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Yuma & Astral

Yuma & Astral

Yuma Tsukumo’s dream is to become a Duel Champion, and meeting the highly-talented Astral from Astral World just might be the ticket! They would be the perfect tag team… if they could only get along! Still, they need to work together if they want to gather Numbers – which are manifestations of Astral’s lost memories. To make that happen, Yuma is ready to feel the flow and take on any challenger! Their ace monster is “Number 39: Utopia”.

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Main Deck (Monster Cards)yuma & astral main deck

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Yuma & Astral Voiceline Cards List

Voiceline CardsDialogueSummon Type
Number 39: Utopia“Rise on up, Number 39: Utopia!” | “Attack Utopia!” followed by “Rising Sun Slash!” | “I use 1 Overlay Unit to activate Utopia’s effect!” followed by “Light Wing Shield!”Animation
Number C39: Utopia Ray“Chaos Xyz Evolution!” followed by “The protector who changes chaos into light!” “Number C39: Utopia Ray!” | “Utopia Ray attacks!” followed by ”Rising Sun Chaos Slash!” | “I use an Overlay Unit to activate Utopia Ray’s effect!” followed by “Overlay Charge!”Animation
Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja“Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja! Come on out!” | “Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja, attack!” followed by “Moon Shadow Crimson Slice!” | “Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja uses an Overlay Unit!”Cut-In Frame
Gagaga Cowboy“Join the fight, Gagaga Cowboy!” | “Round ’em up, Gagaga Cowboy!” | “I use Gagaga Cowboy’s Overlay Unit to activate it’s effect!”Cut-In Frame
Gagaga Girl“Rise up, Gagaga Girl!” | “Gagaga Girl, attack!” followed by “Gagaga Charge!” | “Gagaga Girl’s effect!” followed by “Her Level becomes the same as Gagaga Magician’s!” | “If I used Gagaga Girl to Xyz Summon, your monster has 0 ATK!” followed by “Cellphone Subtraction!”Cut-In Frame
Gagaga Magician“I know I can always count on you, Gagaga Magician!” | “Attack, Gagaga Magician!” followed by ”Gagaga Magic!” | “Gagaga Magician changes it’s Level until the end of the turn!”Cut-In Frame
Gagaga Samurai“Come on out, Gagaga Samurai!” | “Gagaga Samurai! Tear ’em up!” | “Gagaga Samurai uses an Overlay Unit to activate it’s effect!” | “Gagaga Samurai has another effect!” followed by “By switching to Defense Position, it redirects your attack!”Cut-In Frame
Heroic Champion – Excalibur“The most noble of knights is clad in light!” “Heroic Champion – Excalibur!” | “Excalibur, attack! Shock Sword Slash!” | “I use 2 Overlay Units to activate Excalibur’s effect!”Cut-In Frame
Number 17: Leviathan Dragon“Here’s Number 17: Leviathan Dragon!” | “Go, Leviathan Dragon!” followed by “Shock Stream Blast!” | “Leviathan Dragon uses 1 Overlay Unit to activate it’s effect!”Cut-In Frame
Number 22: Zombiestein“Come out, Number 22: Zombiestein!” | “Zombiestein, attack!” followed by “Zombie Fist!” | “I use an Overlay Unit to activate Zombiestein’s effect!”Standard
Number 34: Terror-Byte“Here comes Number 34: Terror-Byte! | “Terror-Byte, attack!” | “By using 1 Overlay Unit, Terror-Byte activates it’s effect!” followed by “Bug Virus!”Standard
Number 50: Blackship of Corn“Set sail, Number 50: Blackship of Corn!” | “Attack Blackship of Corn!” followed by “Full Fire!” | “For 1 Overlay Unit, Blackship of Corn can use it’s effect!” followed by “Blast a monster!”Cut-In Frame
Achacha Archer“Here’s Achacha Archer!” | “Let it fly, Achacha Archer!” | “Achacha Archer’s effect strikes your LP!”Standard
Achacha Chanbara“Here comes Achacha Chanbara! | “Slash ’em, Achacha Chanbara!” | “I activate Achacha Chanbara’s effect from my hand!”Standard
Baby Tiragon“Baby Tiragon is here!” | “Baby Tiragon, attack!” followed by “Baby Stream!” | “Baby Tiragon lets a Level 1 monster attack!”Standard
