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The Duel Links Character Series is a Character themed tournament where each participant must choose a unique Duel Links character to represent for the event. Each character has a deck requirement based off the character’s signature cards and cards that the character has specific dialogue for. (Unless otherwise stated, you can use copies of voiceline cards for your character to meet the requirement). As long as your main deck meets these listed requirements, you can make the rest of your main deck up with any cards that you wish.

**Your chosen characters’ extra deck can ONLY contain cards that they have a voiceline for in Duel Links**

To see the deck requirements for each character, simply hover your mouse cursor over each character’s portrait to reveal their requirements. To see all of the voicelines for the characters, click on the yellow Millennium Puzzle icon underneath which will direct you to the character’s profile page.

Once a character has completed 15 matches in the DLCS format, they will be assigned a Global DLCS Rank. Then depending on the character’s rank and their overall win rate in the format, their deck requirements will be adjusted.

DLCS Character Rankings

DLCS Character Tier List

Legend: 70 – 100% Win Rate
Platinum: 60 – 69% Win Rate
Gold: 50 – 59% Win Rate
Silver: 40 – 49% Win Rate
Bronze: 30 – 39% Win Rate
Rookie: 0 – 29% Win Rate

DLCS Winners

DLCS #1 – Arkana
DLCS #2 – Joey Wheeler (DSOD)
DLCS #3 – Zane Truesdale

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