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My Yu-Gi-Oh Journey


Hello fellow duelists and Yu-Gi-Oh Lovers!

My name is Martin Nyenty-Arrey of the Level 7 Crew L7C team and I am the newest member of the SerpentCards Content Creators team! I am really excited to be able to write about Yu-Gi-Oh content for SerpentCards, and I am grateful to SerpentCards for giving me the opportunity to write about a game that has impacted my life since I was a child. I have a lot of great Yu-Gi-Oh ideas that I am going to share with you all in the future, but before I do I wanted to tell you a little about myself and how I got into Yu-Gi-Oh. I believe that if I am going to be writing about Yu-Gi-Oh, you should know a little about my personal Yu-Gi-Oh journey.

What got me into Yu-Gi-Oh was like most, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters TV show. I was in 3rd grade when the show came to the United States of America. I will never forget when Yugi Muto dueled Seto Kaiba in the first episode of Duel Monsters and I was instantly hooked. As soon as the cards were sold in stores I was begging my parents to buy me one of the starter decks. My first starter deck was the Starter Deck Yugi and I thought I was the coolest kid in the world. I would take my starter deck and duel anyone on the bus ride to and from school, and at indoor recess. Any opportunity I could to duel, I dueled. Yu-Gi-Oh to me, at its core is one of the most strategic games in the world. You have thousands of cards in the game and you are making your own personal deck to take on other people.

I used to describe Yu-Gi-Oh to people as “playing chess with monsters.” The reason I say this is because like chess, you have your moves you are trying to do and your opponent is trying to counter them and their own moves.  I have always loved the back and forth that the game of Yu-Gi-Oh can provide, that’s when it is most fun and competitive.

Fast forward to my college days, I was able to find more and more players who either played the game in the past, or are current players who didn’t know anyone on campus who played. For the players who played in the past, I helped them get back into the game and made them rediscover their love for Yu-Gi-Oh. There is no better feeling than seeing the joy of players playing Yu-Gi-Oh and having fun with their friends. I am big on community, so I would host dueling nights in my college apartment for anyone who wanted a safe place to play and just have fun.

Post college I still keep up with the game a lot. I still host a weekly duel day with some of my friends every Monday night at my house and host an annual Duel Day event at my home for my friends who do not live close to me, and could not come to the weekly dueling days anymore. This game has strengthened my mind, helped me make new friends, and improved my ability to process situations and information.

That is enough about me and my Yu-Gi-Oh journey. Going forward, I am going to write a lot of fun and different things about Yu-Gi-Oh. I am going to write about different ways to play the game, interviews with Yu-Gi-Oh players you may not have heard of, and so much more! I post Yu-Gi-Oh duels on the Level 7 Crew L7C YouTube channel if you are looking for crazy decks I have made in action! Thank you all for your time and you will be seeing more Yu-Gi-Oh content from me soon!

Keep dueling Duelist!

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