancer Kappa Scale acts as revival, and finally, Appliancer Dryer Drake acts as a secondary offensive option, able to become a 3000 Atk beater when connected to a fully Co-Linked Celtopus.

Ok, so how do we get this Deck working? Well, the most basic combo is basically getting two powerful Link 4 Monsters on the field, with only 2 cards needed. The most basic version of this Combo is the Appliancer Field Spell and either a copy of Socketroll or Copybokkle. Now, as I mentioned before, if you open up Inaba, this is an extra body on board to extend your play, or Naganaki can simply bring out a copy of Socketroll from your Deck, making it so that you don’t even need to open up any Appliancer Monsters. But just to keep things simple, I’ll be talking as if you opened up the most basic package.

  • Activate Electrilyrical World to search out your copy of Socketroll or Copybokkle, whichever one you are missing.
  • Normal Summon Socketroll, then use Copybokkle’s effect to Special Summon itself and get another copy of Socketroll onto the Field.
  • Link any of the two together to make Celtopus, which will trigger Electrilyrical World, allowing you to add back a copy of Socketroll from your Graveyard.
  • Use Socketroll’s effect to Special Summon itself, then link the two Monsters away in order to Link Summon Codebreaker Virus Swordsman, making sure it is Co-Linked to your Celtopus.
  • Swordsman will activate, getting your single copy of Zero Day onto the Field. From there, Link Summon Codebreaker Virus Berserker, using Zero Day and Swordsman as material, once again making sure it is Co-Linked to Celtopus.
  • Berserker will activate, summoning back your copies of Zero Day and Swordsman (If you are going second, be sure to put Berkser’s second effect to use before linking it away, allowing you to remove up to three of your Opponent’s Backrow).

Now, your Field has the perfect set-up to wreck your Opponent’s day. Going first, I highly suggest getting a board that consists of a minimum 2 negate Apollousa by Linking away Celtopus and Swordsman (This can, of course, be made into a 3 or 4 negate Apollousa with the right extenders. Inaba alone bumps you up from 2 negates to 3). Then using Virus Berserker and Zero Day, you can make Knightmare Gryphon for some extra negation (Or in this case, just stop effects from activating at all). Funny enough, since Gryphon will be Co-Linked, if you use its effect to recycle a Spell or Trap from your Graveyard, you’ll get to draw a card.

If you are going second, your course of action will be very similar, except instead of either Apollousa or Gryphon, you can instead go into Accesscode Talker. Another thing you can do as well, going first, is instead go into Masquerena, and go into any combination of Knightmare Unicorn, Gryphon, or Accesscode Talker on your Opponent’s turn, with destruction protection. This pairs very well with Accesscode, as you’ll have a massive Atk stat on top of that protection.

Gizmek Appliancer Deck Profile: The Conclusion

Alright, before I say anything else, no I do not think that Gizmek makes Appliancers a Meta Contender, or even a Rogue pick. However, what Gizmek does is gives an Archetype that really had no way to be used with anything else remotely good something to mix with, boosts its consistency, but also makes your possible boards so much more potent. Gizmek Appliancer is a fun Deck that can catch your opponent off guard by the sheer power it can provide, but like most combo decks, it’s very weak to Nibiru, the Primal Being. You can’t even rely on Apollousa to protect you from it since even getting the right number of Materials on board for Apollousa makes you fall into Nibiru range. There’s also the issue with no room for Hand Traps. Sure, you could easily remove something like Limiter Removal, but that’s about it. You really need the other cards to act as your extenders to really help the Deck get going, which again is another weakness. So yes, this is a Deck with a surprisingly high ceiling but faces a lot of issues in order to reach that ceiling. However, this doesn’t mean that the Deck is bad because it isn’t. Don’t try this deck out expecting it to be a Tournament winner, but just have fun with it. And hey, you could even probably get some wins over some Meta Decks just on the surprise factor alone. I mean, who’s gonna expect getting a destruction immune Accesscode Talker dropped on them from Appliancers? I know I sure wouldn’t.

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