Best Staple Cards To Unlock In Duel Links

In Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, especially during the first chunk of the game, the number of available cards and deck-building options seem endless. Card packs can be purchased with in-game currency called gems, but these are limited, so it’s best to hold onto them until you’ve got a solid game-plan. However, it’s natural to want to strengthen your deck and start expanding your card catalogue. There are tons of cards you can grab with ease, but some are much stronger than others. Versatile cards that can be used in a variety of decks are called staples, including fiendish traps and deadly spells that give you an edge in battle. To help you start collecting cards that will be useful in the long run, we’ve whipped up a list of the best staple cards to unlock in Duel Links early on.


Whether you’re running with a simple starter deck, aiming for a premium deck, or just trying a variety of strategies, these cards will always come in handy. We’ve picked out cards that are both consistently useful and easy to collect, requiring no real currency. If you’re looking to evolve your current deck in new ways or try some new strategies, these are the best Duel Links staple cards to focus on. 


Best Staple Cards To Unlock In Duel Links


Banner of Courage 

BannerofCourage YS15 EU C 1E


Often times in Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links, a small difference in a monster’s attack can make all the difference. While Banner of Courage isn’t the rarest or most useful card for late-game play, it’s a powerful tool to have early on. When activated, this spell card gives every monster you control an additional 200 attack points. Once set, this continuous spell will bolster your team until destroyed, making it a consistent and reliable bonus. Luckily, you should have a Banner of Courage already available in your starter deck when you first begin the game. You can get another copy by completing the tutorial-style Duel Puzzles, offering even more extra attack. If your monsters are getting destroyed by early duelists, consider stacking a few copies of Banner of Courage in your deck. 


Jar of Greed 

JarofGreed SS01 EN C 1E

A big factor of any Duel Links battle is the number of cards you have in your hand at any given time. The more cards you have in your hand, the more opportunities and strategic paths you’ll be able to take. That’s why Jar of Greed, a trap card that lets you draw an additional card from your deck, is so useful. Jar of Greed can be purchased from the Card Trader as part of his standard offerings, so you won’t have to wait for his inventory to adjust. I recommend adding at least one or two copies of Jar of Greed to your deck early, as it should help you pull off combos and give you more chances to draw your preferred card. As a bonus, adding Jar of Greed to your deck will get you closer to unlocking Odion, a hidden legendary duelist who appears once you’ve played 300 trap cards. 



Polymerization FUEN EN SR 1ESource


Polymerization is a powerful spell card that will become a necessity for any fusion deck. The card allows you to fusion summon one fusion monster from your extra deck by using monsters from your hand or field. As a cornerstone of any fusion deck, Polymerization will be one of the first cards you’ll need if you’re looking to adopt this strategy. You can obtain the Polymerization card in a few ways, but the easiest method involves levelling up Joey Wheeler, one of the earliest unlockable characters. Once you’ve played enough matches to upgrade Joey to level five, you’ll earn a Polymerization card as a free bonus. If you need more Polymerization cards for your deck, you can obtain additional copies at both the Card Trader and via card packs like Hero Rising, Destiny Rulers, and Master of Chaos. 


Enemy Controller 

EnemyController LCKC EN ScR 1ESource


Enemy Controller is one of the best spell cards in all of Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links, and remains useful from the beginning of the game all the way to the end. This spell card has two effects, allowing you to either change the battle position of an opponent’s monster or take control of an opponent’s monster for one turn by tributing one of your own monsters. Generally speaking, Enemy Controller can be applied in a huge number of scenarios, helping you gain the upper hand when needed most. Unfortunately, the card is a bit tough to obtain, so you’ll want to start searching early. Your best bet for collecting Enemy Controller is by battling Seto Kaiba at the Duel Gate after you’ve hit Stage 14. It might take you dozens of battles to unlock, but Enemy Controller is worth the effort. 


Cosmic Cyclone

CosmicCyclone SBCB EN C 1ESource


Cosmic Cyclone is a spell card with an incredible amount of versatility, with the added bonus of acting as a catalyst for certain combo strategies. This card lets you banish one spell/trap card on the field after paying 1000 life-points. Banishing important cards can absolutely ruin an opponent’s strategy, acting as a great tool of defense. Additionally, there are a large variety of cards and abilities that activate whenever you lose 1000 life-points, so you can utilize Cosmic Cyclone as a combo-opener. Unfortunately, Cosmic Cyclone is one of the harder cards on this list to unlock, requiring you to open card packs. You should be able to grab one without spending any real currency, so don’t worry too much. You can obtain Cosmic Cyclone from the Galactic Origin box or the Selection Box Vol. 01 Mini pack. 

Thanks for checking out our article and be sure to let us know your thoughts on our staple card list! If you’re just diving into Duel Links and are looking to see where to begin with it all, check out our article here as we share our top 5 tips to help you on your Duel Links journey.



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