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This post is going to break down cubics for you so you get to know and understand them better. This will help the people that are interested in playing cubics in Duel Links. this is going to be a long post – just telling you in advance!

Most of the cubic cards were easily obtainable in the event and you should have enough of all the cubics cards if you put a moderate amount of effort in to the Indiora and Gundil events. If you didn’t collect them in the event they are available as Aigami drop rewards and some through level up rewards. No need to go through boxes! But you will have to farm a bit. You are definitely going to want to use the skill ‘cubic seeds’ for the most competitive results because that is the only way to use vijam and also because this guide will only focus on cubic seeds due to unsuccessfully being able to utilize the others.

Cubic Core

Here is the core(the remaining slots are for various tech cards of your choosing) for both the cubic decks:

Cubic Beatdown:
1 buster gundil

3 duza

1 blade garoodia

3 karma dharma and ascension

Current build:fkjqc74faim71 Source

Cubic Burn:

1 Indiora

3 giera guile, duza, karma, dharma, and ascension

Individual cards

Here ill go through each card and explain its purpose in both burn and beatdown.

Vijam the cubic seed – this is the most important card in a cubic deck and can sometimes be confusing. Here is the card’s effect:

Cannot be destroyed by battle. At the end of the Damage Step, if this card battled an opponent’s monster: You can place this card face-up in your Spell & Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell Card, and if you do, place 1 Cubic Counter on that opponent’s monster. (Monsters with a Cubic Counter cannot attack, also negate their effects.) If this card is treated as a Continuous Spell Card by this effect, during your Main Phase: You can Special Summon this card from your Spell & Trap Zone.

When it says ‘ if this card battled another monster’ it means the effect activates whether you attack your opponents monster or your opponents attacks you. you are prompted with an optional effect. If you activate it, vijam moves from the field to your spell/trap zone. Then you can place a cubic counter on the monster it battled. As the card says, monsters with cubic counters can’t attack but also have their effects negated.

Note, the activation of the effects are not negated, just the effects. Your opponents can still activate the effect and pay costs. So if you go against opponent’s who don’t read and they tribute a monster with the effect of cosmo brain that has a cubic counter on it, then they have just wasted that monster. The only exception is if an opponent’s monster tributes itself as a cost then the monster does not have a counter on it anymore so they effect of your opponent’s monster is not negated.

A few more things to note, firstly cubic counters work independently and stay in effect even if Vijam leaves the field. Having multiple cubic counters on a monster isn’t going to benefit you any more than just one.

Duza – A must have core card can send any cubic card to the grave. Send monsters to the grave to recycle them with dharma, search a monster by sending karma to the grave, or send a monster to the grave for a simple attack boost. Duzas effect activates upon being summoned regardless of normal or special and is not once per turn. You can also send ascension to the grave on your first turn if you brick to deter otks.

Buster gundil – summon this card to wreck havoc. If high beatstick monsters are on the field, buff buster gundil with karma or crash into them if possible to weaken your opponents board and summon vijams for protection while searching buster gundil back out. Summon one duza and two vijams when buster gundil is destroyed if your deck hasn’t been milled dry yet.

Blade Garoodia – Essential in every buster deck. Can easily secure otks against weak boards and can help you perform a maneuver I like to call “potshots” which is when you use a cubic monster to to destroy an opponents monster then summon vijams through monster effects to protect you from a higher attack monster.

Indiora- summon this card after you’ve summoned your giera guile. Summon this card in defense position and bait you’re opponent into destroying it to search out more giera guile through summoning duza and by using indioras search effect.

Giera guile- save these up in your hand until you have enough burn damage to finish your opponent. Make sure to recycle them with dharma.

Dharma – for protection against unregulated damage, sending cubic cards to the grave to draw more cards and recycling duza/boss monsters while in the grave. Don’t be afraid to discard vijams to gain that’s sweet and succulent draw power.

Ascension: decent battle trap that special summons a vijam(from the deck only) and forces it to battle the attacking monster. Its grave effect can summon one vijam if you have a monster on your field and 2000 less lp than your opponents. Can summon up to 3 vijam as long as you have no monsters on the field while your opponent does and none of your vijams are banished.

Karma: can buff your boss monsters by 800 atk for every vijam sent to the grave(from hand or deck) through continuous effect and searches a cubic monster through its grave effect.

