D.D. Castle Supreme King Rises Event

The DD Castle Supreme King Rises event has now begun! Complete the event and unlock the Supreme King

Bio: When Jaden lost his friends in an alternate dimension, his anger and sadness caused darkness to grow inside his heart – transforming him into the Supreme King. In a world where power rules everything, the Supreme King’s army conquered the entire realm. He started using Evil Heroes instead of Elemental Heroes and wielded the ultimate Fusion card “Super Polymerization” to power them. Jim “Crocodile” Cook and Axel Brodie used the power of the Orichalcum to defeat the Supreme King – but at great cost to themselves.

How To Unlock Supreme King In Duel Links

supreme king dlcs

To unlock Supreme King as a playable character, players must proceed through the DD Castle Supreme King Rises Event and complete Floor #29

A Duelist with Skills such as “Malicious Hero” which adds “Evil Hero Malicious Edge” & “Dark Fusion” to your deck and “Evil Hero Malicious Fiend” to your Extra Deck at the beginning of the turn, as well as “Supreme King’s Castle Revelation”, which lets you play “Supreme King’s Castle” from outside your deck.

Supreme King’s Ace Card (Can’t be unlocked from the event)

Evil Hero Malicious Fiend – Ultra Rare

evil hero malicious fiend duel links


DD Castle Supreme King Rises Event Info

  1. Collect Castle Keys by dueling in Duel World or by playing Ranked Duels
  2. Use Castle Keys to battle monsters listed on the events page
  3. When you defeat all monsters on a floor consecutively, you can collect “Floor Completed” Rewards & Lottery Coins, and move to the next floor of DD Castle
  4. From the Lottery, you can obtain rewards such as Cards, Gold & Gems!

Additional Floors

  1. Floors 16 – 30 Added (1st August)
  2. Floors EX1-EX5 Added (4th August)
  3. Floors EX6-EX10 Added (7th August)

(Monsters from these additional floors are harder to defeat! Completing these extra floors will let you obtain more rewards than on the lower floors!) By finishing floors you can unlock accessories such as Supreme King themed Card Sleeves & Game Mats!

Challenge Room

By completing one of the “special” floors (Floors 7, 15, 21, 22, 26, 27, EX4, EX5 or EX10) within 10 turns, you can then duel in the challenge room.

How To Obtain Castle Keys?

Castle Keys can be obtained from:

  • Completing duels against Legendary Duelists (Not at the Gate)
  • Completing duels against Standard Duelists
  • Completing duels against the Vagabond
  • Competing in Ranked Duels (Event Missions)

EX Draw & Summon Event Item

EX Draw & Summon is a special event item that you can use before a duel. By using this time, you can draw 2 cards for your normal draw phase and also normal summon monsters twice per turn in that duel!


You can obtain cards & items from the lottery by spending Lottery Coins earned from your duels at D.D. Castle.

EX Jewels

EX Jewels can be obtained from the Lottery as well. You can trade these at the Trader EX for Event Reward cards & items!

Event Pointers

  • This event is available after unlocking the GX Duel World
  • This event may be held again in the future
  • There is no limit on the amount of Castle Keys you can obtain (the counter will not display more than 999)
  • You can’t obtain Castle Keys from Vagrants
  • The opportunity to receive the daily bonus resets at 06:00 each day
  • If you lose a duel, the number of waves currently completed will not carry over to your next duel
  • In Wave Duels, players will always go second
  • Every time a new wave starts, the player will go second

List Of Cards You Can Obtain From The Lottery

Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy (Ultra Rare)

Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy duel links


Annihilator Archfiend (Super Rare)

annihilator archfiend DUEL LINKS


Goldd Wu-Lord of Dark World (Ultra Rare)

goldd wu-lord of dark world DUEL LINKS


Goblin Elite Attack Force (Super Rare)

Goblin Elite Attack Force


Skilled White Magician (Super Rare)

skilled white magician


Skilled Dark Magician

skilled dark magician duel links


Let us know your thoughts about the DD Castle Supreme King Rises event in the comments below! Are you excited to unlock Supreme King?


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