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About us – Hello and welcome to Serpent Cards! The UK’s leading Yugioh games! Video Games and DVD store.

Serpent Cards was founded by entrepreneur James Heuze, who found his passion for Yu-Gi-Oh! at the age of 14 in which he instantly fell in love with, not only the anime but also the games available too. He loved how dynamic the series was, with new monsters consistently being introduced that forced you to adapt to the way you played. Whilst other games at the time had a similar playing style, none matched Yu-Gi-Oh! As he started building up a small collection of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, James found that it was the video games and DVD’s that he enjoyed the most. His first game was on the Game Boy, a traditional handheld gaming console that many of us grew up loving. Within only hours of playing, he knew that Yu-Gi-Oh! would soon become a passion he would grow to cherish. To find more about us Check out our website now

Since 2002, Yu-Gi-Oh! have continued to release games, with these games being available on 12 different gaming platforms. In total 56 games were released from 2002-2020. However, About us  many of these games are now difficult to come by. Whilst the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards available are fairly easy to obtain, getting your hands on the various Yu-Gi-Oh games (at an affordable price) can be quite challenging. As well as the games, Yu-Gi-Oh! fans were also struggling to find the physical YuGiOh DVDs for the anime series in major retailers, both the old and new series. This resulted in many long term fans feeling frustrated, having to pay a significant price just to get their hands on the series they had grown up to love. With no dedicated Yu-Gi-Oh! store for fans to buy DVDs and games, James decided to take action. He made it his responsibility to provide Yu-Gi-Oh fans with the ability to collect and enjoy classic YuGiOh games and DVDs from their favourite series.

In his spare time, James started researching how individuals could find their favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! games and DVDs. He soon found that of the few that were available, next to none were affordable. This was extremely disheartening to see, and James knew this was a big problem amongst the fanbase. Resonating with the fans, he decided to create a site in which individuals could find their favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! games and DVDs with ease. His idea was to create a site that would work as a hub for all Yu-Gi-Oh! fans to buy from. A place where fans could be confident they would find the product they wanted.

This is where his idea for Serpent Cards was developed. The platform was designed for both long term and new Yu-Gi-Oh! fans who wanted to relive their childhood with a range of great movies as well as explore the world of modern Yu-Gi-Oh! games. While James found his love for the classic Yugioh games Duelists Of The Roses for the PlayStation 2, he believes that individuals from around the world should also have the chance to enjoy their classic favourites. As the site continued to grow in popularity, it was also able to grow its product range offering everything from the classic series to modern game favourites such as Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution. To find more about us Check out our website now.


Serpent Cards is now the UK’s leading Yu-Gi-Oh! Video Games and DVDs store. Affiliated with Amazon, we now offer DVDs and Blu-Rays for the original YuGiOh Series (Duel Monsters), all the way up to the latest anime series, Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V. We also sell both classic and modern Yugioh games, from the traditional Game Boy games such as YuGiOh Reshef Of Destruction, for players to relive their childhood, to more modern game titles such as Legacy Of The Duelist and the popular Tag Force series. All of this is brought directly to you at an affordable price so that you can enjoy your favourite series, game or movie without having to make a significant investment. Our store continues to grow in support and we are extremely thankful to each member in our fanbase. With so many options to choose from, we take pride in helping people relive their favourite childhood memories and don’t plan on stopping here.

As our fan base continues to expand, our team is consistently striving to improve our service and the products we have to offer. We continuously reinvest into our website to enhance the experience for our customers and meet the needs of the market. WIth games and videos still being released for the Yugioh games niche, we want to ensure everyone has the chance to get their hands on new releases as well as the classics. We are passionate about everything we do and hope that we can revolutionize the way in which Yugioh games players enjoy and support their favourite anime series.

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Whether you played Yu-Gi-Oh! classics on your Game Boy, loved the games released on Playstation 2, or you want the chance to explore the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! on next gen consoles, we have an option for you. Being affiliated with Amazon, we are able to provide you with any Yu-Gi-Oh! game you need, having it delivered directly to your door without having to pay a fortune. About us –  If you’re looking for a game that you can’t see on our website, simply send us a message and we will find it for you. to find more about us please contact us.


We stock the very first 2002 Yu-Gi-Oh! classics right up to the latest season in 2019. This allows you to introduce your children to the timeless classic, as well as enjoy the brand new seasons yourself. These series are a great way to bond with friends and family who also share a love for the anime series, ensuring you explore new emotions with the new series whilst reliving the classics that had you hooked. To find more about us Check out our website now


About us We continuously update our stock to provide you with every Yugioh games and DVD available. Our aim is to one day have every release available for fans to enjoy, no matter how rare they may be. As fellow Yu-Gi-Oh fans, we truly love what we do and believe there is no better feeling than helping a long time fan get their hands on a classic they love.

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To know more about us what we have to offer, or to contact us directly, please send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible with anything you need!

To find more about us Check out our website now


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