Cubic Win Conditions

The are two types of cubics decks, that have different win conditions. Here they are:

1. Winning through effect damage

For this win condition (the types that revolves more around stalling)
Your deck revolves around getting at the cards you need ready then finishing your opponent of all in one turn through burn damage (I am not referring to an OTK, just reducing your opponents life points from 4000 to 0 in one turn when you have the setup you need)

Keep in mind that some opportunities may appear where burning early is the way to go.

You play the first phase of the game depending on your hand. Preferably you want to take the course of action that allows you to search the most without leaving you too wide open. Summoning duza to search out giera guile is great but if you have no dharma, ascension or other protection then you are at risk of being otkd. Instead consider dumping ascension with duza as ascension will prevent otks and thin put your deck.

Don’t rush to place counters on the field by attacking with vijam+dharma as you want to let your opponent to feel comfortable enough to synchro, xyz, and fusion summon. Then you may rush to put vijam counters on them. Use common sense though. Some decks dont utilize the extra deck or hardly utilize it and use main deck boss monsters.

Once you have 2+ vijams on the field, you should start sending your cubic ascension cards to the graveyard. This is to prepare yourself for a comeback if you lose control later on. Getting ascension in the graveyard early could save the game. This is because it’s effect let’s you revive all your vijams from the graveyard.

Cubic karma only has one use in this version of the deck, its first condition is only used in the buster gundil deck mostly. In this version you just want to send it to the graveyard. This allows you to excavate vijams, giera guiles, and indiora doom volt, from your deck. A useful combination is sending karma to the graveyard with dharma allowing you to draw another card and add another cubic monster to your hand like vijam or giera guile.

Win condition: Here the win condition is to take your opponent out with effect damage. The optimal set up would be – 3 vijams on the field; 3 giera guiles in your hand; 1 cubic emperor in your hand and 1 cubic Dharma in your graveyard. You would win by tributing one vijam to summon giera  dealing 800 damage then tributing that giera to summon another and deal another 800 damage. You repeat for the third. Then you use Dharma in your graveyard to revive a geira from your grave and then you proceed to summon it. At this point your opponent will have 800 life point left, here you will summon your emperor and win the game.

Now you might be wondering, why don’t you just use activate another Dharma in your graveyard to revive another giera? Well both Dharma’s effects are hard once per turn effects so you would have to wait another turn to activate it’s effect which is much less efficient.

Sometimes you won’t be able to meet these conditions exactly as you might be missing a few cards (eg. they were banished) or because your have to act fast or you will lose (eg. destiny board). Here you will need to adapt by using all of your giera guiles and indiora and using multiple dharmas to recycle and burn over two turns or if you are desperate enough, attack with indiora and/or giera guile to do damage.

2. Winning through buster gundil

Here the aim is to summon buster gundil to dish out up to 9k damage at once. Here you will want both anti-backrow and backrow of your own, possibly a bit more backrow than not as you will want to clear the field of any tough monsters your opponent as you can’t consistently boost gundils attk this deck without adding potg,riryoku, etc.

You play the first phase of the duel just like before with ascension, dharma, karma and all that stuff. Dharma is still very important here though it isn’t essential for the win condition. I would still strongly recommend playing three copies.

Cubic karma’s first effect is pretty useful but isn’t essential. You should only even have one activated on the field at a time and only ever activate it if you have gundil out. Even with only one out, it can still get a bit tight on space.

Win condition: Here you take your opponents Life point to zero through attacks, Gundil can attack three times per turn which is useful. You are going to want to clear the field of any tough or dangerous monsters and use anti-backrow to hopefully clear out any backrow. Its also advisable to have dharma out on the field in case your opponent turns things around and manages to get a more powerful monster on the field and attacks.

One really useful feature that Gundil has is its ability to recycle itself. When gundil is sent to the graveyard you can revive three cubic monster from your graveyard, where you would summon three vijams if you are about to deck out or 2 vijams and a duza if there are still cards left to mill, then you can add gundil back to your hand again. You can proceed to summon gundil again. On the other hand, it only works if gundil is sent to the graveyard (can be by battle or card effects) so if it is hit be karma cut it is not coming back by usual methods.

