Pegasus Voiceline Cards In Duel Links

In today’s article, and in the next instalment in our Duel Links Character series of articles, we’ll be taking a look at the creator of Duel Monsters himself, Maximillion Pegasus, and listing all of the cards which Pegasus has a voiceline for in Duel Links currently, and also the cards listed in the game files, to be added at a later date.

Pegasus Voiceline Cards In Duel Links

Main Deck

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Extra Deck


Pegasus Voiceline Cards List

“Here’s my monster that’s quite the looker!” followed by “Relinquished!” | “Relinquished’s special ability activates!” followed by “Hypnotic Attraction!”
“I Special Summon Bickuribox!”
Cut-In Frame
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
“Here’s a legendary monster in its most supreme form – and it’s much more cuddly too!” followed by “Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon!” | “I attack you with Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon!” followed by “White Lightning!”
Cut-In Frame
Manga Ryu-Ran
“I Special Summon Manga Ryu-Ran!”
Cut-In Frame
Toon Dark Magician Girl
“I Summon Toon Dark Magician Girl!” | “I attack you with Toon Dark Magician Girl!” followed by “Dark Burning Attack!”
Cut-In Frame
Toon Summoned Skull
“Here’s the protagonist of a dark new comic book I’m writing!” followed by “Toon Summoned Skull!” | “I attack with Toon Summoned Skull!” followed by “Lightning Strike!”
Cut-In Frame
Toon Cannon Soldier
“Make way for Toon Cannon Soldier!”
Toon Gemini Elf
“Step right up, Toon Gemini Elf!” | “Toon Gemini Elf’s attack will leave you in stitches!” followed by “Gemini Double Radiation!”
Toon Goblin Attack Force
“Presenting Toon Goblin Attack Force!”
Toon Masked Sorcerer
“I Summon Toon Masked Sorcerer!”
Toon Mermaid
“I Special Summon Toon Mermaid!”
Dragon Capture Jar
“My card is Dragon Capture Jar!” followed by “All Dragon-type monsters are sealed inside this container.”
“I activate Mimicat!” followed by “This card can transform into any one of your cards!”
Mind Haxorz
“I activate Mind Haxorz.”
“The Spell Card, Polymerization!”
Shine Palace
“Shine Palace!” followed by “LIGHT Monsters gain 700 Attack Points!”
Toon Defense
“I activate Toon Defense!”
Toon Table of Contents
“This card should spice things up a bit!” followed by “I activate the Spell Card, Toon Table of Contents!”
Toon Kingdom
“Welcome to my land of mania and mayhem!” followed by “I activate Toon Kingdom!”
Toon World
“Do you like cartoons? Because I have an entire magical cartoon world just for you!” followed by “Toon World!”

Pegasus Voiceline Cards Found In Game Files (Not Live In Game Yet)

pegasus unused

What are your thoughts on Pegasus as a character in Duel Links and his list of voiceline cards? Any cards you would like to see added to the game? Let us know in the comments!  We hope you enjoy these voiceline articles and they assist you in your own card collecting goals in Duel Links, whether you like the challenge of collecting all voiceline cards for a specific character, or if you’d like to use this information for a character tournament you’re perhaps thinking of running yourself in future, or if you simply just like to have a look at all of the voiceline cards for a character in one convenient place, we’re glad these articles are helpful.


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