Bacon Saver“Here comes Bacon Saver!” | “Bacon Saver, attack!” | “I banish Bacon Saver from the Grave to negate the attack!”Standard
Chachaka Archer“Chachaka Archer! Let’s go!” | “Chachaka Archer, fire!” | “Chachaka Archer’s effect destroys 1 Spell or Trap Card!”Standard
Dododo Bot“Dododo Bot!” | “Lightning Blade!”Standard
Dododo Buster“I’m counting on you, Dododo Buster!” | “Dododo Buster revives a Dododo from the GY!”Standard
Dododo Driver“Meet my Dododo Driver!” | “Dododo Driver’s gonna attack!” | “When a Dododo Special Summons this, it can use it’s effect!”Standard
Dododo Swordsman“Dododo Swordsman is here to do it’s thing!” | “Now that it’s face-up, it destroys up to 2 monsters in play!”Standard
Dododo Warrior“I need your help, Dododo Warrior!” | “Go, Dododo Warrior!” followed by “Dododo Axe!”Standard
Dododo Witch“Here’s Dododo Witch!” | “Dododo Witch attacks!” | “Dododo Witch lets me Special Summon a Dododo from my hand!”Standard
Dodododwarf Gogogoglove“Dodododwarf Gogogoglove! Join me!” | “Dodododwarf Gogogoglove attacks!” | “Here’s Dodododwarf Gogogoglove’s effect!” | “Dodododwarf Gogogoglove’s effect activates from the Grave!”Standard
Flelf“Flelf, let’s go!” | “Flelf, attack!” | “Flelf gains Levels equal to the monster I showed ya’!”Standard
Gagaga Caesar“Let’s go, Gagaga Caesar!” | “Attack, Gagaga Caesar!”
| “Gagaga Caesar’s effect activates!”
Gagaga Child“It’s playtime, Gagaga Child! | “Gagaga Child attacks!” | “I Special Summon Gagaga Child so it can use this effect!”Standard
Gagaga Clerk“Gagaga Clerk!” | “Gagaga Clerk, attack!”Standard
Gagaga Head“Show yourself Gagaga Head!” | “Go, Gagaga Head!” | “Now, Gagaga Head! Activate your effect!” | “The Xyz Monster summoned using Gagaga Head uses it’s effect!”Standard
Gagaga Mancer“Come out, Gagaga Mancer!” | “Gagaga Mancer attacks!” | “I activate Gagaga Mancer’s effect!” | “Mancer’s effect activates when it’s used as an Overlay Unit!”Standard
Gagaga Sister“Gagaga Sister, time to play!” | “Gagaga Sister attacks!” | “When Gagaga Sister is Summoned, I can activate her effect!” | “Gagaga Sister has another effect!”Standard
Ganbara Knight“I’m bustin’ out Ganbara Knight!” | “Wait, Yuma! Ganbara Knight’s ATK are-!” followed by Yuma announcing “You worry too much! Go Ganbara Knight!” | “Ganbara Knight can switch from Attack to Defense Position!”Standard
Ganbara Lancer“Say hello to Ganbara Lancer!” | “Ganbara Lancer, attack!” | “Ganbara Lancer can bring out another Ganbara Lancer!”Standard
Goblindbergh“Fly Goblindbergh!” | “Goblindbergh attacks!” | “Goblindbergh’s effect activates!”Standard
Gogogo Ghost“Let’s do this, Gogogo Ghost! | “Gogogo Ghost! Spook ’em!” | “When Gogogo Ghost is Special Summoned, it revives our Golem!”Standard
Gogogo Giant“Come out, Gogogo Giant!” | “Gogogo Giant, stomp ’em!” | “We have successfully summoned Gogogo Giant.” followed by Yuma announcing “So we can Special Summon a Gogogo from our GY!”Standard
Gogogo Gigas“Let’s go, Gogogo Gigas! | “I cannot convince you that this is not wise, can I?” followed by Yuma announcing “Nope! Gogogo Gigas attack!” | “Gogogo Gigas’s effect activates from the GY!”Standard
Gogogo Golem“Wait! To use it’s effect to it’s full potential…” followed by Yuma announcing “Don’t direct my duel, I got this!” followed by “Go! Gogogo Golem!” | “Go, Gogogo Golem!” followed by “Gogogo Gust!”Standard
Gogogo Golem – Golden Form“I Special Summon Gogogo Golem – Golden Form!” | “Gogogo Golem – Golden Form attack!” followed by “Great Cannon!” | “Gogogo Golem – Golden Form’s effect activates!”Standard
Kagetokage“I Special Summon Kagetokage! | “Kagetokage, attack!” | “When I summon a Level 4 monster, I can Special Summon this!”Standard
Kurivolt“Here comes Kurivolt!” | “Attack, Kurivolt!” | “I remove an Overlay Unit to Special Summon Kurivolt!”Standard
