Giant Ballpark Deck Profile 2021

Giant Ballpark Deck Profile 2021

Giant Ballpark Deck Profile


178102 200w

Hey fisherman, Aqua Duelist here.  I just joined the team here at Serpent Cards.  Some of you may know me from my youtube channel, and if you do that’s awesome.  I really enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh and have been playing since 2002.  For my first article, I thought I would share my Giant Ballpark deck profile that I’ve been dominating locals with.


Giant Ballpark Deck List


Monsters: 27


Insect knight x3

Shiny black “c” squadder x3

Resonance insect x3

Gokipole x3

Danger mothman x3

Aztekipede the worm warrior x1

Doom dozer x1

Kumongous the sticky string kaiju x2

Gadarla the mystery dust kaiju x2

Alpha the master of beasts x3

Parallel exceed x3

Spells: 13


 Giant ballpark x3

Lightning storm x3

Interrupted kaiju slumber x3

Terraforming x1

Gold sarcophagus x1

Foolish burial x1

Double or nothing x1

Extra deck: 15


Inzektor picofalena x2

Salamangreat almiraj x1

Link spider x1

I:p masquerena x1

Knightmare phoenix x1

Knightmare unicorn x1

Black luster soldier – soldier of chaos x1

Mekk-knight crusadia avramax x1

Number 39: utopia x1

Number 39: utopia double x1

Number: s39 utopia the lightning x1

Abyss dweller x1

Traptrix allomerus x1

Number 41: bagooska the terribly tired tapir x1

Looking at the cards in this deck we play a lot of monster removal and if we count cards that directly get us monster removal to the count that’s 27 cards, almost 3/4 of our deck.  It’s very hard to not break a board or out a problematic monster.  Some might be wondering why am I not playing the new card, Psychic Eraser Lazer.  The reason why I’m not playing it is that I feel my line up of monster removal is good as is in the main deck.  I am siding it for the Shaddoll Invoked match up because it’s a great out for Shaddoll Winda.

The deck is easy to pick up for newer players or players of a lower skill level because it has a lot of mini combos if you want to call them that and is easy to remember.  A few of them can mesh together and ends on a Mekk-knight Crusadia Avramax made using I:p Masqurena, which still wins games alone in 2021.  A lot of decks can’t out Avramax or they have to spend more resources then they want to which causes them to end on mediocre boards, a lot of resources burned through and puts you in a winning position.

Another major plus about this deck is its grind game.  This deck has always been able to out-grind Sky Strikers, the deck always wants to go into time.  Inzektor Picofalena is what recycles our insects.  What’s awesome is that it can recycle a copy of itself if there is one in the grave, basically allowing us to infinitely recycle our monsters.

As formats come and go and the meta changes, I have always been able to remain relevant with this deck.  Right now even with a mixed meta of combo and control, most people in my area opt for combo decks so I side blow out cards for control matchups.  Despite only getting direct support once, the deck has gotten better as time went on due to more monster removal cards like Lightning Storm and Alpha The Master Of Beasts.   Honestly, I think this deck will only get better because generic board removal just gets better and better, and is what will allow this deck to keep competing like it has been its release.

If you would like to watch any videos on my Giant Ballpark deck, check out my youtube channel.

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