All Mako Tsunami Voiceline Cards In Duel Links

All Mako Tsunami Voiceline Cards In Duel Links – Our Duel Links Character series of articles continues as today we take a look at the top ranked sea duelist and the sailor of the seven seas, Mako Tsunami! We’re listing all of the cards in Duel Links that Mako has a voiceline for, and also the voiceline cards still waiting to be added to the game.  Lets dive in (no pun intended).

Mako Tsunami Voiceline Cards In Duel Links

Main Deck

mako tsunami main deck

Mako Tsunami Voiceline Cards List

Voiceline CardsDialogueSummon Type
The Legendary Fisherman“This card is near and dear to my heart.” followed by “I Summon The Legendary Fisherman!” | “The mighty ocean commands respect, as do the monsters that inhabit it!” followed by “I attack with The Legendary Fisherman!”Animation
Fortress Whale“I Summon the most powerful monster in the seven seas!” followed by “Fortress Whale!”Cut-In Frame
Kairyu-Shin“You have no clue of the terrors of the deep!” followed by “Feel the fury of Kairyu-Shin!”Cut-In Frame
A Legendary Ocean“I’m playing this card!” followed by “The Field Card – A Legendary Ocean!”Standard
Forgotten Temple of the Deep“My Continuous Trap activates! Forgotten Temple of the Deep!”Standard
Fortress Whale’s Oath“I activate my Ritual Spell! Fortress Whale’s Oath!”Standard
Lemuria, the Forgotten City“I activate a Field Card! Lemuria, the Forgotten City!”Standard
Tornado Wall“My Continuous Trap activates! Tornado Wall!”Standard
Umi“Did you forget I had THIS card?” followed by “The Field Card – Umi!”Standard

Mako Tsunami Voiceline Cards Found In Game Files (Not Live In Game Yet)

mako unused

  • Amphibian Beast
  • Rage of Kairyu-Shin
  • Torrential Tribute

What are your thoughts on Mako Tsunami’s voiceline cards list and as a character in Duel Links? As you can see, not many voiceline cards at all really, he might actually be a strong contender for the Duel Links character with the least dialogue in the game. Are there any cards or skills you would like to see be added for Mako? Let us know in the comments!


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