battle city tournament series #1

Battle City Tournament Series Overview

An extension of the Duel Links Character Series, the Battle City Tournament Series is a Duel Links character-themed tournament using the 14 Characters that were participants in the Battle City tournament in the anime. The Battle City Tournament Series is a more casual character event compared to the DLCS with stronger voiceline card requirements and some character requirements adjusted to best represent the theme of Battle City and the characters.


Tournament Details

Start Date: 14th August 2021
BCTS #1  Swiss Stage
BCTS #1 Final 8
BCTS Characters

Tournament Format

4 rounds of Swiss > Top 8 Single Elimination
14 participants
Best of 3 Duels
1 Deck + 7 card side deck & 1 side character skill (Upon reaching the final 8 stages, winning characters can choose one card from defeated opponent’s deck to add to their extended side deck for the duration of the Battle City finals)

BCTS Winners

BCTS #1 – Ishizu Ishtar

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BCTS #1 – Top 8 Characters & Decks


BCTS #1 Champion – Nicholas as Ishizu Ishtar .uk1 2021 08 23T190946.063

Top 2 – Drin as Mako Tsunami .uk1 2021 08 23T190546.096

Top 4 – Viktor as Mai Valentine .uk1 2021 08 23T190257.135

Top 4 – Jei as Seto Kaiba .uk1 2021 08 22T205948.711

Top 8 – Saheel as Lumis & Umbra .uk1 2021 08 21T202739.688

Top 8 – Lauren as Joey Wheeler .uk1 2021 08 22T113647.673

Top 8 – Griffin as Yami Marik .uk1 2021 08 22T175045.856

Top 8 – Jay Jay as Arkana .uk1 2021 08 21T201845.692



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