Duel Links Beginner Guide

When it comes to video games based on the Yu-Gi-Oh brand, there’s a huge number of options. That said, one free-to-play mobile game has edged out the rest, earning its place as one of the most popular Yu-Gi-Oh games on the market. Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links is a notably addictive and entertaining deck-builder, guiding players through intense one-on-one matches against both computer-controlled and human opponents.

If you’re just starting out with Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links, things can be pretty overwhelming. Don’t worry, though! We’ve whipped up a list of five important tips for those beginners diving into Duel Links for the first time, in this Duel Links beginner guide. If you’re ready to duel but you’re not sure how to get started, these beginner Duel Links tips will help you make the most out of the start of your adventure!

Five Duel Links Tips for Beginners

1. Keep Up With Stage Missions



When you first start Duel Links, you’ll be guided through a series of overarching missions that teach you the basics of navigating the game. These are called Stage Missions, and also represent your overall progress through the core content in Duel Links. Stage missions are usually simple to complete, often requiring you to battle AI duelers or engage with various features in the game. Focusing on the Stage Missions will help you unlock better cards, more characters to use, and advanced mechanics. While it’s fun to simply duel and edit your deck, make sure you’re always paying attention to your current Stage Missions and try completing them quickly.

2. Complete the Duel Quizzes



On the Gate screen in the Duel World, you can try your hand at Duel Trials, which are dueling scenarios meant to test your flexibility and strategy in key battle situations. In the Duel Trials menu, there are three categories of “Duel Quizzes” to complete, ranked by their difficulty. When it comes to our beginner Duel Links tips, completing the Duel Quizzes is arguably the most beneficial for learning the core Duel Links gameplay. Most of the early Duel Quizzes play out like tutorials, teaching you how to react defensively, summon various cards, and utilize traps and spells. Better yet, the Duel Quizzes hold some worthwhile prizes, including some great cards to add to your deck.

3. Get Bonus Gems in the Menus

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In Duel Links, gems are used to buy booster packs and boxes in the store, upgrading your deck with more powerful monsters. Whether you plan on primarily playing PvP or PvE, you’ll need lots of gems to buy quality cards, so start your collecting early! In addition to gaining gems from daily log-in bonuses and events, players can grab a few gems by tapping on hidden areas in the main game screens. You can tap the fountain on the Gate screen, the lamp posts on the PvP Arena screen, the roof of the shop on the Shop screen, and the garbage can on the Duel Studio screen. Tap these areas multiple times a day, and you will be rewarded with anywhere from 1 – 5 gems. Over time, those bonus gems will add up, so don’t forget!

4. Don’t Buy Cards Right Away



Speaking of gems and purchasing cards, we highly recommend you hold off on buying new cards for quite some time. When you first start out in Duel Links, you’ll have a decent deck modelled after your chosen character. These starter decks are pretty powerful, and with some light tinkering, you can craft a brutally effective strategy. While the new decks and boxes might looking appealing in the Shop, you’ll likely have to spend a good chunk of gems to get the cards you want. Since gems become rarer to earn as you play, it’s better to save them until you’re ready to make a full deck swap.

5. Don’t Forget to Equip Your Character Skills

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While the deck-composition is the core of your strategy while dueling, don’t forget to equip Character Skills, which can help boost your existing cards in some cool ways. Each character in the game has a unique set of skills that are unlocked as you level them up, allowing you to instantly draw monsters, gain bonus attack points, and more. You can equip one character skill in the Deck Editor, adding that effect to your chosen deck. For example, if you choose Yugi as your starting character, be sure to equip his “Power of Dark” character skill. This skill starts each match with the “Yami” spell card on your side of the field, which increases the attack and defense of all your Spellcaster-type monsters. Considering that most of Yugi’s starting monsters are Spellcasters, equipping “Power of Dark” is a no-brainer move that will make your deck considerably stronger.

Thanks for reading our Duel Links Beginner guide, we hope you find these 5 tips helpful as you begin your Duel Links journey. Let us know your thoughts in the comments about what you think of Duel Links so far!

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