Rai Rider“Rai Rider is drivin’ in!” | “Rai Rider, go!” | “The monster that battled Rai Raider can no longer attack!”Standard
Stinging Swordsman“Stinging Swordsman is ready to mix it up! | “Go, Stinging Swordsman! Stick ’em!” | “Stinging Swordsman returns your Spells and Traps to your hand!” followed by “Slash Hurricane!”Standard
Utopic Onomatopoeia“Here comes Utopic Onomatopoeia!” | “Utopic Onomatopoeia attacks!” | “Utopic Onomatopoeia’s effect activates!”Standard
Zubaba Buster“Here’s Zubaba Buster!” | “Zubaba Buster, smash ’em!” | “Zubaba Buster’s effect activates!”Standard
Zubaba General“Zubaba General’s coming to fight!” | “Zubaba General, let ’em feel your blade!” | “I use Zubaba General’s Overlay Unit to activate it’s effect!”Standard
Zubaba Knight“Join the Duel, Zubaba Knight!” | “Attack, Zubaba Knight!” followed by “Zubaba Bash!”Standard
Zubababancho Gagagacoat“Come on in! Zubababancho Gagagacoat!” | “Zubababancho Gagagacoat, attack!” | “If we have a Zubaba or Gagaga in play, we can summon this!” | “Zubababancho Gagagacoat’s effect activates!”Standard
Asleep at the Switch“The restoration of LP can be used at your advantage, Yuma!” followed by Yuma announcing “Yeah! I activate the Trap, Asleep at the Switch!”Standard
Blustering Winds“I activate my Spell Card, Blustering Winds!”Standard
Copy Knight“I activate the Continuous Trap, Copy Knight!”Standard
Cross Attack“I activate my Spell Card, Cross Attack!” followed by Astral announcing “The selected monster can attack the opponent directly!”Standard
Damage Diet“I activate my Trap, Damage Diet!” followed by “I take less damage this turn!” | “I activate Damage Diet’s effect from my GY!” followed by “I take less effect damage this turn!”Standard
Dododo Draw“I activate the Spell Card, Dododo Draw!” followed by “I send a Dododo to the GY to draw 2 cards!”Standard
Double or Nothing!“I activate Double or Nothing!! The monster can attack again!” followed by Astral announcing “And it gains ATK!”Standard
Gagaga Academy Emergency Network“I activate my Spell Card, Gagaga Academy Emergency Network!”Standard
Gagagabolt“I activate my Spell Card, Gagagabolt!”Standard
Gagagadraw“I activate my Spell Card, Gagagadraw!” followed by “I banish 3 Gagaga’s from my GY to draw 2 cards!”Standard
Gagagatag“I activate my Spell Card, Gagagatag!”Standard
Gagagawind“I activate my Spell Card, Gagagawind!”Standard
Gamushara“My Trap activates – Gamushara!” | “Gamushara has another effect! You take damage!”Standard
Ghosts of a Grudge“I activate my Trap, Ghosts of a Grudge!” followed by Astral announcing “All monsters on your field have 0 ATK!”Standard
Gogogo Talisman“I activate the Continuous Spell, Gogogo Talisman!” | “Gogogo Talisman’s effect activates!”Standard
Impenetrable Attack“I activate my Trap, Impenetrable Attack!”Standard
Light Wing Shield“My Quick-Play Spell activates, Light Wing Shield!”Standard
Mirror Mail“I activate my Trap, Mirror Mail!” followed by Astral announcing “The monster you are attacking now has the same ATK as yours!”Standard
Monster Reborn“I activate the Spell Card, Monster Reborn!”Standard
Onomatopaira“I activate the Spell Card, Onomatopaira!”Standard
Rising Sun Slash“I activate my Equip Spell, Rising Sun Slash!”Standard
The Regulation of Tribe“I activate my Continuous Trap, The Regulation of Tribe!” followed by “I select… Silver Glowy Floaty-Type!” followed by Astral announcing “…Are you trying to prevent ME from attacking?”Standard
Wonder Wand“I activate my Equip Spell, Wonder Wand!” | “Here’s Wonder Wand’s additional effect!” followed by “We eliminate this card and it’s monster to draw 2 cards!”Standard
Xyz Double Back“I activate the Quick-Play Spell, Xyz Double Back!”Standard
Xyz Reception“I activate my Spell Card, Xyz Reception!”Standard
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