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Battle City Tournament Series Overview

Based on the Duel Links Character Series & Duel Monsters, the Battle City tournament series is a character-themed tournament using only the 14 Characters that were participants in the Battle City tournament in the anime. The Battle City Series is a more casual character event compared to the DLCS with some requirements adjusted to best represent the theme of Battle City and the characters. If you’re familiar with the DLCS already, the rules here will look very similar indeed.

Battle City Characters To Choose


Tournament Winner Prize:  £10 GBP/ $15 sent via Paypal or Steam Gift Card

Only 14 Spots For The Event!

Characters Taken So Far (14)

Espa Roba
Joey Wheeler (DM)
Lumis & Umbra
Mai Valentine
Mako Tsunami
Seto Kaiba (DM)
Yami Bakura
Yami Marik
Yami Yugi



  1. The Battle City Tournament Series is a Character themed tournament based on Duel Monsters where each participant must choose a unique Duel Links character to represent for our Battle City event. Each character has a deck requirement based on the character’s signature cards from the Battle City arc and cards that the character has specific dialogue for.  As long as your main deck meets the listed requirements, you can make the rest of your main deck up with any cards that you wish.
  2. Your extra deck can ONLY contain cards that your chosen character has a voice-line for (check the character link symbol underneath each character profile on the roster page to see their full list of voice-line cards.
  3. Your chosen character’s “monster animation” card must be in your main deck even after siding.
  4. The listed “required” card on the roster page for a character is exclusive to that character only (e.g. only Espa Roba can use Jinzo, only Kaiba can use Obelisk etc). Required cards were picked based on the character’s decks & their “rarest” card in Battle City. Check the Roster page to see all the requirements for each character
  5. Same as the DLCS, you can’t use other character animations cards from the other eras unless your character also has a voiceline for it (Bandit Keith can’t use Meklord Emperor Wisel for example)
  6. Your character’s deck requirements must still be met even after siding.
  7. To have as much variety as possible, you cannot pick a character that has already been taken (this will be displayed at the top of the page).
  8. Each participant is allowed an up to 7-card side deck for the event, plus one additional side skill for your chosen character.
  9. In the Semi Final stages, defeating a character will also allow you to take that character’s signature/animation card (like they did in the anime), and add it to your side deck as an extended option for the finals.
  10. Matches will be best of 3 duels using the latest Duel Links Banlist. Side decks can only be used for games 2 and 3 in a match.
  11. Each round in the Swiss stages lasts 48 hours. You are responsible for scheduling your matches with your opponent. Please Private Message your opponent(s) on Facebook or tag them on the group page and schedule a time to duel. If you cannot get a hold of your opponent, then contact me.
  12. In the event of a disconnect, the player who disconnected receives a loss for that duel (not the whole match).
  13. Please make sure to save all replays from your duels (even if you lose) and send me the replay URLs. I will also be uploading the final 16 matches to our Youtube channel.

How To Sign Up

  1. Pick any Duel Links Character from the list here and comment below or send me a message on Facebook with your character choice. (Note: if you hover your cursor over a character, it will show the character’s deck requirements for the event).
  2. When you are ready to submit your character deck, you must send me the Main deck URL (click the “share” button in the deck editor to generate the deck url link), with the character skill set, a screenshot of your  7 card side deck, and any side character skill you wish to have.

Tournament Details

Start Date: Saturday, 14th August 2021

Time: 7PM GMT

Banlist: Latest DL Banlist

Match Format: Best Of 3

Tournament Format: Swiss —> Single Elimination

Tournament Bracket

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