If you aren’t able to get three tributes on the field, you can use blade Garoodia as a mini beater to fend of your opponents monsters for a short while till you can get everything set up or even otk if your opponent is wide open. It also searches buster Gundil which can be quite useful if you can make it work.

Cubic Set combos:

Cubic ascension and vijam – Fairly simple but strong. It’s early game use is face down on the field and should usually be activated whenever possible unless you can clearly see you will benefit more by doing otherwise. This is because getting vijams on the field is extremely important. Just be careful not to set too many face down, if you set three face down and end up drawing a vijam next turn, you can have once space in your spell/trap zone that you can’t use anymore unless you tech storm or parallel twister/cyclone.

Once you have a full board, its best use is in the graveyard. It is so good for making amazing comebacks and has helped me with this so many times. You can usually get your life points to 2000 with cards with cards like cosmic cyclone, solemn scolding, appointer of the red lotus, etc.

Cubic dharma and cubic karma – This works when you have cubic dharma face up on the field. You can activate it’s effect to send cubic karma to your graveyard which lets you draw a card. In addition you can activate cubic karma’s graveyard effect letting you add a cubic monster to your hand. Usually you would add giera/indiora (effect damage version) or gundil (agro version) and duza to your hand as you have cubic ascension and the chance of actually drawing vijam meaning you will probably already have enough cubic seeds. However don’t be afraid to use its effect to search for Vijam if needed. Just remember that dharma has a hard once per turn effect on both effects

Cubic ascension + cubic dharma – this is more of a reminder that you can use dharma to send cubic ascension to the graveyard as I already talked quite a bit about cubic ascension.

Duza + cubic karma – this works pretty much the same way as dharma and karma. You send karma to your graveyard with duza’s summoning effect. While it might be tempting to send monsters to the graveyard with its efffect instead, it is not worth it (except miscellaneous situations of course). Also, though you won’t need it very often, duza’s secondary effect can be activated by sending a monster to your graveyard from your hand with dharma, not just its own effect.

Cubic mandala + buster gundil – Cubic

Buster gundil + cubic karma – This strategy is a small element of risk to it because if gundil is removed from play by a card like karma cut then cubic karma will just be sitting in your field taking up one space in your spell/trap zone for no value. This is why you should only ever have one cubic karma activated on the field at any given time unless you are teching gryphon feather duster or storm. You should also only activate it if you have buster gundil on the field (unless you are OTK ing with duza, more on that later on). What this combo actually does is slice your opponents life points in half when gundil is sent to the graveyard and revives three vijams from the graveyard. The actual trigger is the vijam’s being revived from the graveyard through gundils effect. In the process you will add gundil back to your hand due to its recycle effect ready to be summoned again.

Vulcan dragini + vijam

Duza + cubic karma 2.0 – This is a situational OTK that won’t happen too often but still does happen from time to time. You should only do it if your opponent has no cards on the field, whether that is because you cleared their backrow, used lightning vortex or if your opponent just passed without making a move or is trying to bait you with draw and veil. What you would do is summon duza and use it to send ascension to your graveyard (this is incase your opponent has any hand disruption that could cause you to lose control) then buff with karmas continuous effect and send three vijams to the grave, then attack with the buffed duza.

Cubic Weaknesses

Cubics are usually much slower at setting up. They need a variety specific cards together. If your opponent can clear your board early on and you have no set interruptions, then you are done for if they have strong enough monsters. This is why your backrow/anti-backrow is so important and why the skill buff impacted cubics greatly. Their second weakness is against banishing effects. Now while most deck can’t revive their banished cards, cubics suffer the most as they depend greatly on vijam the cubic seed, if vijam is gone, then your whole foundation is gone. You will barely be able to summon anything if your vijams are banished. While it is unlikely all three of your vijams will be banished, even losing one impacts you greatly.

It means you will have to adapt your method for the first win condition and use duza as tribute for the second. You will still have to draw out your other vijams to get three monsters to tribute which is why the first method is more consistent as it can manage much better even if you only have one vijam, whereas gundil always needs three tributes.

If you made it to the end, thanks so much for reading and thanks you so much u/winner123456009 for helping with the making of this guide. I hope you enjoy playing cubics.

Feel free to ask any questions, however you can contact me about cubics most easily on my discord where I am very active:

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