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SerpentCards was started by a team  with a strong passion for the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise. Through one form or another, the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise now spans over 20 years, from the ever popular Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game, to the long-standing Yu-Gi-Oh Anime Series, to the wide variety of Yu-Gi-Oh games that now cover 12 gaming platforms. At SerpentCards, as fellow Yu-Gi-Oh fans, we wanted to create a website which helps to contribute to the productivity of the Yu-Gi-Oh Card selling business, by helping sellers to sell their Yu-Gi-Oh items on Ebay. 

Featured Sellers

We keep a very close eye on all of the Yu-Gi-Oh! listings on Ebay and every week, we will choose one seller to feature on our homepage, along with a portfolio of their recent product listings to skyrocket your sales, completely for free!

Consistently Updated

Our site is constantly tracking new Yu-Gi-Oh listings on Ebay with new imports every day, and our price check tool syncronizes the prices on our site every 24 hours.

Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game

No matter whether you are selling a single Yu-Gi-Oh card, a bundle of cards, or one of the many sealed products, we list them all on our site! Our site has been designed to help potential buyers find products they are interested in, as easily as possible, with enhanced search features and filters to help narrow down their search requirements.

Search By Seller

On our card shop page, you can narrow down Yu-Gi-Oh! products being sold by a specific seller. This is very handy, not just to keep things organized, but also if you have had a great transaction in the past with a particular seller, and would like to see more of their product listings, you can easily do this using the filters we have.

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Freezing Chains Structure Deck

Featured Seller Of The Week: myfanwyn123